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COX 2P1036 Aluminium Plunger 15mm | AF7ZQC 23YJ87

COX 2P1036 Aluminium Plunger 15mm

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Item: AF7ZQC Model: 2P1036Cross Ref: 23YJ87
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SGD 33.24 /unit (inc. GST)
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Product Specifications:

Mixing Ratio10:1
TypeDual Manual, Pneumatic and Battery

Shipping Info:

Ship weight (kg) 0.01
Ship height (cm)3.3
Ship length (cm)5.08
Ship width (cm)3.81
HS code8467990190

Product Details:

  • Characteristics: Aluminium, 15mm

Product Variants

ProductModelMixing RatioType Price
COX 2P1046 Aluminium Plunger 36mm | AF7ZPZ 23YJ84
2P1046-- SGD 51.18
COX 2P1006 Aluminium Plunger 31.5mm | AF7ZQA 23YJ85
2P1006-- SGD 40.07
COX 2P1029 Aluminium Plunger 19mm | AF7ZQB 23YJ86
2P1029-- SGD 38.31
COX 2P1031 Aluminium Plunger 42mm | AF7ZQD 23YJ88
2P1031-- SGD 44.62
COX 3P1092 Aluminium Plunger 60mm | AF7ZQE 23YJ89
3P1092-- SGD 78.35
COX 3P1117 Aluminium Plunger 46mm | AF7ZQF 23YJ90
3P1117-- SGD 71.47

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COX 2P1036 Aluminium Plunger 15mm
SGD 33.24 /unit (inc. GST)