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SALISBURY Electrical Gloves



Class 0 Electrical Gloves

StyleModelColorLengthMaterialSizePrice (inc. GST)
AE011B/7Black11"Natural Rubber7 SGD 180.98
BE014B/10HBlack14"Natural Rubber10.5 SGD 175.38
AE011B/8Black11"Natural Rubber8 SGD 180.98
AE011B/11Black11"Natural Rubber11mm SGD 180.98
AE011B/10Black11"Natural Rubber10 SGD 180.98
AE011B/9Black11"Natural Rubber9 SGD 180.98
BE014B/9HBlack14"Natural Rubber9.5 SGD 175.38
BE014B/9Black14"Natural Rubber9 SGD 175.38
BE014B/8Black14"Natural Rubber8 SGD 175.38
BE014B/11Black14"Natural Rubber11mm SGD 175.38
BE014B/10Black14"Natural Rubber10 SGD 175.38
CE011B/10HBlack11"Natural Rubber10.5 SGD 180.98
CE011B/9HBlack11"Natural Rubber9.5 SGD 180.98
DE011BL/7Blue11"Rubber7 SGD 181.21
DE011BL/8Blue11"Rubber8 SGD 181.21
DE011BL/11Blue11"Rubber11mm SGD 181.21
DE011BL/10Blue11"Rubber10 SGD 181.21
DE011BL/9Blue11"Rubber9 SGD 181.21
EE011R/9Red11"Natural Rubber9 SGD 180.98
EE011R/10Red11"Natural Rubber10 SGD 180.98
EE011R/11Red11"Natural Rubber11mm SGD 180.98
EE011R/7Red11"Natural Rubber7 SGD 180.98
FE011R/9HRed11"Natural Rubber9.5 SGD 180.98
EE011R/8Red11"Natural Rubber8 SGD 180.98
FE011R/10HRed11"Natural Rubber10.5 SGD 180.98

Class 00 Electrical Gloves

Salisbury electrical gloves are designed to protect workers from electric arcs or flashes while handling electrical boxes, conduits and junction boxes. Made from rubber / natural rubber, these Salisbury high voltage gloves are extremely flexible, which makes them an ideal choice when working with small, intricate components. Salisbury rubber gloves exceed ASTM D120 and IEC EN60903 standards, and are proof-tested individually under DC (2500 V) and AC (10000 V) conditions. These Class 00 electrical gloves are capable of withstanding a maximum voltage of 500 volts. Choose from a wide range of these gloves available in different colours and sizes, on Raptor Supplies.

StyleModelColorLengthMaterialSizePrice (inc. GST)
AE0011B/7Black11"Natural Rubber7 SGD 161.59
AE0011B/9Black11"Natural Rubber9 SGD 173.03
AE0011B/10Black11"Natural Rubber10 SGD 161.59
AE0011B/11Black11"Natural Rubber11mm SGD 173.03
AE0011B/8Black11"Natural Rubber8 SGD 161.59
AE0011B/9HBlack11"Natural Rubber9.5 SGD 173.03
AE0011B/10HBlack11"Natural Rubber10.5 SGD 173.03
BE0011BL/9HBlue11"Natural Rubber9.5 SGD 178.12
CE0011BL/7Blue11"Rubber7 SGD 166.68
DE0011BL/9Blue11"Rubber9 SGD 178.12
BE0011BL/11Blue11"Rubber11mm SGD 157.69
BE0011BL/10Blue11"Rubber10 SGD 166.68
BE0011BL/8Blue11"Rubber8 SGD 166.68
BE0011BL/10HBlue11"Natural Rubber10.5 SGD 178.12
EE0011R/10Red11"Natural Rubber10 SGD 173.03
EE0011R/10HRed11"Natural Rubber10.5 SGD 161.59
EE0011R/7Red11"Natural Rubber7 SGD 161.59
FE0014R/9HRed14"Natural Rubber9.5 SGD 160.45
EE0011R/9Red11"Natural Rubber9 SGD 152.60
EE0011R/11Red11"Natural Rubber11mm SGD 173.03
EE0011R/8Red11"Natural Rubber8 SGD 161.59
EE0011R/12Red11"Natural Rubber12" SGD 161.59
FE0014R/8Red14"Natural Rubber8 SGD 180.88
FE0014R/9Red14"Natural Rubber9 SGD 160.45
FE0014R/10Red14"Natural Rubber10 SGD 180.88

