Film Tape

3M -

Polyimide Film Tape with Acrylic Pressure

StyleModelAdhesion StrengthLengthPerformance Temp.WidthPrice (inc. GST)
A121819 oz./in.5yd.Up to 356 Degrees F4" SGD 224.16
B121819 oz./in.36yd.Up to 356 Degrees F3/8" SGD 104.71
B121819 oz./in.36yd.Up to 356 Degrees F3/4" SGD 265.37
B121819 oz./in.36yd.Up to 356 Degrees F2" SGD 667.68
B121819 oz./in.36yd.Up to 356 Degrees F1" SGD 320.28
B121819 oz./in.36yd.Up to 356 Degrees F1/4" SGD 88.53
B121819 oz./in.36yd.Up to 356 Degrees F1/2" SGD 158.90
C121819 oz./in.5yd.Up to 356 Degrees F3/8" SGD 22.64
C121819 oz./in.5yd.Up to 356 Degrees F1" SGD 55.99
C121819 oz./in.5yd.Up to 356 Degrees F1/4" SGD 16.14
C121819 oz./in.5yd.Up to 356 Degrees F1/2" SGD 28.94
D120535 oz./in.5yd.Up to 311 Degrees F4" SGD 175.27
D120535 oz./in.5yd.Up to 311 Degrees F6" SGD 259.64
D120535 oz./in.5yd.Up to 311 Degrees F1/2" SGD 25.91
D120535 oz./in.5yd.0 Degrees to 311 Degrees F1/4" SGD 14.68
E120535 oz./in.36yd.Up to 311 Degrees F4" SGD 1037.37
E120535 oz./in.36yd.Up to 311 Degrees F3/8" SGD 73.71
E120535 oz./in.36yd.Up to 311 Degrees F3/4" SGD 158.11
E120535 oz./in.36yd.Up to 311 Degrees F2" SGD 521.94
E120535 oz./in.36yd.Up to 311 Degrees F1" SGD 208.62
E120535 oz./in.36yd.Up to 311 Degrees F1/4" SGD 66.27
E120535 oz./in.36yd.Up to 311 Degrees F1/2" SGD 130.85
D120535 oz./in.5yd.Up to 311 Degrees F3/8" SGD 19.72
D120535 oz./in.5yd.Up to 311 Degrees F3/4" SGD 38.46
D120535 oz./in.5yd.Up to 311 Degrees F2" SGD 87.06

PTFE Coated Cloth Tape

StyleModelAdhesion StrengthTensile StrengthThicknessWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A15C70840 oz./in.70 lb./in.5mil.4" SGD 184.42
B15C71040 oz./in.70 lb./in.5mil.12" SGD 496.30
A15C71540 oz./in.70 lb./in.5mil.1.5" SGD 72.44
A15C71640 oz./in.70 lb./in.5mil.3" SGD 121.83
A15C71440 oz./in.70 lb./in.5mil.2" SGD 90.66
B15C71340 oz./in.70 lb./in.5mil.6" SGD 271.06
A15C71240 oz./in.70 lb./in.5mil.3/4" SGD 31.17
A15C71140 oz./in.70 lb./in.5mil.1/2" SGD 21.28
A15C70940 oz./in.70 lb./in.5mil.1" SGD 47.19
A15C70740 oz./in.70 lb./in.5mil.1/4" SGD 10.85
A15C72345 oz./in.120 lb./in.7mil.2" SGD 109.02
A15C72045 oz./in.120 lb./in.7mil.1/2" SGD 26.10
A15C71845 oz./in.120 lb./in.7mil.1" SGD 55.78
A15C73645 oz./in.225 lb./in.12mil.3/4" SGD 52.80
A15C73545 oz./in.225 lb./in.12mil.4" SGD 329.53
A15C73345 oz./in.225 lb./in.12mil.2" SGD 159.56
A15C73445 oz./in.225 lb./in.12mil.1.5" SGD 103.28
A15C73245 oz./in.225 lb./in.12mil.3" SGD 247.80
A15C73145 oz./in.225 lb./in.12mil.1/4" SGD 16.35
B15C73045 oz./in.225 lb./in.12mil.6" SGD 478.27
A15C72945 oz./in.225 lb./in.12mil.1" SGD 82.44
A15C72845 oz./in.225 lb./in.12mil.1/2" SGD 33.05
B15C72745 oz./in.225 lb./in.12mil.12" SGD 933.56
A15C72645 oz./in.120 lb./in.7mil.1.5" SGD 75.69
A15C72445 oz./in.120 lb./in.7mil.3" SGD 160.24
3M -

