Conveyor H-Stands


Roller Stands

StyleModelCapacityPrice (inc. GST)
A53UH231103 SGD 727.74
B53UH241544 SGD 1154.02

Material Support Stands

StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
A9670150 SGD 931.49
B9670151 SGD 1522.47
C9684490 SGD 42097.35

Roller Support Stand

StyleModelBetween Frame (In.)CapacityColorTypePrice (inc. GST)
A33VE138.375500WhiteV-Style SGD 445.57
B33VE178.8751760GrayV-Style SGD 430.77
B33VE168.8751760GrayV-Style SGD 399.70
C33VE10141760GrayH-Style SGD 411.13
C33VE11141760GrayH-Style SGD 420.85
D33VE0816.5500WhiteH-Style SGD 390.68
D33VE0916.5500WhiteH-Style SGD 427.35
StyleModelBetween Frame (In.)Price (inc. GST)
AH50M22B2727 SGD 999.41
AH50M33B2727 SGD 937.31
AH50M22B3939 SGD 1034.57
AH50M33B3939 SGD 906.18
AH50M22B5151 SGD 1055.08
AH50M33B5151 SGD 908.85

Conveyor H Stand

StyleModelBetween Frame (In.)ItemPrice (inc. GST)
AH15M73B1010Conveyor H Stand SGD 584.87
AH15M25B1010Conveyor H Stand SGD 213.04
AH15M49B1010Conveyor H Stand SGD 266.30
AH15M37B1010Conveyor H Stand SGD 218.68
AH15M94B1010Conveyor H Stand SGD 678.96
AH15M61B1010Conveyor H Stand SGD 514.59
AH15M25B1313Conveyor H-Stand SGD 215.28
AH15M37B1313Conveyor H-Stand SGD 213.69
AH15M94B1313Conveyor H Stand SGD 678.96
AH15M73B1313Conveyor H Stand SGD 584.87
AH15M49B1313Conveyor H Stand SGD 269.10
AH15M61B1313Conveyor H Stand SGD 492.43
AH15M61B1616Conveyor H Stand SGD 289.84
AH15M37B1616Conveyor H Stand SGD 213.00
AH15M94B1616Conveyor H Stand SGD 678.96
AH15M73B1616Conveyor H Stand SGD 584.87
AH15M25B1616Conveyor H Stand SGD 193.63
AH15M49B1616Conveyor H Stand SGD 266.24
AH15M49B2222Conveyor H Stand SGD 256.01
AH15M61B2222Conveyor H Stand SGD 514.59
AH15M73B2222Conveyor H Stand SGD 550.84
AH15M37B2222Conveyor H Stand SGD 204.81
AH15M94B2222Conveyor H Stand SGD 654.16
AH15M73B2727Conveyor H Stand SGD 550.84
AH15M37B2727Conveyor H-Stand SGD 231.65
StyleModelBetween Frame (In.)Caster MaterialCaster TypeItemTypePrice (inc. GST)
A3BH30M27-1/2B13 CS5SL KB13PhonlicBlackConveyor H-StandMedium Duty Castered SGD 1005.45
A3BH30M27-1/2B16 CS5SL KB16PhenolicSwivel with Side Lock BrakesConveyor H StandCaster Medium Duty SGD 995.60
A3BH30M27-1/2B22 CS5SL KB22PhenolicSwivel with Side Lock BrakesConveyor H StandCaster Medium Duty SGD 1019.03
A3BH30M27-1/2B27 CS5SL KB27PhonlicBlackConveyor H-StandMedium Duty Castered SGD 944.35
A3BH30M27-1/2B36 CS5SL KB36PhenolicSwivel with Side Lock BrakesConveyor H StandCaster Medium Duty SGD 1000.23

Medium Duty 3000 Load Capacity Conveyor H-Stands

StyleModelBetween Frame (In.)CapacityColorFinishItemTypePrice (inc. GST)
ALP25M01-2500Ashland GreenPowder CoatedConveyor H-StandMedium Duty Low Profile SGD 310.88
B4BH30M31B13133000 lb.GreenEpoxy PowderConveyor H-StandHeavy Duty SGD 401.33
B4BH30M21B21213000 lb.GreenEpoxy PowderConveyor H-StandHeavy Duty SGD 392.04
B4BH30M31B21213000 lb.GreenEpoxy PowderConveyor H-StandHeavy Duty SGD 441.39
B4BH30M31B27273000 lb.GreenEpoxy PowderConveyor H StandHeavy Duty SGD 464.94
B4BH30M31B39393000 lb.GreenEpoxy PowderConveyor H-StandHeavy Duty SGD 443.08
C4BH30M15B51513000 lb.GreenEpoxy PowderConveyor H StandHeavy Duty SGD 311.71
B4BH30M31B51513000 lb.GreenEpoxy PowderConveyor H StandHeavy Duty SGD 467.40
StyleModelBetween Frame (In.)Price (inc. GST)
AHMT82B1010 SGD 1205.62
AHMT46B1010 SGD 1022.36
AHMT46B1313 SGD 982.18
AHMT82B1313 SGD 1203.80
AHMT46B1616 SGD 981.96
AHMT82B1616 SGD 1205.50
AHMT46B2222 SGD 1084.76
AHMT82B2222 SGD 1306.42
AHMT82B2727 SGD 1307.99
AHMT46B2727 SGD 1084.70
AHMT82B3131 SGD 1310.93
AHMT46B3131 SGD 1056.66
AHMT82B3636 SGD 1311.16
AHMT46B3636 SGD 1092.22
StyleModelBetween Frame (In.)Price (inc. GST)
AHMTB1010 SGD 274.54
AHMTB1313 SGD 271.31
AHMTB1616 SGD 275.28
AHMTB2222 SGD 324.61
AHMTB2727 SGD 326.35
AHMTB3131 SGD 302.15
AHMTB3636 SGD 308.30
StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
ALP25M02 SGD 311.09
ALP25M3.4 SGD 305.03
ALP25M4.7 SGD 254.94
ALP25M05 SGD 259.26
ALP25M06 SGD 258.68

Conveyor H-Stands

Conveyor H Stands work as a permanent support for conveyors and can be installed with features such as gravity skate wheel, gravity roller, ball transfer and power belt conveyors. Available in a wide variety of specifications and configurations such as pivoting mounting brackets for sloped installation

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