DESTACO 850 Series Pneumatic Toggle Clamps

StyleModelPlunger Thread SizePort SizeHolding CapacityCylinder BorePlunger HeightOperating Temp.Duty CyclePrice (inc. GST)
5/8-111/8 NPT16000 Lbs.2.48"2.63"-10 To 90°CExcellent/High SGD 1,910.00
M161/816000 Lbs.2.48"2.63"-10 To 90°CExcellent/High SGD 1,236.00

850 Series Pneumatic Toggle Clamps

Destaco 850 Series pneumatic toggle clamps employ compressed air to apply clamping pressure for holding workpieces in place, and are widely used in the automotive and food & packaging industries. These toggle clamps are integrated with a pneumatic cylinder having an input port for connecting to the compressed air source. These clamps come equipped with a lever that can be engaged for applying pneumatic pressure to the clamping head. They feature an enclosed design for applications in dirty environments (such as MIG & spot welding), and a non-pivoting cylinder that can easily be hard-piped into fixtures. These pneumatic toggle clamps have a sensor ready design for round and T-slot style sensors. 850 Series Destaco pneumatic clamps have a long clamping arm with a maximum holding capacity of 16000 lb (7257.477 kg). These clamps feature a pneumatic cylinder with an in-built flow control system that helps in smooth clamping, and a magnetic piston ring to ensure precise position sensing. These pneumatic hold down clamps are pneumatic versions of Destaco 650 Series manual straight line action clamps and are capable of being operated at temperatures ranging from -14 degrees Fahrenheit to 195 degrees Fahrenheit. These pneumatic clamps have 1/8 & G-1/4 inch NPT ports, and are compatible with Destaco 850450-63-1-00 replacement seal assembly & Destaco 810169 round reed switch with quick disconnect cable.
We also offer Destaco 858 Series pneumatic clamps having load capacities up to 4000 lb, and hardened bushing & pins at all pivot points for longer service life.


Destaco 850 Series pneumatic toggle clamps are used for various applications such as welding, fixture testing and automotive part assembling in the food & packaging, and automotive industries.


  • Destaco 850 Series pneumatic toggle clamps are designed for applications like welding and automotive part assembling.
  • They feature a lever that can be engaged for applying pneumatic pressure to the clamping head.
  • These pneumatic clamps are sensor ready for both round and T-slot style sensors.
  • They come with in-built flow controls for smooth operation.
  • These units are integrated with a magnetic piston ring for precise position sensing.
  • Destaco 850 Series pneumatic toggle clamps are capable of withstanding loads up to 16000 lb and can be operated at temperatures ranging between -14 degrees Fahrenheit and 195 degrees Fahrenheit.

Compatible Accessories

  • Destaco 850450-63-1-00: These replacement seal kits are designed for use with 850, 850-ME, 858, 858-E, 868 & 868-E clamping units.
  • Destaco 810169: These extension cordsets and coupling nuts are designed to be mounted on cylinders having 4 mm round grooves. These round reed switches with quick disconnect cables are operated by a magnetic ring fixed on the clamp's cylinder.

Standards and Approvals

  • Destaco 850 Series pnuematic toggle clamps are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified.


Destaco 850 Series pneumatic toggle clamps have a flanged base with threaded holes for easy and secure installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pneumatic toggle clamp?

Destaco toggle clamps or pneumatic toggle clamps are actuated with a double acting pneumatic cylinder for smooth operation.

How does a pneumatic toggle clamp work?

The toggle clamp actuates against the workpiece and stretches or compresses the equipped linkages for keeping the workpiece in a stationary position.

Which grease is recommended for use with Destaco clamps while rebuilding them?

If you are dealing with Destaco mechanical clamps, then a coupling grease like Mobil XTC is preferable, while Magnalube G grease should be used when dealing with pneumatic cylinder seals.

What does the holding capacity of a clamp signify?

The holding force or holding capacity represents the capability of a clamp to hold down mechanical equipment or sheet metal during manufacturing processes or on assembly lines.

What does the red colour of the handle on Destaco clamps signify?

The colour of the handle has no significance, but to highlight a recognisable area and to aid in finding the handle quickly & easily.

Does Destaco offer water-resistant clamp sensors?

Yes, Destaco supplies inductive sensors that are specifically designed in accordance with IP65 standards to provide protection from dust, heavy rain & powerful hydraulic jets.

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