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APPROVED VENDOR Woodruff Key Stock



Woodruff Key

StyleModelHeightLengthSAE NumberPrice (inc. GST)
AWWG-WKC-1410.35"1"141 SGD 49.46
AWWG-WKC-0030.188"0.5"3 SGD 48.13
AWWG-WKC-0020.188"0.5"2 SGD 46.79
AWWG-WKC-0610.234"0.625"61 SGD 55.05
AWWG-WKC-0060.234"0.625"6 SGD 50.76
AWWG-WKC-0050.234"0.625"5 SGD 50.93
AWWG-WKC-0040.234"0.625"4 SGD 49.01
AWWG-WKC-0080.297"0.75"8 SGD 60.85
AWWG-WKC-0070.297"0.75"7 SGD 50.76
AWWG-WKC-0090.297"0.75"9 SGD 54.06
AWWG-WKC-0910.297"0.75"91 SGD 50.63
AWWG-WKC-0100.359"0.875"10 SGD 47.44
AWWG-WKC-00A0.359"0.875"A SGD 57.11
AWWG-WKC-0110.359"0.875"11 SGD 50.23
AWWG-WKC-0120.359"0.875"12 SGD 55.37
AWWG-WKC-0140.422"1"14 SGD 42.35
AWWG-WKC-0130.422"1"13 SGD 39.70
AWWG-WKC-1520.422"1"152 SGD 63.88
AWWG-WKC-0150.422"1"15 SGD 44.26
AWWG-WKC-0180.469"1.125"18 SGD 55.32
AWWG-WKC-0160.469"1.125"16 SGD 47.04
AWWG-WKC-0170.469"1.125"17 SGD 54.23
AWWG-WKC-0190.531"1.25"19 SGD 52.57
AWWG-WKC-0210.531"1.25"21 SGD 62.01
AWWG-WKC-00E0.531"1.25"E SGD 43.52

Woodruff Key 5/16x1 Inch

StyleModelHeightLengthSAE NumberPrice (inc. GST)
AWWG-WKC-00B0.422"1"B SGD 49.08
AWWG-WKC-00C0.469"1.125"C SGD 62.92
AWWG-WKC-00D0.531"1.25"D SGD 41.48
AWWG-WKC-0230.578"1.375"23 SGD 45.48
AWWG-WKC-0250.625"1.5"25 SGD 48.83

Woodruff Key 1/16x1/2 Inch Sae 1 - Pack Of 100

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)

Woodruff Key Stock

Woodruff key stocks are rounded machine keys for connecting gears and components to driveshafts in machine tools and engines. The C-1035 steel construction of these units delivers a maximum tensile strength of 72000 psi and an improved fit with better torque abilities. Choose from a wide range of these woodruff key stocks supplied in a pack of 100 pieces with SAE sizes ranging from 2 to 141 and A, E, F & G.

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