"With E-procurement, our goal is to be the bridge between your indirect purchasing and MRO parts listed online"

-Arjun Singh (founder)

Imagine you’re a procurement manager at a firm. You have a difficult task to meet i.e., source a product that is out of bounds for your current vendors.

How would you tackle Indirect procurement for this unplanned purchase where the product is only listed on a website (and not through your existing supplier base?)

There are 2 possible ways to move forward:


Maverick Purchasing from E-commerce

One option is for somebody in your organisation to make a maverick purchase, something most procurement departments really don’t like. It gives no price advantage, difficulty with the receipt of the goods, the receipt of the invoices and the accounting & lack of transparency. Most websites won’t fill out mandatory questionnaires, provide insurances, bank details, or certifications. Their attitude is “just buy the product on our website” or “all the information offered for this product is listed online.

Leveraging existing

You can get an existing supplier within your network to contact the website and make the purchase on your behalf but, this extends the timeframe to purchase the item and adds an unnecessary layer between your Company and the vendor, particularly if back and forth is required regarding technical suitability, etc.


So, in conclusion, procurement systems have zero ability to transact directly with e-commerce vendors.

But what if there was another option? Where you could directly add the ecommerce vendor as a registered supplier, even for a one-off purchase? Assuming the supplier met your onboarding requirements, wouldn’t that option be fast and cost-effective?

Introducing E-Procurement, a solution designed keeping your problems in mind, to bridge the gap between procurement and e-commerce.

We understand that customers, no matter how interested they are in buying an item listed on our website, just cannot make the purchase online as a Purchase Order has to be generated from the customer’s procurement implementation system that is sent via email.

Our solution: Make it easy to onboard Raptor Supplies as a registered vendor.

vendor vendor

We are not “just a website”, we have 250+ dedicated professionals across the globe committed to resolving our customers’ procurement requirements.

And if you need to onboard Raptor Supplies quickly, we can provide you with all the required information within 24 hours.

To get started, simply send a trading relationship request from your SAP/Ariba or Coupa system to sales@raptorsupplies.com.sg. A member of our team will be in touch the same day to complete the onboarding formalities so that you can quickly issue a PO and get quick delivery of the item(s) you need.