Polyimide Film Tape, Silicone Adhesive

StyleModelWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A899712.7mm SGD 2716.68
B899812.7mm SGD 3717.83
A899719.1mm SGD 2380.94
A899725.4mm SGD 2269.11
B899838.1mm SGD 2837.99
A899750.8mm SGD 3300.99
B899876.2mm SGD 3108.87
A899776.2mm SGD 2488.71

Fluoramics PTFE Tapes

StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
A9010005 SGD 13.56
B9010010 SGD 31.63

Film Tape

StyleModelColorLengthPrice (inc. GST)
A827Black33m SGD 41.38
B827Clear33m SGD 42.76
C827Red55m SGD 51.68
D827White33m SGD 42.76
D827White55m SGD 51.19
D827White With Pinked Edge55m SGD 44.58

Safety Grip Conformable Tapes

Raptor Supplies offers a wide range of safety grip conformable tapes ideal for applications in coil wraps, separators, harness wrapping equipment, transformers and slot liners. These tapes are designed in accordance with MIL-I-23594C Type 1 standards and also widely used in mechanical jobs that require high-temperature resistance, low-friction and a nonstick surface. They feature a pressure-sensitive silicone adhesive for superior chemical resistance and are available in lengths up to 36 yards.

StyleModelAdhesion StrengthColorLengthTensile StrengthThicknessWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A15C65040 oz./in.Gray5yd.18 lb./in.6mil.1/2" SGD 22.56
A15C65140 oz./in.Gray5yd.18 lb./in.6mil.3/4" SGD 33.74
A15C65240 oz./in.Gray5yd.18 lb./in.6mil.1" SGD 43.76
B15D49140 oz./in.Tan36yd.18 lb./in.6mil.3.5" SGD 739.19
C15D49240 oz./in.Tan36yd.30 lb./in.6.5mil.3.5" SGD 1018.68
B15D52340 oz./in.Tan36yd.18 lb./in.6mil.4" SGD 947.68
C15D52440 oz./in.Tan36yd.30 lb./in.6.5mil.4" SGD 1241.47
B15D62040 oz./in.Tan36yd.18 lb./in.6mil.6" SGD 1406.33
C15D62140 oz./in.Tan36yd.30 lb./in.6.5mil.6" SGD 1706.43
A15C65340 oz./in.Gray5yd.18 lb./in.6mil.1.5" SGD 59.92
B15D42040 oz./in.Tan36yd.18 lb./in.6mil.2" SGD 468.52
A15C65540 oz./in.Gray5yd.18 lb./in.6mil.3.5" SGD 140.56
A15C65740 oz./in.Gray5yd.18 lb./in.6mil.6" SGD 240.20
D15C65940 oz./in.Gray5yd.30 lb./in.6.5mil.1/2" SGD 27.71
D15C66240 oz./in.Gray5yd.30 lb./in.6.5mil.1.5" SGD 83.56
D15C66540 oz./in.Gray5yd.30 lb./in.6.5mil.4" SGD 242.75
E15C66740 oz./in.Gray5yd.30 lb./in.6.5mil.10" SGD 547.30
B15D31140 oz./in.Tan36yd.18 lb./in.6mil.10" SGD 2312.94
C15D42140 oz./in.Tan36yd.30 lb./in.6.5mil.2" SGD 594.32
B15D46440 oz./in.Tan36yd.18 lb./in.6mil.3/4" SGD 157.86
C15D32140 oz./in.Tan36yd.30 lb./in.6.5mil.1/2" SGD 149.21
D15C66040 oz./in.Gray5yd.30 lb./in.6.5mil.3/4" SGD 43.84
D15C66440 oz./in.Gray5yd.30 lb./in.6.5mil.3.5" SGD 204.68
E15C66640 oz./in.Gray5yd.30 lb./in.6.5mil.6" SGD 311.88
A15C65840 oz./in.Gray5yd.18 lb./in.6mil.10" SGD 430.44
StyleModelAdhesion StrengthTensile StrengthThicknessPrice (inc. GST)
ASG56-0550 oz./in.150 lb./in.7mil. SGD 696.72
ASG56-0665 oz./in.175 lb./in.8mil. SGD 747.05

