3M H-120 Adapter, 4 Pk | AA3UZD 11W057

3M H-120 Adapter, 4 Pk

Item: AA3UZD Model: H-120Cross Ref: 11W057
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SGD 346.18 /pack (inc. GST)
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Ship weight (kg) 0.54
Ship height (cm)10.67
Ship length (cm)29.97
Ship width (cm)18.54
HS code3917390010
Country of OriginUS

Product Variants

ProductModelMaterialTypePkg. Qty.Price
3M 82878 Final Finish, Easy Clean Up, Gallon | CF2DZW 2AZA6
82878-Easy Clean Up4 SGD 2,176.34
3M 20453 Filter Bag Adapter, 1 Inch Diameter | CF2EBG 20RW09
20453RubberAdapter1 SGD 34.40
3M TR-659 Battery Adapter | CF2PQE 411D24
TR-659Polycarbonate-1 SGD 594.68
3M FL5082-02 Push-To-Talk Adapter | CF2UDB 45JU88
FL5082-02-Portable1 SGD 988.49
3M FL5035-02 Push-To-Talk Adapter | CF2UDD 45JU90
FL5035-02-Portable1 SGD 662.44
3M FL5030-02 Push-To-Talk Adapter | CF2UDE 45JU91
FL5030-02-Portable1 SGD 822.87
3M FL5063-02 Push-To-Talk Adapter, Motorola Turbo, NATO Wiring | CF2UDF 45JU94
FL5063-02-Portable1 SGD 947.66

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3M H-120 Adapter, 4 Pk
SGD 346.18 /pack (inc. GST)