REELCRAFT Cord Storage Reels, Hand Crank, 30000 CS Series

StyleModelDepthHoldsPrice (inc. GST)
CA30106-CS 1
19"140 ft. of 10/3, 175 ft. of 12/3 and 425 ft. of 16/3 SGD 476.07
CA30112-CS 1
25"280 ft. of 10/3, 350 ft. of 12/3 and 850 ft. of 16/3 SGD 494.28

Cord Storage Reels, Hand Crank, 30000 CS Series

Reelcraft cord storage reels with a hand crank are used to store, wind and unwind conductive cable or cords to protect them from damages due to tangling and kinking. They have powder-coated heavy-gauge steel construction with self-locking fasteners for structural strength and corrosion resistance. These reels handle long lengths of 10/3, 12/3 and 16/3 cables. The reels should not be used with live electrical cords. Choose from a wide range of these cable storage reels, available in depths of 19 and 25 inches for holding different lengths of cords.

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