DESTACO 217 Series Horizontal Hold Down Clamps

Destaco 217 Series horizontal hold-down clamps secure objects firmly in place during machining, welding and other manufacturing processes. They are beneficial for technicians and workers in the ...Read More

Base Length: 1.46" , Base Width: 1.55" , Clamp Bar Opening: 91 Deg. , Diameter: 0.220" , Handle Opening: 61 Deg. , Overall Height: 1.950"
StyleModelHeight Under Clamp ArmMounting BaseClamp Arm LengthMaterialClamp Arm StyleToggle Lock PlusHolding CapacityHandlePrice (inc. GST)
0.92"Flange2.31"SteelU-BarNo200 Lbs.Horizonal SGD 46.41
0.92"Flange1.49"SteelOpen U-BarNo200 Lbs.Horizonal SGD 48.40
0.93"Flange2.29"Stainless SteelU-BarNo250 Lbs.Horizonal SGD 84.59
1.11"Straight2.31"SteelU-BarNo200 Lbs.Horizonal SGD 46.41
1.11"Straight1.49"SteelOpen U-BarNo200 Lbs.Horizonal SGD 48.40

217 Series Horizontal Hold Down Clamps

Destaco 217 Series horizontal hold down clamps feature a low-profile design that offers large handle clearance in open position and a convenient handling operation. These clamps are used in woodworking, fixture checking, closures and assembly operations and offered in different heights, lengths, spindle types and thread sizes.

Working Mechanism

  • These Destaco clamps feature a lever mechanism.
  • This mechanism when engaged, exerts pressure on the workpiece, providing a strong hold on the application.

Compatible Accessories

  • Destaco 202208-M Spindle: It has a non-marking neoprene tip ideal for holding workpieces prone to scratches or damage from sharp edges.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the load capacity of these Destaco hold down clamps?

The steel clamps have a load capacity of 200 lb while Destaco stainless steel clamps can handle up to 250 lb.

Can these clamps be used for precision machining applications?

Absolutely, horizontal hold-down clamps are crucial for precision machining where stability and accuracy are important. They prevent any vibrations or movement that could compromise the precision of the machining process.

How do Destaco horizontal hold-down clamps contribute to waste reduction?

By preventing workpiece slippage or misalignment, horizontal hold-down clamps contribute to reducing material wastage and rework. This leads to more efficient resource utilisation and cost savings in the manufacturing process.

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