Class 0 Lineman Gloves

StyleModelColorPrice (inc. GST)
AE011B/8HBlack SGD 180.98
BE011R/8HRed SGD 180.98

Class 0 Electrical Glove Kit

Salisbury Class 0 electrical glove kits are compliant with ASTM D 120, IEC EN60903 & ASTM F696 standards for complete worker safety. These GK011B Series electrical glove kits include a pair of electrical insulating gloves, a pair of leather protectors and a glove storage bag. Insulating rubber gloves with straight cuffs offer flexibility & dexterity, while leather protectors offer protection from punctures, cuts & abrasions. The canvas storage bags keep gloves flat, preventing folds & creases which could strain the rubber & shorten its life. Raptor Supplies offers a complete range of Salisbury Class 0 electrical glove kits for use up to 1000VAC / 1500VDC voltages, available in red, blue, black and yellow colours.

StyleModelColorMaterialSizePrice (inc. GST)
AGK011B/9HBlackNatural Rubber9.5 SGD 305.07
AGK011B/12BlackNatural Rubber12" SGD 305.07
AGK011B/8HBlackNatural Rubber8.5 SGD 305.07
BGK011B/7BlackNatural Rubber7 SGD 305.07
AGK011B/10HBlackNatural Rubber10.5 SGD 305.07
BGK011B/9BlackNatural Rubber9 SGD 305.07
BGK011B/8BlackNatural Rubber8 SGD 305.07
BGK011B/11BlackNatural Rubber11mm SGD 305.07
BGK011B/10BlackNatural Rubber10 SGD 305.07
CGK011BL/9BlueRubber9 SGD 312.03
CGK011BL/8BlueRubber8 SGD 312.03
CGK011BL/11BlueRubber11mm SGD 312.03
CGK011BL/10BlueRubber10 SGD 312.03
CGK011BL/7BlueRubber7 SGD 312.03
DGK011R/7RedNatural Rubber7 SGD 305.07
EGK011R/8HRedNatural Rubber8.5 SGD 305.07
EGK011R/10HRedNatural Rubber10.5 SGD 305.07
DGK011R/10RedNatural Rubber10 SGD 305.07
EGK011R/12RedNatural Rubber12" SGD 305.07
EGK011R/9HRedNatural Rubber9.5 SGD 305.07
DGK011R/11RedNatural Rubber11mm SGD 305.07
DGK011R/9RedNatural Rubber9 SGD 305.07
DGK011R/8RedNatural Rubber8 SGD 305.07
FGK011Y/8YellowNatural Rubber8 SGD 318.66
FGK011Y/9YellowNatural Rubber9 SGD 318.66

Class 00 Electrical Glove Kit

Salisbury's Class 00 electrical glove kits are used for hand shock protection. These kits include insulating gloves, leather protectors & a glove storage bag. Lineman's insulating rubber gloves with straight cuffs meet or exceed ASTM D120 and IEC EN60903 electrical safety standards, while leather protectors offer protection from punctures, cuts & abrasions. The canvas storage bags have tapered gussets with wide opening tops for easy insertion of gloves. These bags also feature a D ring for hanging on work belts or trucks. Raptor Supplies offers a complete range of Salisbury Class 00 electrical glove kits, available in red, blue & black coloured glove options.

