StyleModelAdhesion StrengthAdhesiveColorDiameterLengthMaterialPerformance Temp.Tensile StrengthPkg. Qty.Price (inc. GST)
DF 545
45 oz./in.Natural Rubber/Synthetic Rubber BlendNatural/Blue Liner6.09"33mDouble-Coated Cloth50 Degrees to 200 Degrees F25 lb./in.1 SGD 1,191.72
PC 600
50 oz./in.RubberSilver5.939"55mPolyethylene Coated Cloth32 Degrees to 200 Degrees F22 lb./in.1 SGD 660.96
PC 618
55 oz./in.Natural RubberSilver5.95"55mPolyethylene50 Degrees to 200 Degrees F27 lb./in.1 SGD 37.67
PC 618
55 oz./in.Natural RubberBlack6.05"55mPolyethylene50 Degrees to 200 Degrees F27 lb./in.1 SGD 742.52
PC 610
56 oz./in.RubberSilver6.17"55mPolyethylene Coated Cloth25 Degrees to 200 Degrees F21 lb./in.1 SGD 727.19
PC 621
62 oz./in.RubberSilver6.215"55mPolyethylene Coated Cloth40 Degrees to 200 Degrees F27 lb./in.1 SGD 954.24

Duct Tape

Shurtape duct tapes are ideal for securing, repairing, bundling, seaming, packaging, colour-coding and masking applications. These three-layered tapes feature a water-resistant polyethylene backing laminated to a cloth reinforcement and an aggressive rubber adhesive in the bottom layer for excellent tack, conformability, holding power and temperature resistance. The brand's D5 154 Series models feature double-coated adhesion sides (painter's tape adhesive on one side for masking jobs & rubber adhesive on the other for securely holding protective coverings); ideal for both dry and wet applications. Choose from an extensive range of these cloth & duct tapes available in silver, black, natural / blue liner colour variants on Raptor Supplies.

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