DESTACO 225 Series Horizontal Hold Down Clamps

Base Length: 1.5" , Clamp Bar Opening: 92 Deg. , Diameter: 0.300" , Handle Opening: 70 Deg.
StyleModelHeight Under Clamp ArmHolding CapacityToggle Lock PlusMaterialMounting BaseClamp Arm StyleHandleClamp Arm LengthPrice (inc. GST)
1.8"600 Lbs.NoStainless SteelStraightU-BarHorizonal2.72" SGD 162.19
1.29"500 Lbs.YesSteelFlangeU-BarHorizonal2.69" SGD 97.94
1.31"500 Lbs.NoSteelFlangeU-BarHorizonal2.69" SGD 51.41
1.31"600 Lbs.NoStainless SteelFlangeU-BarHorizonal2.69" SGD 97.27
1.56"500 Lbs.NoSteelStraightU-BarHorizonal2.69" SGD 55.17

225 Series Horizontal Hold Down Clamps

These Destaco 225 Series horizontal toggle clamps or horizontal handle toggle clamps are designed for holding workpieces in place using a horizontal lever handle that lays flat when the clamp is engaged. They offer a stationary alternative to removable clamps when performing repetitive tasks in the aerospace, automotive and food & packaging industries. These units feature a low profile design for light duty clamping applications such as closures, assembling, checking fixtures and woodworking in tight spaces. Destaco hold down toggle locking clamps are made of stainless steel for rigidity and corrosion resistance and feature a horizontal handle parallel to the clamping bar that is capable of moving in the opposite direction. These clamps require minimum overhead clearance with a 90 degrees clamp bar opening and have a spring in the jaw to hold the clamps in place after a few adjustments. They have U shaped clamping arms with flanged or straight base mounting options for easy surface installation. Destaco horizontal hold down clamps come with a handle, a lever system, and a securing bar that ensures the objects won’t move. The equipped lever system applies enough pressure on the object to keep the workpiece steady for work and these clamps also incorporate a linkage system that applies a powerful clamping force with minimum effort to lock or unlock. Selected models come integrated with Toggle Lock Plus safety feature to ensure that the over-centre locking condition is maintained and the clamp remains protected against unintentional opening. Additionally, these Destaco horizontal clamps are capable of handling loads up to 600 lb and can accommodate flanged washers, cross arm sets & flat tip bonded neoprene spindles for high performance workholding, automation and containment solutions.


These 225 Series horizontal toggle clamps offer a broad combination of features, making them adaptable to applications such as assembling, closures, woodworking and fixture checking applications in the aerospace, automotive, food & packaging industries.


  • These Destaco 225 Series horizontal toggle clamps have a low profile design light duty clamping applications as well as to prevent obstruction during clamping.
  • They are supplied with neoprene spindles for maximum and fatigue less clamping & holding force.
  • These toggle clamps have stainless steel construction for structural rigidity and durability.
  • They can accommodate M8 or 5/16 inch spindle accessories for quick fastening.
  • Selected models come with Toggle Lock Plus safety feature to ensure that the over centre locking condition is maintained and the clamp remains protected against unintentional opening.
  • They are capable of handling loads up to 600 lb and offer 90 degrees clamp bar opening facility with minimum overhead clearance.
  • These toggle clamps are configured with a U-shaped clamping arm to keep workpieces securely in place as well as for providing adjustable spindle location.
  • These Destaco 225 Series clamps are available in flanged and straight base for ease-of-installation.

Compatible Accessories

  • Destaco 225208-M & 207943-M: These Destaco flat tip bonded neoprene (225208-M) (also available in stainless steel version) and stainless steel hex head (207943-M) spindle assemblies are designed for the brand's 225 Series clamps for quick fastening. The neoprene construction exhibits chemical stability & maintain flexibility over a wide temperature range during the clamping process and the stainless steel spindles ensure high tensile strength in extreme high and low temperatures. These spindle assemblies include jam nuts for quick and secure clamping as well as to allow adjustments between clamping distance.
  • Destaco 507107 & 507907: These Destaco flanged washers are compatible with 225 Series clamps enabling easy mounting and providing secure connection against vibration. They feature stainless steel construction or come with zinc plating to resist corrosion and enhance service life.

Standards and Approvals

  • These Destaco 225 Series horizontal toggle clamps are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified.


These Destaco 225 Series horizontal toggle clamps come with a flanged or straight base with threaded mounting holes to ensure easy surface mounting.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are horizontal toggle clamps used?

Horizontal toggle clamps use an over center locking action to hold a workpiece or fixture in the locked position.

How do you adjust a toggle clamp?

After clamping, the applied force can be adjusted by loosening / tightening the spindle nut (supplied with selected units for protection from abrasion, twisting or flexing).

What is the difference between horizontal and vertical toggle clamps?

The key difference between the horizontal and vertical toggle clamps are of the position of the handle while the clamp is locked. A vertical toggle clamp has the handle positioned perpendicular to the base i.e. vertically, whereas in horizontal clamps, the handle position is parallel to the base (horizontally), when the clamp is locked.

What is a horizontal toggle clamp used for?

A toggle clamp is used to securely locate parts or components in place and is typically a part of the production process. The predominant feature of these clamps are their quick acting characteristics, as they can be easily & quickly turned off and on by the operator in the aerospace, automotive and food & packaging industries.

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