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Pump ControlsView all

  • Electronic Flowmeter Accessories

    Comprises quality transmitters, display adapter kits, remote kit assemblies, external power modules, pulse access modules and batteries

  • Electronic Flowmeters

    Ideal for gas mixing and blending applications, as well as liquid, compressed air and steam flow measurement. Come with an LCD to display measurements in gallons and litres, and can measure flow rates up to 600 gpm. Available in aluminium / stainless steel / brass / nylon / PVC housings

  • Flowmeter Accessories
  • Flowmeters

    Designed to measure gas, liquid or steam flow and can display measurement readings with up to +/-5% accuracy. Feature a battery-powered LCD that displays measurements in gallons and litres

Drum and Barrel PumpsView all

  • Drum Barrel Pump Accessories

    Herbicide kits comprising 1 inch x 12 foot EPDM hose, a polypropylene ball valve nozzle and an adjustable polypropylene / polyethylene suction pipe. Suitable for use with chemical transfer pumps to control the flow of fluids discharged from the pump and managing nozzles used with the pumps

  • Drum Pumps

    CSA-certified chemical transfer pumps to pump low-viscosity fluids and empty drums, barrels & tanks in agriculture, hobby farm and lawn service applications. Feature a totally enclosed, non-ventilated motor offering a maximum flow of 12 gpm at 115 VAC / 12 VDC

Pump AccessoriesView all

  • Fuel Transfer Pump Accessories

    Comprises vent caps equipped with valves to compensate for changes in internal tank pressure due to temperature and fuel dispensing. Allow fluid removal at rates up to 30 gpm. Designed to fit a 2 inch NPT tank opening

About the Brand

GPI, a Great Plain Industries brand, has been a leading provider of high-quality fuel transfer pumps, fuel meters, flowmeters and industrial instrumentation for over 40 years. The GPI Instruments catalogue includes a wide variety of fluid transfer pumps and digital / mechanical liquid flow meters for applications in various construction, mining, oil & gas, agriculture and fuel industries. The GPI range of pumps include turbine flow meters, oil transfer pumps, fuel pumps and drum pumps, having different flow rates and power & voltage ratings. The brand's oil transfer pumps are ideal for use with non-flammable fluids and are available in 115 V and 12 V voltage ratings.GPI mechanical flowmeters are designed to measure the flow rates of gases, liquids, steam, fuel products and acidic solutions. These flowmeters are equipped with a battery-powered LCD that displays measurements in gallons and litres. Choose from a wide range of these flowmeters and other GPI products, such as oil, air and fuel filters, as well as filter housings on Raptor Supplies.

Brand Exclusive Products