Metalized Film Tape

StyleModelColorLengthWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A15D475Black5yd.3/4" SGD 8.78
A15D436Black5yd.2" SGD 21.75
B15D513Black72yd.3/8" SGD 35.91
A15D507Black5yd.3/8" SGD 4.70
B15D410Black72yd.1" SGD 89.00
A15D527Black5yd.4" SGD 40.40
B15D533Black72yd.4" SGD 340.40
A15D629Black5yd.6" SGD 61.87
A15D390Black5yd.1.5" SGD 17.95
A15D339Black5yd.1/2" SGD 6.33
A15D493Black5yd.3" SGD 35.83
B15D345Black72yd.1/2" SGD 45.00
B15D378Black72yd.1/4" SGD 24.73
A15D372Black5yd.1/4" SGD 3.11
A15D403Black5yd.1" SGD 12.71
C15D508Blue5yd.3/8" SGD 2.01
C15D494Blue5yd.3" SGD 15.90
C15D476Blue5yd.3/4" SGD 3.99
C15D630Blue5yd.6" SGD 32.12
C15D340Blue5yd.1/2" SGD 2.65

Overlaminate Tape

StyleModelLengthWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A14213450ft.1" SGD 175.42
B14213550ft.2" SGD 260.57
C142136100ft.1.12" SGD 257.23
D142137100ft.2.25" SGD 355.49
E142138100ft.3" SGD 507.54
F142139100ft.4" SGD 643.85
3M -

Extreme Sealing Tape

4412N Series extreme sealing tapes from 3M are translucent, single-side acrylic tapes which can withstand extreme temperature and humidity, making them ideal for use over an existing joint or seam. These paintable sealing tapes come in a tough ionomer film backing to provide resistance against UV rays & chemical exposure and offer a clear appearance. 3M 4412N extreme sealing tapes are available in continuous rolls in widths ranging from 25 to 75 mm.

StyleModelWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A4412N25mm SGD 62.63
A4412N50mm SGD 109.74
A4412N60mm SGD 165.31
A4412N75mm SGD 195.76

UHMW Film Tape

StyleModelLengthMaterialPerformance Temp.Tensile StrengthThicknessWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A15D3385yd.Polyolefin-40 Degrees to 225 Degrees F145 lb./in.21.5mil.12" SGD 1298.22
A15D32336yd.Polyolefin-40 Degrees to 225 Degrees F80 lb./in.11.5mil.12" SGD 3816.14
A15D32536yd.Polyolefin-40 Degrees to 225 Degrees F145 lb./in.21.5mil.12" SGD 6625.22
B15D32736yd.PolyethyleneUp to 200 Degrees F18 lb./in.11.8mil.12" SGD 1870.79
C15D32936yd.PolyethyleneUp to 200 Degrees F18 lb./in.5mil.12" SGD 1342.21
D15D33136yd.PolyethyleneUp to 200 Degrees F18 lb./in.7mil.12" SGD 1427.59
A15D42336yd.Polyolefin-40 Degrees to 225 Degrees F145 lb./in.21.5mil.2" SGD 1146.59
A15D45236yd.Polyolefin-40 Degrees to 225 Degrees F80 lb./in.11.5mil.3" SGD 861.27
A15D45336yd.Polyolefin-40 Degrees to 225 Degrees F145 lb./in.21.5mil.3" SGD 1681.90
A15D62236yd.Polyolefin-40 Degrees to 225 Degrees F80 lb./in.11.5mil.6" SGD 1926.78
A15D62336yd.Polyolefin-40 Degrees to 225 Degrees F145 lb./in.21.5mil.6" SGD 3334.33
B15D62436yd.PolyethyleneUp to 200 Degrees F18 lb./in.11.8mil.6" SGD 950.56
D15D62636yd.PolyethyleneUp to 200 Degrees F18 lb./in.7mil.6" SGD 684.34
3M -

