LENOX Offset Aviation Snips

StyleModelCutting ActionHandle ColorPrice (inc. GST)
LeftRed SGD 84.18
RightGreen SGD 85.59

Offset Aviation Snips

Lenox offset aviation snips are used to keep the user's hands safe while cutting through metal sheets in maintenance, metal fabrication and production facilities. They have stamped 1074 high carbon steel construction with reinforced chrome silicone springs and ergonomic grip handles made of over-moulded thermoplastic rubber for comfortable & secure grip and durability. These snips feature bi-metal blades to cut 18 gauge sheet metal and 22 gauge stainless steel sheets. They have colour-coding on both blades & handles with arrow icons for quick identification of tools. Choose from a wide range of these aviation snips with left and right cutting offset jaws.

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