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Drum Rollers


Industrial facilities dealing with cosmetics, chemical substances, food items or pharmaceutical products handle powder or liquid-filled drums in bulk. These drum content can stratify at the bottom... Read More


201 Series Portable Drum Rollers

Morse Drum rollers are widely used to blend batches of powder, mix paints, oils, urethane resin, glue, dyes, flavours, etc. inside a sealed drum. These rollers eliminate the chances of exposure to harmful chemicals and don't require the clean-up associated with insertion mixers. They are have a 20 rpm fixed speed and the variable speed ranges between 15 and 24 rpm. These Morse Drum rollers can handle up to 227 kg load and can be easily adjusted to accommodate 30 or 55 gallon drums. These explosion-proof electric drum mixers are available in single- and three-phase motor variants.

StyleModelHzPhaseVoltageSpeed TypeDrum RPMMotorCapacity Liquids Price (inc. GST)
A201/20-1------- SGD 4933.19
A201VS-1------- SGD 5852.41
A201BVS-3-50------- SGD 7701.08
A201BVS-575------- SGD 7639.80
A201BVS-A------- SGD 7231.25
A201BVS-E1------- SGD 8865.44
A201BVS-E1-50------- SGD 10009.36
A201BVS-E3------- SGD 8436.46
A201BVS-E3-50------- SGD 9927.65
A201BVS-E575------- SGD 9130.99
A201VS-1-50------- SGD 6322.24
A201BVS-1-50------- SGD 7823.65
A201VS-3------- SGD 5913.70
A201VS-3-50------- SGD 6189.46
A201VS-575------- SGD 5923.91
A201VS-A------- SGD 5740.06
A201VS-E1------- SGD 7139.33
A201VS-E1-50------- SGD 8538.60
A201VS-E3------- SGD 6424.38
A201VS-E3-50------- SGD 8436.46
A201VS-E575------- SGD 7067.84
A201BVS-3------- SGD 7394.67
A201BVS-1------- SGD 7353.82
A201/20-1-50------- SGD 5403.01
A201/20-E575------- SGD 6169.04
StyleModelHzPhaseVoltageSpeed TypeDrum RPMMotorCapacity Liquids Price (inc. GST)
A2-5154-1------- SGD 9580.39
A2-5154-3------- SGD 8681.59
A2-5154-E1------- SGD 11092.01
A2-5154-E1-50------- SGD 11990.81
A2-5154-E3------- SGD 11949.95
A2-5154-E3-50------- SGD 11847.82
A2-5154-E3-575------- SGD 12440.21
A2-5154-A------- SGD 9733.60
StyleModelPhaseHzVoltageMotorDrum RPMCapacity Liquids Price (inc. GST)
A456-1-50-CE------ SGD 29139.50
A456-3-50-CE------ SGD 28496.05

456 Series Hydra-Lift Drum Rollers

Morse Hydra-Lift drum rotators are designed to mix the contents in a closed drum and eliminate the risk of contamination and splashing of hazardous materials. These rotators are ergonomically powered to tilt drums from an upright to a rolling position and can be rotated at speeds ranging from 4 to 20 rpm. They are integrated with an air / TEFC / explosion-proof motor capable of operating at ambient temperatures up to 130 degrees F. Choose from a wide range of these drum rotators available in drum diameters ranging from 6 to 26 inches on Raptor Supplies.

StyleModelHzPhaseVoltageMotorDrum RPMCapacity Liquids Price (inc. GST)
A456-3-575------ SGD 15289.81
A456-A------ SGD 14135.67
A456-E3-575------ SGD 17230.40
B456-1------ SGD 14503.36
B456-1-50------ SGD 15361.31
B456-3------ SGD 14707.64
B456-3-50------ SGD 14809.77
B456-E1------ SGD 15984.34
B456-E1-50------ SGD 16893.35
B456-E3------ SGD 16280.54
B456-E3-50------ SGD 16750.36

1-5154 Series Single Stationary Drum Rollers

Morse Drum 1-5154 Series single stationary drum rollers are used to blend or mix the contents inside the drums by rotating them in paint, chemical and industrial applications. They save time, labour and money by reducing losses due to transferring or using special vessels for homogenising the contents. The drum rollers feature 4 idler & 4 drive wheels for delivering rotational speeds of 16 / 20 rpm. These single drum rollers are integrated with TEFC / inverter-duty / explosion-proof / air motor enclosures to keep the motor windings cool at a maximum ambient temperature of 140 degrees F. Choose from a wide range of these drum rollers with 1 or 3 phase electrical connections.
Raptor Supplies also offers 201 Series, portable drum rollers with wheels and built-in tipping bars for loading and unloading drums in upright position.

