OETIKER 14100396 Straight Nose Jaw Pincer, Large Insulated Handle Grips

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Product Specifications:

ItemRatchet Pincer
Band MaterialForged Steel
Clamping Force1000N
Jaw StyleStandard
Jaw Width20 mm
MaterialForged Steel
Max. Ear Width13 mm
Opening Gap Top25.5 mm
Pack Size1
Use With105 Series, 151 Series, 153 Series, 154 Series, 155 Series, 159 Series, 163 Series, 167 Series, 109 Series, 113 Series, 123 Series, 196 Series, 117 Series

Shipping Info:

Ship weight (kg) 0.34
Ship height (cm)0.61
Ship length (cm)8.89
Ship width (cm)1.91
HS code8203206060
Country of OriginDE

Product Details:

Clamping tools are fastening devices used to hold workpieces / objects securely in place. They come in varying forms, shapes & sizes, such as ratchet pincers, clip removal tools and hand installation pincers.
Oetiker jaw pincers are a type of manual closing tool that are used to pinch close and remove ear clamps in industrial and automobiles service & repair applications. They produce high radial loads and uniform pressure around the clamp ear for efficient hand installed clamp sealing performance. They are available in straight jaw and side jaw pincer variants.
Oetiker 14100396 standard jaw pincer has light & economical design for quick handling & installation of Oetiker ear clamps on hoses, tubes and fittings. Oetiker 14100396 has straight jaws for applications that can provide enough radial space. This Oetiker 14100396 pincer offers single action operation to increase cost efficiency and provide a leak-free connection by tightening the ear clamps. Oetiker 14100396 jaw pincer (HIP 1000 | 396) features large insulated handles for user comfort, safety and single-handed operation. Oetiker 14100396 has a forged steel body for structural strength to prevent bending / breaking under heavy loads.


Oetiker 14100396 straight jaw pincer is ideal for clamping or removing ear clamps from hoses in agricultural, automobile, heating & cooling applications. This Oetiker 14100396 jaw pincer also provides a leak-free operation without damaging the ear clamp due to exerting high clamping force.

Working Mechanism:

Steps for installing ear clamps using Oetiker 14100396 standard jaw pincer are:

  • Select a right sized ear clamp according to the hose diameter.
  • Slip the ear clamp over the hose and position it toward the end of the hose.Keep approximately 1/4 inch space between the clamp and the end of the hose.
  • Hold the clamp around its ear using Oetiker 14100396 pincer and apply enough pressure to ensure crimping of clamp ear & a tight assembly.
  • Users should apply closing force at once through this Oetiker 14100396 single action pincer. Repeated application of crimping force could damage the ear clamp.

Steps for removing ear clamps from a hose using Oetiker 14100396 straight jaw pincer are:

  • Place the Oetiker 14100396 straight jaw pincer under the clamp ear.
  • Apply enough force to cut the clamp ear & remove the clamp from the hose.
  • Adjustable ear clamps with outer mechanical interlock are further easier to remove than normal ear clamps. Just peel away one end of the clamp from the mechanical interlock using Oetiker 14100396 pincer & remove the clamp from the hose.


  • Oetiker 14100396 jaw pincer is suitable for installation and replacement of ear clamps in hydraulic, coolant & fluid line and automotive applications.
  • It has forged steel construction for high impact strength, durability and withstanding harsh industrial abuse.
  • Oetiker 14100396 is equipped with large, insulated handle grips for user comfort and protection against electrical hazards.
  • It has straight jaws for removing clamps that provide unrestricted radial access to the clamp ear.
  • Oetiker 14100396 pincers provide effective single action closure due to consistent ratio between hand force and jaw tip force.
  • Raptor Supplies also offers hose clamp kits with an assortment of ear clamps and a jaw pincer for use in hydraulic & cooling line, oil & gas, plumbing and maintenance operations.

Compatible Accessories:

  • Ear clamps: Oetiker 14100396 straight jaw pincer is suitable for use with both single ear (153, 154, 105, 155, 159, 163 and 167 Series) and double ear (101 and 151 Series) Oetiker ear clamp variants.

Standards and Approvals:

  • Oetiker 14100396 straight jaw pincer has been assessed to meet the requirements of IATF 16949:2016 and is ISO 9001:2015 certified for ensuring environmental health & superior clamp performance.


  • Oetiker 14100396 straight jaw pincer comes fully assembled & pre-adjusted as a single unit from the factory for direct usage.
  • Oetiker 14100396 may need lubrication and readjustment if used after a long period.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.What is the difference between ratchet pinchers and standard jaw pincers?

A. Ratchet pinchers are angled at 90 degrees to the ear clamps with its jaws clamping both sides of the ferrule, compressing the hose against the barbed portion of the hose fittings for a secure fit. On the other hand, Oetiker side or narrow (standard) jaw pincers serve as the right fit for applications having limited operating space.

Q. Are other variants of Oetiker 14100396 jaw pincer available on Raptor Supplies?

A. Yes, Raptor Supplies also offers jaw pincers in a variant having side jaws ( Oetiker 14100446 pincer) that act perpendicularly to the ear clamp for use in applications where the radial area is very limited.

Q. What are the points to consider for operating Oetiker 14100396 jaw pincer?

A. Oetiker 14100396 straight jaw pincers do not provide the same closure force each time due to its inherent applied force variability. The actual pincer force depends on various factors, such as applied hand force, local worker safety limits and specific application properties. It is possible to exceed the maximum closure force of a particular ear clamp. However, it must ensure worker safety and the final connection integrity of that ear clamp.

Q. What are the types of clamps that Oetikar offers?

A. Oetiker offers a wide range of hose clamps, such as screw, ear, spring, wire, worm and plastic clamps.

Q. How do users remove Oetiker clamps?

A. Customers can use tools, such as a side or bowl nose cutter, to remove the interlock & peel back the clamps from hoses. It is not recommended to use rotating cutters as they can cause damage to the hose while cutting the clamp.

Q. Can Oetiker clamps be reused after removal?

A. Selected Oetiker clamps, such as low profile, universal & screw clamps, can be reused after removing them from hoses. However, ear clamps can't be reused once cut & removed.

Product Variants

ProductModelJaw StyleOpening Gap TopPrice
OETIKER 14100446 Single Action Side Jaw Pincer | CH6DJX HIP1000446
14100446Side Jaw23.8 mm SGD 59.10
OETIKER 14100426 Hand Installation Pincer, 1000 N Jaw Force | CM9ANJ
14100426Pincer36 mm-

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OETIKER 14100396 Straight Nose Jaw Pincer, Large Insulated Handle Grips
SGD 25.32 /unit (inc. GST)