5413 Amber Polyimide Film Tape

StyleModelLengthWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A54135yd.1/2" SGD 38.83
A54135yd.1/4" SGD 18.98
A54135yd.1" SGD 69.34
A54135yd.2" SGD 140.15
A54135yd.3/4" SGD 57.54
A54135yd.3/8" SGD 27.53
B54135yd.4" SGD 280.54
A54135yd.6" SGD 370.49
C541336yd.1/2" SGD 160.31
C541336yd.1/4" SGD 73.93
C541336yd.1" SGD 287.00
C541336yd.2" SGD 617.96
C541336yd.3/4" SGD 228.22
C541336yd.3/8" SGD 123.82
C541336yd.6" SGD 1733.34

Film Tape

StyleModelShapeAdhesion StrengthAdhesiveTensile StrengthThicknessWidthColorDiameterPrice (inc. GST)
A16U711Circle25 oz./in.-30 lb./in.2.5mil.-Amber1/4" SGD 67.23
B16U727Circle25 oz./in.-30 lb./in.2.5mil.-Amber1-3/4" O.D., 7/8" I.D. SGD 29.41
C16U715Circle25 oz./in.-30 lb./in.2.5mil.-Amber1" SGD 96.74
D16U717Circle25 oz./in.-30 lb./in.2.5mil.-Amber3/8" SGD 18.86
D16U718Circle25 oz./in.-30 lb./in.2.5mil.-Amber1/2" SGD 27.67
D16U719Circle25 oz./in.-30 lb./in.2.5mil.-Amber3/4" SGD 30.28
E16U720Circle25 oz./in.-30 lb./in.2.5mil.-Amber1" SGD 25.44
B16U726Circle25 oz./in.-30 lb./in.2.5mil.-Amber1" O.D., 13/32" I.D. SGD 25.35
B16U725Circle25 oz./in.-30 lb./in.2.5mil.-Amber1/2" O.D., 5/32" I.D. SGD 20.43
F15D578Continuous Roll25 oz./in.Silicone15 lb./in.6.5mil.1"Gray- SGD 69.73
F15D579Continuous Roll25 oz./in.Silicone15 lb./in.6.5mil.2"Gray- SGD 150.41
G15D556Continuous Roll30 oz./in.Silicone Rubber-4.5mil.2"Green/White- SGD 244.09
F15D577Continuous Roll25 oz./in.Silicone15 lb./in.6.5mil.1/2"Gray- SGD 34.07
H15D576Continuous Roll25 oz./in.Acrylic15 lb./in.4.5mil.2"Gray- SGD 106.02
H15D575Continuous Roll25 oz./in.Acrylic15 lb./in.4.5mil.1"Gray- SGD 50.13
H15D574Continuous Roll25 oz./in.Acrylic15 lb./in.4.5mil.1/2"Gray- SGD 28.15
I15D580Continuous Roll50 oz./in.Acrylic80 lb./in.11.5mil.1"Clear- SGD 66.54
I15D581Continuous Roll50 oz./in.Acrylic80 lb./in.11.5mil.2"Natural- SGD 123.15
J15C559Continuous Roll22 oz./in.Silicone32 lb./in.2.6mil.2"Amber- SGD 297.95
K15C589Continuous Roll25 oz./in.Silicone30 lb./in.2.5mil.3/8"Amber- SGD 6.62
K15C591Continuous Roll25 oz./in.Silicone30 lb./in.2.5mil.3/4"Amber- SGD 12.61
L15C550Continuous Roll22 oz./in.Silicone32 lb./in.2.6mil.1/4"Amber- SGD 16.54
G15D555Continuous Roll30 oz./in.Silicone Rubber-4.5mil.1"Green/White- SGD 131.33
M15C595Continuous Roll25 oz./in.Silicone30 lb./in.1mil.6"Amber- SGD 99.95
N15D468Continuous Roll50 oz./in.-18 lb./in.11.8mil.3/4"Clear- SGD 113.94
3M -

5419 Series, Low Static Polyimide Film Tape

StyleModelLengthWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A54195yd.1/2" SGD 42.82
A54195yd.1/4" SGD 20.74
B54195yd.1" SGD 69.15
B54195yd.2" SGD 148.05
A54195yd.3/4" SGD 57.81
C541936yd.1/2" SGD 222.07
C541936yd.1/4" SGD 113.57
D541936yd.1" SGD 388.63
C541936yd.2" SGD 781.72
C541936yd.3/4" SGD 282.69
3M -

