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STRONG HOLD Workbenches

Butcher-block maple- / steel-top workbenches featuring adjustable / straight / panel-style legs for easy portability using forklifts or pallet jacks and an open bottom-shelf to store large objects. Available in baked enamel, powder-coat and water-based enamel paint finish variants




StyleModelWork Surface MaterialHeightEdge TypeFinishTop ThicknessColorLeg TypeLoad CapacityPrice (inc. GST)
AT6036-RS-6DB-ABSABS Plastic46"SquarePowder Coated5/8"Bright BlueStraight8250 lb. SGD 5029.20
BT7236-4DB-KL-ABSABS Plastic34"SquarePowder Coated5/8"Bright BlueStraight10,000 lb. SGD 5180.35
CT6036-RS-6DB-MTButcher Block Maple46"SquarePowder Coated1.75"Bright BlueStraight8250 lb. SGD 6066.89
DT6036-3DB-MTButcher Block Maple34"SquarePowder Coated1.75"Bright BlueStraight8250 lb. SGD 4314.25
ET6036-MTButcher Block Maple34"SquarePowder Coated1.75"Bright BluePanel Style8250 lb. SGD 2816.92
ET7236-MTButcher Block Maple34"SquarePowder Coated1.75"Bright BluePanel Style10,000 lb. SGD 3072.26
FT4830-2DB-MTButcher Block Maple34"SquarePowder Coated1.75"GrayStraight5500 lb. SGD 3589.07
GT7236-AL-SSTOPStainless Steel30 to 40"1/2" RadiusPowder Coated5/64"GrayAdjustable Height Straight10,000 lb. SGD 5648.14
HT6036-4DB-KL-SSTOPStainless Steel34"1/2" RadiusPowder Coated7/64"Bright BlueStraight8250 lb. SGD 7092.35
HT4830-4DB-KL-SSTOPStainless Steel34"1/2" RadiusPowder Coated7/64"Bright BlueStraight5500 lb. SGD 6228.28
IT6036-2DB-SSTOPStainless Steel34"1/2" RadiusPowder Coated7/64"GrayPanel Style8250 lb. SGD 5392.80
JT7236-SSTOPStainless Steel34"1/2" RadiusPowder Coated7/64"Bright BluePanel Style10,000 lb. SGD 6073.03
JT6036-SSTOPStainless Steel34"1/2" RadiusPowder Coated7/64"Bright BluePanel Style8250 lb. SGD 4404.12
JT4830-SSTOPStainless Steel34"SquareBaked Enamel1.25"RedStraight5500 lb. SGD 3715.72
KT7236SSStainless Steel34"1/2" RadiusPowder Coated1/4"-Straight10,000 lb. SGD 6393.73
GT3024-AL-SSTOPStainless Steel30 to 40"1/2" RadiusPowder Coated5/64"GrayAdjustable Height Straight2750 lb. SGD 3213.22
HT7236-4DB-KL-SSTOPStainless Steel34"1/2" RadiusPowder Coated7/64"Bright BlueStraight10,000 lb. SGD 7760.33
KT6036SSStainless Steel34"1/2" RadiusPowder Coated1/4"-Straight8250 lb. SGD 6775.73
KT3024SSStainless Steel34"1/2" RadiusPowder Coated3/16"-Straight2750 lb. SGD 3938.37
IT7236-2DB-SSTOPStainless Steel34"1/2" RadiusPowder Coated7/64"Bright BlueStraight10,000 lb. SGD 6604.14
JT3024-SSTOPStainless Steel34"SquareBaked Enamel1.25"RedStraight2750 lb. SGD 2712.75
LT7236SS-ALStainless Steel30 to 40"1/2" RadiusPowder Coated14 ga.-Adjustable Height Straight10,000 lb. SGD 8025.87
LT6036SS-ALStainless Steel30 to 40"1/2" RadiusPowder Coated14 ga.-Adjustable Height Straight8250 lb. SGD 7564.22
MT7236-RS-6DB-SSTOPStainless Steel46"1/2" RadiusPowder Coated7/64"Bright BlueStraight10,000 lb. SGD 7901.28
NT4830-2DBSteel34"SquarePowder Coated1.75"GrayStraight5500 lb. SGD 2690.27

Work Table 8 Key Locking Drawers

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
T7236-8DB-KLAH9PVM SGD 11798.79

Mobile Shop Table 2 Drawer 34 Inch Height Maple Top

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
T8436-2DB-CA-MTAH9PVN SGD 7447.79


Workbenches provide surfaces or spaces for working on projects, handling tools & materials, as well as boost productivity & safety on the jobsite. Raptor Supplies offers these workbenches from brands like Tennsco, Add-A-Level, Pro-Line and Lista. The workbenches catalogue includes workstations, bakers top tables, double or single pedestal, ball transfers, electronic technician, adjustable, modular and mobile workbenches. They feature flared legs / box-formed legs / pedestals or straight legs having stainless steel or steel construction for superior strength & rigidity. Further, these non-skid surface benches come with 14 gauge top thickness and have a maximum load capacity of 8250 lb.

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