DBI-SALA Rope Grab

StyleModelColorTensile StrengthPrice (inc. GST)
Blue5,000 lb. SGD 506.76
Silver14,400 lb. SGD 787.56

Rope Grab

DBI-SALA Lad-Saf rope grabs are designed to work well with both synthetic fibre ropes and steel wire cables. These rope grabs feature a mobile design that automatically follows the worker providing maximum freedom of movement. They utilise both inertia and a cam locking system to offer enhanced safety in "panic grab" situations. These units are made of polyester / polypropylene and integrated with an energy absorbing design to reduce the forces generated upon a worker in the event of a fall. They can attach or detach anywhere along the lifeline. These rope grabs are available in tensile strengths ranging from 5000 to 14400 lb. Raptor Supplies also offers other DBI-SALA fall protection equipment, such as carabiners with a self-closing and triple-action locking gate for added safety.

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