483 Series, Polyethylene Tape

StyleModelAdhesion StrengthPerformance Temp.Tensile StrengthWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A48312 oz./in.Up to 200 Degrees F10 lb./in.1" SGD 3460.82
B48312 oz./in.60 Degrees to 80 Degrees F10 lb./in.1" SGD 87.45
C48312 oz./in.60 Degrees to 80 Degrees F10 lb./in.1" SGD 101.67
D48312 oz./in.60 Degrees to 80 Degrees F10 lb./in.1" SGD 89.68
E48312 oz./in.60 Degrees to 80 Degrees F10 lb./in.1" SGD 90.88
F48312 oz./in.60 Degrees to 80 Degrees F10 lb./in.2" SGD 196.82
G48312 oz./in.60 Degrees to 80 Degrees F10 lb./in.2" SGD 184.42
H48312 oz./in.60 Degrees to 80 Degrees F10 lb./in.1" SGD 194.54
I48312 oz./in.60 Degrees to 80 Degrees F10 lb./in.1" SGD 92.21
J48322 oz./in.20 Degrees to 200 Degrees F12 lb./in.2" SGD 5603.89
3M -

8901 Series, Polyester Tape

3M 8901 Series polyester tapes are used in high temperature applications for concealing wiring and components. They feature silicone adhesives that facilitate clean removal from surfaces after operation. These polyester films have high thermal and electrical resistance while preserving flexibility. They can operate in high-temperature conditions ranging from -60 to 400 degrees F.

StyleModelLengthMaterialPerformance Temp.ThicknessWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A890110yd.Polyester40 Degrees to 400 Degrees F2.4mil.1" SGD 47.90
A890110yd.Polyester40 Degrees to 400 Degrees F2.4mil.2" SGD 86.87
A890110yd.Polyester40 Degrees to 400 Degrees F2.4mil.4" SGD 178.54
A890110yd.Polyester40 Degrees to 400 Degrees F2.4mil.1.5" SGD 72.92
A890110yd.Polyester40 Degrees to 400 Degrees F2.4mil.1/2" SGD 27.47
A890110yd.Polyester40 Degrees to 400 Degrees F2.4mil.3/4" SGD 40.07
A890110yd.Polyester40 Degrees to 400 Degrees F2.4mil.3/8" SGD 20.57
B890172yd.Non-Slivering PolyesterUp to 400 Degrees F2.6mil.2" SGD 6551.51
C890172yd.Non-Slivering PolyesterUp to 400 Degrees F2.6mil.1" SGD 5404.30
3M -

8902 Series, Polyester Tape

StyleModelLengthMaterialPerformance Temp.ThicknessWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A890210yd.Polyester40 Degrees to 400 Degrees F3.5mil.1" SGD 58.27
A890210yd.Polyester40 Degrees to 400 Degrees F3.5mil.2" SGD 92.50
A890210yd.Polyester40 Degrees to 400 Degrees F3.5mil.4" SGD 204.10
A890210yd.Polyester40 Degrees to 400 Degrees F3.5mil.1.5" SGD 88.75
A890210yd.Polyester40 Degrees to 400 Degrees F3.5mil.1/2" SGD 30.43
A890210yd.Polyester40 Degrees to 400 Degrees F3.5mil.3/4" SGD 48.21
A890210yd.Polyester40 Degrees to 400 Degrees F3.5mil.3/8" SGD 24.47
B890272yd.Non-Slivering PolyesterUp to 400 Degrees F3.4mil.1" SGD 4933.83
3M -

8561 Series, Polyurethane Protective Tape

StyleModelWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A85611" SGD 184.17
B85611.5" SGD 339.55
A85611/2" SGD 115.72
B85612" SGD 433.77
B85613" SGD 551.66
A85613/4" SGD 144.89
C85614" SGD 763.01
C85615" SGD 859.09
C85616" SGD 910.11
C856112" SGD 1895.90
StyleModelWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A89051" SGD 68.90
A89051.5" SGD 95.46
A89051/2" SGD 34.23
A89052" SGD 125.91
A89053/4" SGD 59.44
A89053/8" SGD 29.41
A89054" SGD 243.95
3M -

