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Industrial Wire Shelf

StyleModelCapacityDepthFinishWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A5GTC9600 lb.36"Chrome72" SGD 348.31
A5GRZ5600 lb.24"Zinc60" SGD 157.40
A5GTC8600 lb.36"Zinc72" SGD 319.71
A5GTC6600 lb.36"Chrome60" SGD 291.00
A5GRW0600 lb.18"Zinc60" SGD 256.79
A5GRW1600 lb.18"Chrome60" SGD 281.48
A5GRW7600 lb.18"Zinc72" SGD 357.99
A5GRW8600 lb.18"Chrome72" SGD 384.55
A5GTC5600 lb.36"Zinc60" SGD 242.49
A5GTA3600 lb.24"Chrome72" SGD 472.90
A5GTA2600 lb.24"Zinc72" SGD 427.45
A5GRZ6600 lb.24"Chrome60" SGD 417.74
A5GTC3800 lb.36"Chrome48" SGD 231.65
A5GTC2800 lb.36"Zinc48" SGD 190.08
A5GRT9800 lb.18"Zinc24" SGD 104.99
A5GRY9800 lb.24"Chrome48" SGD 142.40
A5GRU0800 lb.18"Chrome24" SGD 57.08
A5GRY2800 lb.24"Chrome36" SGD 212.45
A5GRY1800 lb.24"Zinc36" SGD 111.02
A5GRX5800 lb.24"Chrome24" SGD 76.70
A5GRX4800 lb.24"Zinc24" SGD 139.12
A5GRV4800 lb.18"Chrome48" SGD 216.76
A5GRU7800 lb.18"Chrome36" SGD 161.18
A5GRY8800 lb.24"Zinc48" SGD 258.20

Wire Shelf 225 Lb.

StyleModelWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A1ECH236" SGD 134.81
A1ECH348" SGD 224.10
A1ECH460" SGD 306.11

Wire Shelf 225 Lb. Shelf Capacity

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
1ECG7AA9NQB SGD 163.12

Wire Shelves

Wire shelves are used with shelving units to configure storage space and allow air circulation & light penetration. Choose from a wide range of wire, autoclavable, louvred, open grid, solid and slanted wire shelves from Grainger, IRSG, Metro and Quantum Storage Systems. They are made from steel / stainless steel, can withstand loads up to 800 lb and have holes on each corner for easy rack installation. Solid shelves are used instead of wire shelves, where storage requires a flat base with no gaps. These shelves feature a raised edge on all 4 sides to contain spills and corner guards to prevent damage due to mishandling. Choose from a wide range of shelves, available in 36, 48 and 72 inch widths on Raptor Supplies.

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