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Parker Solenoid Valve Coils 24 VDC



Solenoid Valve Coils

StyleModelHzVoltageWattsPrice (inc. GST)
A6966W-ASM-024/DCDC24 VDC17 SGD 395.27

Solenoid Valve Coils

Parker solenoid valve coils are electromagnetically controlled coils for converting electrical energy into a linear motion. These coils are ideal for use with refrigeration solenoid valves and feature a ribbed coil design for creating a magnetic field to control the flow of media via a solenoid valve. The junction box enclosure of these Class F insulated coils keeps the entire assembly safe from external contaminations and are available in 24VAC, 120VAC, 208VAC and 240VAC voltage ratings on Raptor Supplies.

StyleModelCoil EnclosureCurrent RatingInput VoltageResistanceVoltageWattsPrice (inc. GST)
ACCP024L-0.79 A24 VDC30.3 Ohm24 VDC- SGD 65.04
BCCP024S-0.79 A24 VDC30.3 Ohm24 VDC- SGD 70.55
StyleModelCoil EnclosureCoil Insulation ClassHzNEMA RatingVoltageWattsPrice (inc. GST)
A238710-006-D*Watertight No Junction BoxF-1, 2, 3, 3S, 4, 4X24 VDC11.6 SGD 353.90

Solenoid Valve Coils

Dayton solenoid valve coils control the opening / closing of solenoid valves in steam valve applications, such as fluid heat exchangers, boilers, water treatment plants, power generation turbines & HVAC systems. These units produce magnetic flux when electric power is applied to the windings, thereby control the operation of the valve. Selected models feature general-purpose junction box type coil enclosures for protection against contaminants and external forces. Choose from a wide range of these NEMA rated solenoid valve coils, available in 4 and 12 watt power ratings.

StyleModelCoil EnclosureCoil Insulation ClassElectrical ConnectionVoltageWattsPrice (inc. GST)
A3PU18General Purpose No Junction BoxF6" Leads24 VDC4 SGD 250.20

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