DESTACO 2010 Series Vertical Hold Down Clamps

Base Length: 2.53" , Clamp Bar Opening: 78 Deg. , Handle Opening: 66 Deg. , Spindle: Flat Cushion Neoprene , Thread Size: M10 , Type: Vertical Handle Hold Down
StyleModelClamp Arm LengthHeight Under Clamp ArmHolding CapacityToggle Lock PlusMaterialMounting BaseClamp Arm StyleHandlePrice (inc. GST)
3.51"1.7"1400 Lbs.YesSteelFlangeSolid BarVertical SGD 180.58
3.51"2.2"1400 Lbs.NoSteelStraightSolid BarVertical SGD 115.35
3.51"2.2"1400 Lbs.YesSteelStraightSolid BarVertical SGD 173.72
3.51"1.7"1400 Lbs.NoSteelFlangeSolid BarVertical SGD 96.12
3.55"1.7"1400 Lbs.NoSteelFlangeU-BarVertical SGD 103.76
3.55"1.7"1400 Lbs.YesSteelFlangeU-BarVertical SGD 189.33
3.55"2.2"1400 Lbs.YesSteelStraightU-BarVertical SGD 232.98
3.55"2.2"1400 Lbs.NoSteelStraightU-BarVertical SGD 114.21

2010 Series Vertical Hold Down Clamps

Destaco 2010 Series vertical hold down clamps are used in the aerospace, automotive and food & packaging industries for welding, assembling & heavy duty production. They are suitable for applying downward clamping force by increasing the applied load through toggle mechanisms. These weldable vertical toggle clamps provide flexibility to position the handle, base & clamp arm and weld them in the desired position for different clamping applications. They are integrated with precisely machined components having hardened & ground pivot pins and bushes. These clamping units offer a stationary alternative to removable spring clamps or C clamps while securing material to a work surface. These vertical hold down clamp units allow economical use on short run jobs with short term fixturing and are completely self contained & need only a single pressure source for added safety. These vertical hold down clamps feature an enclosed design for applications in dirty working environments such as spot & MIG welding, and come with a non pivoting cylinder that can easily be hard piped into fixtures. Destaco 2010 Series vertical hold down clamps hold workpieces in place using a lever handle that is pushed to the upright position when the clamp is engaged. The lever handle engages & release the clamping head, to hold a workpiece on a worktable. These vertical hold down clamps are made of steel for resisting corrosion on exposed surfaces and are capable of withstanding loads up to 1400 lb.
We also offer 2002 Series vertical clamps offering clamp bar opening up 90 degrees.


Destaco 2010 Series vertical hold down clamps are used in the automotive, aerospace and food & packaging industries for welding, assembling & heavy duty production.


  • Destaco 2010 Series vertical hold down clamps having steel construction for structural rigidity & corrosion resistance
  • These vertical hold down clamps feature large hand clearance for added safety.
  • Destaco 2010 Series vertical hold down clamps come integrated with an ergonomic grip for operator comfort.
  • These vertical hold down clamps allow interchange of bolt pattern with 210 Series.
  • The Destaco 2010 Series vertical hold down clamp units are equipped with flanged / straight bases having threaded holes for quick & secure mounting.
  • Destaco 2010 Series vertical hold down clamps are compatible with M8 or 5/16 spindle accessories.
  • These vertical hold down clamps are capable of holding loads up to 1400 lb.

Compatible Accessories

  • Destaco 240208-M: This flat tip bonded neoprene spindle is used with Destaco 2010 Series pneumatic toggle clamps to provide a cushion between clamps & clamped items, thereby securing material to work surfaces in milling, drilling and welding applications. It can also be used with various Destaco clamp units including 210-U, 2010-UB, 2010-UR, 2010-UBR, 210-UB, 210-UR, 237-U, 235-U, 235-UR, 235-UB, 810-UE and 827-UE. This flat-tip bonded neoprene spindle can be adjusted for accommodating various material thicknesses and can also be replaced for extending the service life of toggle clamps by reducing the risk of marring when rubber stoppers start to wear away

Standards and Approvals

  • Destaco 2010 Series vertical hold down clamps are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified to deliver high quality clamping services.


  • Destaco 2010 Series vertical hold down clamps have a flanged base with threaded holes for easy and secure installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a vertical hold down clamp?

Destaco vertical hold down clamps are specially designed for holding the workpiece stationary against a flat surface / workbench for various industrial applications like woodworking & metalworking operations.

What is the difference between a vertical & horizontal toggle clamp?

The difference lies in the positioning of the clamp handle when the clamp is in the locked position. A vertical clamp handle is positioned vertically (perpendicular to the base) when in locked position, while in the case of a horizontal toggle clamp, it is positioned horizontally (parallel to the base).

How does a vertical hold down toggle clamp work?

The toggle clamp actuates against the workpiece and compresses or stretches the equipped linkages to keep the workpiece in a stationary position.

What does holding capacity mean in terms of clamps?

The holding force or the holding capacity signifies the clamp's capability to hold down the equipment or sheet metal on the assembly line or during any other manufacturing process.

Which grease is ideal for Destaco clamps for their rebuilding?

A coupling grease like Mobil XTC should be used when dealing with Destaco mechanical clamps, while the Magnalube G grease is great for use with pneumatic cylinder seals.

What is the significance of the red colour of the handle of Destaco clamps?

There is no such significance of colour of the clamp's handle, as it only represents a recognisable area. This helps operators in finding the handle quickly & easily.

What does clamping force mean?

Clamping force is the amount of force actually applied to a workpiece by closing & locking the clamp. It is normally less than the stated holding capacity. The actual clamping force depends on various factors, including cylinder bore, cylinder area, spindle position (clamping arm length) and available air pressure. In most cases, the clamping force is approximately 2 to 3 times the force exerted by a pneumatic cylinder.

Does Raptor Supplies offer replacement spindles for hold down clamps?

Yes, Raptor Supplies provides Destaco spindles for hold down clamps, to replace worn out units and protect from damage caused by abrasion / twisting / flexing.

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