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APPROVED VENDOR Y And Basket Strainers



Y Strainer

StyleModelHeightMax. PressureScreen SizeSizeWidthPrice (inc. GST)
AGGS_2NZA43 9/16"400 @ 210 Degrees F, 125 @ 353 Degrees F2.152"2"5 15/16" SGD 325.83
AGGS_2NZA55.875"300 @ 210 Degrees F, 125 @ 353 Degrees F2.743"2.5"9 1/16" SGD 658.27

Y Strainer, Cast Iron Body

StyleModelHeightSizeWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A20H6232.187"1/2"3.187" SGD 38.62
A20H6222.187"3/8"3.187" SGD 39.86
A20H6242.437"3/4"3.75" SGD 50.95
A20H6252.625"1"4" SGD 65.47
A20H6263.375"1.25"5" SGD 72.20
A20H6273.875"1.5"5.75" SGD 102.55
A20H6284.75"2"7" SGD 154.54
A20H6295.875"2.5"9.25" SGD 290.37
A20H6306"3"10" SGD 344.21

Y Strainer Fnpt Bronze

StyleModelHeightLengthMax. PressurePipe SizeScreen SizeSizeWidthPrice (inc. GST)
AGGS_2NYZ71 5/16"-400 @ 210 Degrees F, 125 @ 353 Degrees F-0.593"3/8"2.375" SGD 57.72
AGGS_2NYZ61.25"1"400 @ 210 Degrees F, 125 @ 353 Degrees F1/4"0.394"1/4"2" SGD 57.72
AGGS_2NYZ81.375"-400 @ 210 Degrees F, 125 @ 353 Degrees F-0.593"1/2"2.75" SGD 56.96
AGGS_2NYZ91.625"1 9/20"400 @ 210 Degrees F, 125 @ 353 Degrees F3/4"0.878"3/4"3.187" SGD 93.05
AGGS_2NZA22.5"-400 @ 210 Degrees F, 125 @ 353 Degrees F-1.362"1.25"4.437" SGD 133.09
AGGS_2NZA12.125"-400 @ 210 Degrees F, 125 @ 353 Degrees F-1.093"1"3.75" SGD 116.84
AGGS_2NZA33"-400 @ 210 Degrees F, 125 @ 353 Degrees F-1.562"1.5"4.875" SGD 191.61
AGGS_2NZA66.25"-300 @ 210 Degrees F, 125 @ 353 Degrees F-3.264"3"10.187" SGD 884.50

Y And Basket Strainers

Y and basket strainers are used for screening out debris, rust, dust and other contaminants accumulated in the pipelines. These units feature a mesh cylinder which captures large particulates that can otherwise interfere with the operation of valves, pumps and meters. Raptor Supplies offers a wide range of these strainers from brands like Apollo, Banjo, Bell & Gossett, Grainger, Hayward, Watts, Wilkins, SSI, Mueller Industries, Mueller Steam and GF Piping Systems. Hayward basket strainers provide a large straining area for an uninterrupted flow and withstanding pressure ratings up to 150 psi. These units facilitate quick cleaning and replacement by simply removing the threaded plugs from the cover, and can be mounted horizontally for performing well in high-flow applications. Mueller Steam Y-strainers are designed for flushing out pipe scale, gaskets and debris with the help of a screen chamber attached to a valve, without hindering the flow. These strainers feature cast iron construction with a tapered seat for an excellent fit. They are available in flanged, threaded (FNPT) and socket weld type connection variants further integrated with a perforated mesh chamber.

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