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Barbed Rasp, Plastic, T Handle
Item: CE8WLX
Model: 51018
SGD 11.09/unit(inc. GST)
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File 12 Inch Mill Smooth 305M
Item: AH2BHU
Model: 08799N
SGD 50.92/unit(inc. GST)
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Half Round File Machinists 12 Inch Length
Item: AB2RBV
Model: 1NFR3
SGD 75.69/unit(inc. GST)
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Hand File Set Bastard/smooth 8 Inch Length 3 Pc
Item: AA2RVY
Model: 10Z758
SGD 127.93/unit(inc. GST)
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Knife File, Second/Double 6 Inch Length Natural
Item: AH8GAW
Model: 73500500
SGD 66.23/unit(inc. GST)
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Mill File 8 Inch Bastard/single American
Item: AB8WJX
Model: 08497N
SGD 40.75/unit(inc. GST)
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Narrow Pillar File #0/Double 6 Inch Length
Item: AH8GEW
Model: 84242500
SGD 66.50/unit(inc. GST)
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Needle File Swiss Round 5-1/2 Inch length
Item: AH3FLA
Model: NF2162D181
SGD 92.91/unit(inc. GST)
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Slim Taper Saw File, American 7 Inch Length
Item: AH8GBR
Model: 73537500
SGD 43.83/unit(inc. GST)
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Square File American Smooth 4 In
Item: AA4XDE
Model: 12857
SGD 50.14/unit(inc. GST)
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Square File, Bastard/Double 6 Inch Length Natural
Item: AH8GAD
Model: 73428000
SGD 44.99/unit(inc. GST)
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Square Hand File 14 Inch 17/18 Tpi
Item: AA4CZK
Model: 12F795
SGD 68.46/unit(inc. GST)
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These tools are used by hand and are available in different textures for producing a well finished metal or wooden surface. Flat, concave and convex are the main styles in which a file hands are available and the surfaces vary from material to material. Diamond surfaces are used when dealing with forceful jobs while for softer materials, metal surfaces work fine. File handles are great for gripping, while file cleaners keep the files in excellent condition.

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