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DESTACO 334-M-25 Pull Action Latch Clamp, 5.09 Inch Length, 1000 Lb Holding Cap. | AJ8BEK

DESTACO 334-M-25 Latch Clamp, Steel, Vertical U Hook, 1000 lb

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Item: AJ8BEK Model: 334-M-25
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Product Specifications:

ItemLatch Clamp
Bar Width (In.)1.13"
Base Length1.31"
Base Width1.56"
Handle StyleStraight
Holding Capacity1000 Lbs.
Hook Adjustble Range25mm
Hook TypeU-Hook (Vertical)
Mounting BaseFlange
Overall Height5.21"
Overall Length5.0866"
Toggle Lock PlusNo

Shipping Info:

Ship weight (kg) 0.27
Ship height (cm)6.02
Ship length (cm)10.41
Ship width (cm)2.87
Country of OriginUS

Product Details:

Pull action latch clamps are ideal for regular closing & opening of doors & lids in latching, moulding and assembly operations. These horizontal or vertical pulling devices have a handle to attach / place a clamping pull bar or hook around a workpiece. Destaco pull action latch clamps feature fixed latch, U hook (horizontal & vertical) and J hook designs for pulling / closing fixtures. Destaco 334 Series clamps are equipped with a vertical U hook to close a workpiece / fixture that is perpendicularly oriented to the clamp base. Their clamp handles have a thumb control lever for a quick, single handed operation. Destaco 334-M-25 clamp comes with a 25 mm longer U hook for closing a workpiece at a greater distance than a standard length U hook style clamp. This latch clamp is made of steel for structural strength to prevent bending / breaking under heavy loads (maximum 1000 lb). It has flanged base for quick mounting on a flat surface / workpiece. Raptor Supplies offers this clamp in variants having stainless steel construction to resist corrosion; Toggle Lock Plus mechanism to act as a secondary locking feature & prevent accidental opening of the clamp. You can order these latch clamp variants having different hook lengths (standard length, 50 mm longer than standard length & 100 mm longer than standard length), by simply removing -M-25 or adding -M-50 & -M-100 at the end of the model number.
We also offer Destaco 331-M-25 pull action latch clamp having a maximum holding capacity of 720 lb and a horizontal U hook for pulling a workpiece placed parallel to its clamp base.


Destaco 334-M-25 latch clamp is ideal for closing lids, chamber doors, moulds & access covers in aerospace, consumer goods, transportation, automotive and food & packaging industries.


  • Destaco 334-M-25 pull action latch clamp has a threaded, vertical U hook for easy adjustment according to a workpiece that is placed perpendicular to the clamp base.
  • This U hook is 25 mm longer in length than a standard U hook for pulling workpieces at a greater length.
  • It has steel construction for structural integrity & durability.
  • This clamp has flanged base mounting style for quick installation on a workpiece / surface.
  • It has a maximum holding capacity of 1000 lb.
  • This clamp's ergonomic handle is equipped with a patented thumb control lever for one handed operation.
  • The clamp comes with a latch plate for secure attachment of clamp hook to a workpiece.

Compatible Accessories:

  • Replacement accessories, such as hook assembly (334215-M-25) and thumb control lever (334-ZB1) are used to replace the faulty or worn out parts of Destaco 334-M-25 clamp.
  • Raptor Supplies delivers Destaco latch plate (334101) for secure attachment of the clamp to a workpiece.

Standards and Approvals:

  • Destaco 334-M-25 clamp is manufactured in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015 industry standards for ensuring environmental health, user safety and superior performance of the clamp.


  • Destaco 334-M-25 clamp base & latch plate feature threaded mounting holes for quick installation on a vertical workpiece / surface.
  • This clamp can be removed easily from the mounted surface by unscrewing the clamp using a simple screwdriver.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Does Raptor Supplies offer manual clamps with similar specifications as Destaco 334-M-25 clamp in other variants?

A. Raptor Supplies delivers similar clamp variants, such as Destaco 334-R-M-25 latch clamp having Toggle Lock Plus mechanism for preventing its accidental opening. We also offer Destaco 334-SS-M-25 latch clamp having stainless steel construction for corrosion resistance and durability.

Q. Is Destaco 334-M-25 latch clamp available in different hook lengths?

A. Destaco supplies similar latch clamp variants having different hook lengths, such as standard length (334), 50 mm longer than standard length (334-M-50) and 100 mm longer than standard hook length (334-M-100).

Q. How do latch clamps work?

A. These pull action latch clamps have a handle to operate the tool, a clamping arm to act as a contact point between the work item & the clamp and a base to attach the clamp to the surface. Once the simple linkage system of the clamp is put in the over-centre position, the handle is moved for creating a force parallel to the base to hold the work items.

Q. What are the benefits of using Toggle Lock Plus mechanism in Destaco manual clamps?

A. Many of the Destaco manual clamps come with the Toggle Lock Plus feature to act as a secondary locking mechanism and ensure the over-centre toggle lock condition of the clamps. This mechanism is essential when fixtures of the clamp are in motion, in a vibratory environment or are inverted. It offers an extra level of safety for the user and the workpiece.

Q. Which grease is recommended to be used with Destaco clamps when rebuilding?

A. Whenever you're dealing with the brand's mechanical clamps, it is recommended to use a coupling grease like Mobil XTC.

Q. What does holding capacity mean in terms of clamps?

A. The holding capacity or the holding force depicts the clamp's capability to hold down the equipment or a sheet metal on the assembly line or during similar manufacturing processes.


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DESTACO 334-M-25 Latch Clamp, Steel, Vertical U Hook, 1000 lb
SGD 142.01 /unit (inc. GST)