DESTACO 207 Series Vertical Hold Down Clamps

Base Length: 1.38" , Overall Length: 5.03"
StyleModelClamp Arm LengthHeight Under Clamp ArmHolding CapacityToggle Lock PlusMaterialMounting BaseClamp Arm StyleHandlePrice (inc. GST)
1.5"1.25"375 Lbs.NoSteelStraightOpen U-BarVertical SGD 50.75
1.5"1.25"375 Lbs.NoSteelFlangeOpen U-BarVertical SGD 50.75
1.86"2.68"375 Lbs.NoSteelDualU-BarVertical SGD 78.87
3.2"2.69"500 Lbs.NoSteelDualSolid BarVertical SGD 88.70

207 Series Vertical Hold Down Clamps

Destaco 207 Series vertical hold down clamps are designed to offer a stationary alternative to removable C clamps or spring clamps when securing materials to a work surface. These clamps mount to work surfaces and hold workpieces in place using a lever handle that is pushed to the upright position when the clamp is engaged. The lever handle engages & releases the clamping head, which holds a workpiece onto a worktable. These clamps orient the handle vertically for a 90-degree opening angle. They include various BLK model clamps with black and non-reflective finish, and different low profile T handle clamps (models including - "T") used for various arm and mounting applications. Destaco 207 Series vertical hold down toggle clamps comprise accurately machined components having hardened and ground pivot pins and bushings. These clamps enable the user to undertake an action without being worried by the frequent movement of a piece of wood. The unique pivot and unique lever system ensures maximum function and excellent performance. They have high exerting force and flexible adjustability that are useful when working with various material thicknesses. They feature a fixed design to secure & loosen workpieces without moving the clamp itself. Destaco toggle clamps are equipped with a high strength, forged alloy steel clamping arm for increased strength and handling a maximum load of 375 lb. Selected models come integrated with the Toggle Lock Plus safety feature to ensure that the over-centre locking condition is maintained and the clamp remains protected against unintentional opening.


Destaco 207 Series vertical hold down clamps are used in fixture checking, assembly / testing, light machining, and woodworking in the aerospace, automotive, food and packaging, & consumer goods industries.


  • Destaco 207 Series vertical hold down clamps feature steel construction for structural rigidity & durability.
  • These clamps have a high-strength, forged alloy steel clamping arm for increased strength and handling a maximum load of 375 lb.
  • They have an ergonomic grip to offer operator comfort.
  • Some models incorporate the Destaco Toggle Lock feature to offer added safety (look for models ending with -R).
  • The 207 Series, Destaco vertical hold down clamps accept M8 or 5/16 spindle accessories.
  • Selected models come with a longer handle (over 1 inch longer than the standard size), making them easier to use.
  • Models ending with '-L' feature an open U bar for arm extension attachments.

Compatible Accessories

  • Destaco 207305: This flanged grip fits all Destaco 207 Series (except T handle) clamps. These clamps provide added safety and protection. Order separately.

Standards and Approvals

  • Destaco 207 Series vertical hold down clamps are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 approved to deliver high quality clamping services.


  • These Destaco 207 Series vertical hold down clamps have a straight or flanged base with threaded mounting holes that help the unit to be easily installed to the surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you adjust a toggle clamp?

After clamping, the force can be adjusted by loosening / tightening the spindle nut (supplied with the unit for protection from damage caused by abrasion, twisting or flexing).

Are these manual clamps available in a pneumatic version?

Yes, Destaco offers 807 Series pneumatic toggle clamps that incorporate a sensor ready design for round or T-slot style sensors, and built-in flow restriction for eliminating the need for external flow controls. They function as the pneumatic version of Destaco 207 Series manual clamps.

How much pressure is a toggle clamp capable of?

Destaco hold down toggle clamps apply downward clamping force by increasing the applied load via toggle mechanisms. You can see the clamping force on the packaging itself, which is specifically measured in Newton. Use the information with the size of the toggle clamp to work out the degree of pressure that the tool will have to exert on a piece of wood. The larger the wood, the greater the pressure required. So, we would suggest, whether a clamp is not strong or large to apply enough pressure, it is a must to use a variety of tools. This gives a boost in the pressure.

What does hold-down action mean?

Destaco hold-down action clamps apply force in downward direction. It is perpendicular to the tools that are mounting the surface. They come in vertical and horizontal styles.

How do Destaco manual clamps work with, and benefit, fixture applications?

Destaco vertical hold down clamps securely hold a part into a fixture in a safe and ergonomic way. These clamps are quick acting to improve productivity and cycle times.

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