StyleModelHzPhaseVoltageMaterialSpeed TypeDrum RPMMotorPrice (inc. GST)
A1-5154-E3-575------- SGD 7180.19
B1-5154SS-1------- SGD 20784.75
B1-5154SS-E3-50------- SGD 23797.77
A1-5154-1------- SGD 6107.75
A1-5154-3------- SGD 6169.04
A1-5154-E1------- SGD 7517.24
A1-5154-E1-50------- SGD 8691.80
A1-5154-E3------- SGD 7374.25
A1-5154-E3-50------- SGD 8569.24
A1-5154-A------- SGD 6883.99
B1-5154SS-3------- SGD 21652.91
B1-5154SS-A------- SGD 24819.14
B1-5154SS-E1------- SGD 22470.00
B1-5154SS-E1-50------- SGD 24002.05
B1-5154SS-E3------- SGD 22572.14
B1-5154SS-E3-575------- SGD 21959.32

Drum Rollers

Drum rollers are ideal for mixing both liquid and solid drum content, at either fixed or variable speeds, without opening the drum. They are designed to reduce exposure to harmful chemicals and minimise the need for additional clean up associated with immersion mixers. These drum rollers are used for grinding, smoothening & blending batches of powder, paint, oil, urethane resin, glue, dye and flavours inside a sealed drum. They can roll any standard 55-gallon metal drum. The dry load capacity of these drum rollers is lesser than the liquid load capacity as the former exerts greater stress on the drum rotator than the fluid motion of the latter.
Raptor Supplies offers a wide range of these drum rollers from Morse Manufacturing Company, Inc., a leading manufacturer of drum handling equipment.
Morse 201 Series portable drum rollers can be easily moved using the polyolefin wheels and swivel casters. The built-in tipping bar on these units is further integrated with a top rim hook and a kickstand to stabilise the roller in both upright and rolling positions. They also feature 4 drive and 4 idler wheels that can handle liquid and dry loads up to 500 lb & 300 lb, respectively. Selected models further come equipped with broad belts, instead of wheels, for mixing content inside the fibre drums without damaging the fibre sidewall.
Morse Drum 456 Series Hydra-Lift drum rollers use a built-in hydraulic system to lift drums and place it on the roller for quick & easy mixing of drum content. The brand's CE-certified Hydra-Lift drum rollers (model number ending with -CE) are designed in accordance with European conformity and can be used in countries that use a 50Hz power supply.
Stationary drum rollers are available in 2 variants: single-stationary rollers that handle only 1 drum at once and double-stationary drum rollers that can roll two drums, simultaneously.
To rapidly increase the rolling speed, Morse Drum idler attachment is an ideal choice because of their capacity to roll 1 - 5 gallon (4 to 20 litres) cylindrical cans at approximately double the speed, within the same 55-gallon drum settings. It can be easily attached to drum rollers using 4 bolts.
The brand's POLY drum roller options (stationary, portable and Hydra-Lift) feature extra wheels for supporting less rigid plastic drums and an end stop to prevent the plastic drum from rolling off. These attachments can be installed either at the job site prior to purchase or afterwards as a field install kit.


Drum rollers are ideal for homogenising content inside the drums by mixing stratified sediments from the bottom. These Morse drum rollers are suitable for use in petroleum, oil, paint, brewery and food processing industries. Selected drum rollers are strong enough to be hauled around from one area to another without causing any leakage.


  • Drum rollers are used to mix both liquid and solid content, inside a sealed drum, at a fixed or variable speed.
  • They are integrated with 8 / 16 wheels for rolling drums horizontally or parallel to the ground.
  • These rollers are available in single- / three-phase TEFC (totally enclosed fan-cooled), air and explosion-proof motor variants.
  • They also protect workers from getting in contact with harmful industrial chemicals.

Working Mechanism

  • Morse Hydra-Lift and portable drum rollers can load or unload a drum from drum trucks (at the floor level). These drum rollers position the drums on their base plate by tilting to the upright position. The stationary drum rollers further require the use of below-hook drum lifters for loading and unloading.
  • The drum rollers are then moved into enclosures, with an interlock, for connecting the power supply. This starts up the motor and eventually the rolling wheels for rotating the drum & mixing its content.
  • After the rolling is complete, the drum roller is disconnected by shutting off the power supply. The enclosures guarding it are also removed once the mixing is complete.

Standards and Approvals

For a safe & secure operation, drum rollers should be installed in accordance with OSHA subpart O.1910.212 "General requirements for all machines" and O.1910.212(a)(4) standards that states "Barrels, containers, and drums. Revolving drums, barrels, and containers shall be further guarded by an enclosure that is interlocked with the drive mechanism.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some safety tips that one needs to remember while operating the drum rollers?

Users should pay attention to the following safety instructions while operating the drum rollers:

How to handle chemical drums?

Drum rollers are ideal for handling drums containing chemicals prone to spillage. These units ensure user safety against chemical burns by using a remote control mechanism.

What is the difference between a Morse drum roller and a Morse drum tumbler?

Drum tumblers are used to vigorously mix drum content, usually viscous or easy-settling fluids, coarse pellets, wet grains or powder. These units feature heavy stationary feet and, therefore, require moving of the drums for mixing. Drum rollers, on the other hand, are lightweight and mix the content more safely by holding the drums in place and turning them on rollers. These drum rollers are easily movable and can be transported to the exact mixing location.

Which Morse drum roller should I buy?

You can select a roller based on the drum you'll be using. Also, consider the integration of either fixed or variable speed rollers, depending upon what kind of mixture you're dealing with. Buyers should also note if they require in-situ operation for mixing contents at the same place as the drums (use portable drum rollers) or want to have a dedicated drum mixing location (use stationary drum mixers). Hydra-Lift drum mixers are ideal for applications where drum lifters and other equipment can not be used.

What accessories are compatible with Morse drum rollers?

Raptor Supplies offers a wide range of safety accessories like guard enclosure kits & control packages for quick, easy & safe operation. The guard enclosure kits, with a safety interlock facility, are used to switch off the drum rollers when anyone opens the gate.

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