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FASCO A157 Draft Blower 115V 1/35 HP | AD4FJC 41H438

FASCO A157 Draft Blower 115V 1/35 HP

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Item: AD4FJC Model: A157Cross Ref: 41H438
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SGD 495.02 /unit (inc. GST)
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Product Specifications:

ItemInduced Draft Furnace Blower
Fits BrandGoodman
For Use With Mfr. Model NumberB1859005
MaterialAluminum Steel
RemarksProduct Used as Direct OEM Replacement Only. Any Other use Constitutes a Misapplication, Which Voids the Warranty and May Create Unsafe Conditions

Shipping Info:

Ship weight (kg) 2.56
Ship height (cm)24.45
Ship length (cm)27.94
Ship width (cm)27.31
HS code8414596060
Country of OriginMX

Product Details:

Fasco A157 induced draft furnace blower enhances combustion efficiency and maintains safe operating conditions in heating systems. This blower is useful for manufacturing, power generation and chemical processing as it helps maintain stable temperature and ventilation levels. Moreover, this induced draft furnace blower also reduces emissions of harmful pollutants and contributes to a healthy and sustainable environment.

Working Mechanism:

  • In a heating system, natural gas is burned to create heat. This combustion process generates warm air for heating.
  • Fasco A157 induced draft furnace blower is positioned at the exhaust or flue outlet of the heat exchanger.
  • It creates a controlled negative pressure or suction within the flue system.
  • The negative pressure produced by the blower draws the hot combustion gases away from the heat exchanger and into the flue, preventing any gas from leaking into the living space.
  • Simultaneously, fresh air is drawn into the combustion chamber, ensuring a continuous supply of oxygen for the combustion process.


  • Fasco A157 draft blower has a shaded pole design that accounts for low power requirements.
  • It has 6-inch leads with a pin housing terminal for easy and tight connections.
  • This blower has forward-curved steel wheels for efficient airflow.
  • It is heat-protected with Class B insulation.
  • This single-speed blower is suitable for long-hour operation at a fixed speed.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is a shaded pole induction motor?

A. A shaded pole induction motor is a self-starting single-phase induction motor that has one pole shaded by a copper ring. The copper ring is also known as the shaded ring. This copper ring serves as the secondary winding of the motor. The shaded pole motor can only rotate in one direction, and it cannot be reversed.

Q. What is the difference between an induced draft blower and a forced draft blower?

A. An induced draft blower extracts combustion gases from the system, while a forced draft blower pushes air into the combustion chamber. Both serve to regulate airflow, but they work in opposite directions.

Product Variants

ProductModelVoltageAmpsDepthWattsWidthFits BrandFor Use With Mfr. Model NumberHeightPrice
FASCO A086 Draft Blower 115V 1/25 HP | AD4FJA 41H436
A0861151.36-3/8"1189"Rheem7030207.875" SGD 757.42
FASCO A142 Draft Blower 115V 1/20 HP | AD4FJB 41H437
A1421150.76-3/8"859.125"Rheem70-22165-817.75" SGD 1,230.98
FASCO A064 Draft Blower 115V 1/55 HP | AD4FJD 41H439
A0641150.6505-7/8"678.625"Heil Quaker610172, 7021-5043, 7021-71027.5" SGD 486.61
FASCO A079 Draft Blower 115V 1/50 HP | AD4FJE 41H440
A0791151.15-7/8"908.625"Goodman, TraneB1859000, 7021-6804, B1W24, WG94X1677.5" SGD 522.01
FASCO A088 Draft Blower 115V 1/25 HP | AD4FJF 41H441
A0881151.36-1/2"939"Evcon/York2940-3917.875" SGD 804.45
FASCO A090 Draft Blower 115V 1/50 HP | AD4FJG 41H442
A0901151.15-7/8"908.625"Rheem70-21496-017.5" SGD 621.09
FASCO A129 Draft Blower 115V 1/20 HP | AD4FJH 41H443
A1291151.957"1558.38"Amana11009001, 117521-007.5" SGD 939.63

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FASCO A157 Draft Blower 115V 1/35 HP
SGD 495.02 /unit (inc. GST)