Repositionable Tape

StyleModelWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A6651" SGD 31.34
B6651.5" SGD 41.40
A6651/2" SGD 16.41
B6652" SGD 54.79
A6653/4" SGD 23.45
3M -

PTFE Film Tape

3M PTFE tapes are designed to provide low-coefficient of friction and a self-lubricating performance, thereby ideal for use with web processing equipment. These tapes have silicone / rubber adhesive construction for resistance against high temperatures and abrasive chemicals, as well as offer clean removal from any surfaces, even from heat sealing machines. Choose from a wide range of these full density multi purpose PTFE tapes available in 27, 30 and 75 lb-inch tensile strengths on Raptor Supplies.

StyleModelTensile StrengthAdhesion StrengthAdhesiveThicknessWidthColorItemLengthPrice (inc. GST)
A549819 lb./in.48 oz./in.Rubber4.1mil.2"-Film Tape36yd. SGD 17624.70
B1-36-549819 lb./in.48 oz./in.Rubber4mil.1"BrownPTFE Film Tape36yd. SGD 478.37
B3/4-36-549819 lb./in.48 oz./in.Rubber4mil.3/4"BrownPTFE Film Tape36yd. SGD 338.62
B3-36-549819 lb./in.48 oz./in.Rubber4mil.3"BrownPTFE Film Tape36yd. SGD 1435.08
C549819 lb./in.48 oz./in.Rubber4mil.1/2"BrownPTFE Film Tape5yd. SGD 45.16
B2-36-549819 lb./in.48 oz./in.Rubber4mil.2"BrownPTFE Film Tape36yd. SGD 956.71
C549819 lb./in.48 oz./in.Rubber4mil.1"BrownPTFE Film Tape5yd. SGD 89.46
C549819 lb./in.48 oz./in.Rubber4mil.2"BrownPTFE Film Tape5yd. SGD 172.54
C549819 lb./in.48 oz./in.Rubber4mil.3/4"BrownPTFE Film Tape5yd. SGD 68.78
C549819 lb./in.48 oz./in.Rubber4mil.12"BrownPTFE Film Tape5yd. SGD 933.63
C549819 lb./in.48 oz./in.Rubber4mil.3"BrownPTFE Film Tape5yd. SGD 262.55
B12-36-549819 lb./in.48 oz./in.Rubber4mil.12"BrownPTFE Film Tape36yd. SGD 5451.49
B1/2-36-549819 lb./in.48 oz./in.Rubber4mil.1/2"BrownPTFE Film Tape36yd. SGD 244.77
B6-36-549819 lb./in.48 oz./in.Rubber4mil.6"BrownPTFE Film Tape36yd. SGD 2783.49
C549819 lb./in.48 oz./in.Rubber4mil.6"BrownPTFE Film Tape5yd. SGD 477.84
D549022 lb./in.27 oz./in.Silicone3.7mil.12"GrayPTFE Film Tape36yd. SGD 6223.39
E549022 lb./in.27 oz./in.Silicone3.7mil.12"GrayPTFE Film Tape5yd. SGD 1286.61
E549022 lb./in.27 oz./in.Silicone3.7mil.1"GrayPTFE Film Tape5yd. SGD 126.01
E549022 lb./in.27 oz./in.Silicone3.7mil.2"GrayPTFE Film Tape5yd. SGD 211.80
E549022 lb./in.27 oz./in.Silicone3.7mil.3/4"GrayPTFE Film Tape5yd. SGD 85.69
E549022 lb./in.27 oz./in.Silicone3.7mil.3"GrayPTFE Film Tape5yd. SGD 339.45
F549022 lb./in.27 oz./in.Silicone3.7mil.1/2"GrayPTFE Film Tape36yd. SGD 294.18
F549022 lb./in.27 oz./in.Silicone3.7mil.3"GrayPTFE Film Tape36yd. SGD 1511.77
F549022 lb./in.27 oz./in.Silicone3.7mil.3/4"GrayPTFE Film Tape36yd. SGD 344.58
G549022 lb./in.27 oz./in.Silicone3.7mil.2"-PTFE Film Tape36yd. SGD 898.67

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