StyleModelColorLengthMaterialSizePrice (inc. GST)
AGK0011B/10Black11"Natural Rubber10 SGD 289.66
AGK0011B/9Black11"Natural Rubber9 SGD 289.66
AGK0011B/11Black11"Natural Rubber11mm SGD 289.66
AGK0011B/8Black11"Natural Rubber8 SGD 289.66
BGK0011BL/10Blue11"Rubber10 SGD 283.12
BGK0011BL/8Blue11"Rubber8 SGD 283.12
BGK0011BL/7Blue11"Rubber7 SGD 283.12
BGK0011BL/11Blue11"Rubber11mm SGD 283.12
BGK0011BL/9Blue11"Rubber9 SGD 283.12
CGK0014R/9Red14"Natural Rubber9 SGD 301.92
CGK0014R/8Red14"Natural Rubber8 SGD 301.92
CGK0014R/11Red14"Natural Rubber11mm SGD 301.92
DGK0011R/10Red11"Natural Rubber10 SGD 289.66
CGK0014R/10Red14"Natural Rubber10 SGD 301.92
DGK0011R/8Red11"Natural Rubber8 SGD 289.66
DGK0011R/11Red11"Natural Rubber11mm SGD 289.66
DGK0011R/9Red11"Natural Rubber9 SGD 289.66
DGK0011R/7Red11"Natural Rubber7 SGD 289.66

Class 2 Electrical Glove Kit

Salisbury Class 2 electrical glove kits offer hand protection from live wires and electrical equipment. GK214RB Series glove kits comply with ASTM D 120, IEC EN60903 and ASTM F696 standards for protection against electrical hazards. These kits feature a pair of electrically-insulated rubber gloves with a long straight cuff for forearm protection and leather gloves with a slip-on cuff for wearing over rubber gloves. They also include a canvas storage bag for protecting the gloves from tears & stains. Choose from a wide range of these Class 2 electrical glove kits, available in 8, 9, 10 and 11 sizes on Raptor Supplies.

StyleModelSizePrice (inc. GST)
AGK214RB/88 SGD 637.34
AGK214RB/99 SGD 637.34
AGK214RB/1010 SGD 637.34
AGK214RB/1111mm SGD 637.34

Class 1 Electrical Gloves

StyleModelSizePrice (inc. GST)
AE114RB/77 SGD 343.18
BE114RB/88 SGD 343.18
CE114RB/99 SGD 343.18
BE114RB/9H9.5 SGD 343.18
CE114RB/1010 SGD 343.18
CE114RB/10H10.5 SGD 343.18
CE114RB/1111mm SGD 343.18

Class 2 Molded Sleeve

Salisbury Class 2 molded sleeves are made of Type I synthetic rubber for use with a maximum voltage of 17000 VAC / 25500 VDC. These units are compliant with ASTM D1051 & OSHA regulations. These insulating sleeves provide extended arm protection against accidental electrical contact. Raptor Supplies offers a wide range of Salisbury Class 2 molded rubber sleeves having curved arm style, in L, XL & Regular sizes.

StyleModelLengthSizePrice (inc. GST)
A2RB26-1/2L, 15-1/2"L Underarm"Regular SGD 850.82
A2LB27-3/4L, 16"L Underarm"L SGD 1006.54
A2XLB29-1/2L, 17-1/2"L Underarm"XL SGD 1030.56

Lineman Glove Kit Class 00 Epdm

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
GK0011BLO/9HAH9UPJ SGD 407.32

Lineman Glove Kit Class 00 Epdm

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
GK0011BLO/9AH9UPH SGD 407.32

Lineman Glove Kit Class 00 Epdm

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
GK0011BLO/8HAH9UPG SGD 407.32

Lineman Gloves Class 1 14 Inch PR

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
E114BCRB/11AH9UPN SGD 457.58

Lineman Glove Kit Class 00 Epdm

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
GK0011BLO/11AH9UPF SGD 407.32

Lineman Glove Kit Class 00 Epdm

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
GK0011BLO/10HAH9UPE SGD 407.32

Lineman Glove Kit Class 00 Epdm

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
GK0011BLO/10AH9UPD SGD 407.32

Lineman Gloves Class 0 Epdm 14 Inch PR

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
E014BL/10HAH9UNZ SGD 196.00

Glove Bag For Rubber Gloves 18 Inch

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
GB118AH9UNY SGD 133.08

Glove Bag For Rubber Gloves 11 Inch

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
GB112AH9UNX SGD 100.80

Glove Bag For Rubber Gloves 14 Inch

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
GB114AH9UNW SGD 97.44

Rubber Insulating Glove Kit Black Class 00

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
GK0011B/10HAH9UNN SGD 293.64

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