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Cleaning Cloth Green Microfiber PK10
Item: AH4GTB
Model: 57M001
A$70.12/unit(inc. GST)
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Heavy Duty Parts Washer System Large
Item: AH4GUC
Model: 55D600BCUD
A$7,142.54/unit(inc. GST)
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LED Worklight

LED Worklight

Item: AH2FZD
Model: AOPW265A5
A$691.31/unit(inc. GST)
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Metal Parts Cleaner, 500 Lbs
Item: CE9VXL
Model: 36380
A$4,169.31/unit(inc. GST)
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Metal Parts Washer Door Closure, Black
Item: CE9VXF
Model: W39201
A$37.66/unit(inc. GST)
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Metal Rubber Parts Washer Light, Black
Item: CE9VWU
Model: 906301
A$301.84/unit(inc. GST)
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Metal Surface Prep System Kit Plastic
Item: AH4GTT
Model: 57D200K
A$6,897.12/unit(inc. GST)
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Oil Filter Crusher 11 Tons
Item: AA3KTQ
Model: QP50
A$4,129.81/unit(inc. GST)
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Parts Cleaner, 5 Gallon Capacity
Item: CE9TWH
Model: F01535
A$479.55/unit(inc. GST)
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Parts Washer 20 Gallon L 31 x W 21 In
Item: AD8KRP
Model: 4KTV6
A$522.57/unit(inc. GST)
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Parts Washer Mobile 20 Gallon L 28 23/64
Item: AD8KRQ
Model: 4KTV7
A$839.39/unit(inc. GST)
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Parts Washer Station 150 Gallon
Item: AA4PVZ
Model: TLHS18BJ
A$22,278.13/unit(inc. GST)
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