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Gasket Cutter Accessories


Gasket cutters & accessories are used to create gaskets from leather, rubber, plastic or other similar materials. Raptor Supplies offers a wide range of circular gasket cutters and accessories, such... Read More


6000 Series Extension Bars

StyleModelHeightLengthWidthPrice (inc. GST)
AAX16201/8"6.75"3/4" SGD 23.78
BAX16173/4"1.875"7/8" SGD 23.67
CAX162115/16"7.75"3/4" SGD 34.90

Knurled Nuts

StyleModelHeightLengthBody MaterialWidthPrice (inc. GST)
AAX14130.9"3/4"Steel3/4" SGD 17.98
BAX14750.9"3/4"Steel3/4" SGD 17.98
CAX16189/16"3/4"Steel3/4" SGD 7.30
DAX16199/16"3/4"Steel3/4" SGD 7.76

Cutting Blades

StyleModelHeightLengthNo Of PiecesWidthBody MaterialPrice (inc. GST)
AAX16000.3"2"61.1"Steel SGD 37.79
BAX16010.3"2"61.1"Steel SGD 44.65
CAX16100.3"2"61.1"Steel SGD 112.35

6100 Series Cutter Block Assemblies

StyleModelHeightLengthWidthPrice (inc. GST)
AAX16411.8"7.4"1.7" SGD 433.00
BAX165044mm187mm44mm SGD 432.42

Gasket Cutter Accessories

StyleModelDepthHeightNo Of PiecesPrice (inc. GST)
AAX13400.87"3.8"1 SGD 150.78
BAX13411.6"4.6"1 SGD 157.32
CAX13421.120"4.3"1 SGD 161.23
DAX13431.120"2.3"1 SGD 262.08

Cutting Discs

StyleModelHeightDepthBody MaterialPrice (inc. GST)
AAX14000.25"1.5"Steel SGD 105.52
BAX14010.25"1.6"Steel SGD 81.42

Scale Bars

StyleModelBody MaterialNo Of PiecesHeightWidthLengthPrice (inc. GST)
AAX1410Steel14.5"1.25"13.5" SGD 279.53
BAX1412Steel14.5"1.25"33.5" SGD 317.88
CAX1411Steel14.5"1.25"23.5" SGD 295.99
DAX1490Steel132"8"12" SGD 300.75
EAX1451Steel16"3"3/4" SGD 51.94
FAX1472Steel18.25"1.25"13.5" SGD 463.90
GAX1473Steel18.25"1.25"23.5" SGD 477.09
HAX1474Steel18.25"1.25"33.5" SGD 520.22


StyleModelHeightLengthWidthPrice (inc. GST)
AAX14251.5"1.5"13 5/16" SGD 98.78
BAX14231.25"1.875"11.5" SGD 74.01
CAX14841/2"5.875"3.125" SGD 380.47
DAX14912"11"2" SGD 99.92

Hardware Kits

StyleModelHeightLengthWidthPrice (inc. GST)
AAX14867/16"5.875"3.125" SGD 12.11
BAX14857/16"5.875"3.125" SGD 10.48
CAX14877/16"5.875"3.125" SGD 24.19
DAX14887/16"5.875"3.125" SGD 49.17
EAX14508.625"3/4"5" SGD 28.83
StyleModelNo Of PiecesSystem of measurementPrice (inc. GST)
AAX14151Metric SGD 279.53
AAX14161Metric SGD 295.99
AAX14171Metric SGD 317.88
AAX14961Metric SGD 239.47

Pivot Post Assemblies

StyleModelHeightBody MaterialPrice (inc. GST)
AAX25303/4"Steel SGD 55.53
BAX35503/4"Steel SGD 65.43
CAX16113/4"Steel SGD 48.00

Top Shaft Rebuild Kits

StyleModelBody MaterialNo Of PiecesPrice (inc. GST)
AAX1453Steel19 SGD 544.47
BAX1456Steel19 SGD 474.32
CAX1498Steel24 SGD 949.75

Bottom Shaft Rebuild Kits

StyleModelNo Of PiecesBody MaterialPrice (inc. GST)
AAX14574Steel SGD 208.71
BAX14546Steel SGD 209.47
CAX14998Steel SGD 888.64

Scale Bar Spindle, SM4, 1 Inch Length

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
AX1480AG8YDC SGD 158.08

Bottom Shaft Gear, M3, 13/16 Inch Length

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
AX1424AG8YCB SGD 71.73

Top Cutter Lifter Bearing, M3, 1 Inch Length

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
AX1426AG8YCD SGD 96.39

Top Cutter Lifter Cam, M3, 1-1/2 Inch Length

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
AX1427AG8YCE SGD 68.26

Handle Assembly, M3, 2-3/4 Inch Length

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
AX1428AG8YCF SGD 81.42

Top Cutter Lifter Bearing, 2 Inch Length

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
AX1492AG8YCL SGD 72.49

Scale Bar Spindle Kit, 3/4 Inch Length x 5 Inch Length

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
AX1452AG8YCT SGD 130.47

Bottom Cutter Gear, SM4, 4.25 Inch Height

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
AX1460AG8YCU SGD 649.65

Gasket Cutter Accessories

Gasket cutters and accessories are used to create seals / gaskets of different sizes from metallic or non-metallic material. They offer gaskets with precise dimensions and clean edges to form a tight seal around the mechanical joints. These circular gasket cutters can cut thin metal and non-metallic materials such as cork, fibre, rubber, leather & more.
Allpax manufactures high-quality motorised rotary gasket cutters and hand-operated rotary gasket cutters for fabricating ring, flange & irregular shape gaskets. These rotary style circular gasket cutters can use both manual power or electric motors to cut out the required gaskets using cutting discs. These circular gasket cutters can be installed in vise and bench mounting configurations for low maintenance & long-term operation. They have a heavy duty, cast iron frame with precision steel components & heat treated rotary cutting discs for structural strength and preventing abrasion, bending or breaking under harsh usage.
Allpax also offers extension-style circular gasket cutter kits like 6000 Series circular gasket cutter kits for portable gasket cutting. These circular gasket cutter kits contain a cutter block with contoured edges & engraved scale for accurate cuts on a cutting board that further reduces blade friction & minimises gasket material breakage. The gasket cutting kits come in a rugged storage case for carrying out the cutting process anywhere. The kits also include diverse sized centre pins and cutting blades for holding & cutting out the gasket material of various thicknesses.
Palmetto Packings handheld circular gasket cutter kits (Model 1119 and 1132) are used for scribing, layout work and cutting out round gaskets of 1 to 70 inch diameter from soft metals and non-metallic materials.
Raptor Supplies delivers accessories like extension bar, dovetail designer & bolt hole locators for creating large diameter gaskets and making them ready for use as a sealing tool. We also supply replacement parts like cutting disc, knurled nut & spindles for replacing old, damaged & worn out parts.


Circular gasket cutters and accessories are ideal for cutting precise circular joints or gaskets from leather, rubber, plastic and similar materials in food processing, marine, petrochemical, hospitality, paper & packaging and similar manufacturing industries.


  • Circular gasket cutters and accessories are ideal for creating gaskets that seal up two mating surfaces under compression.
  • The metric-sized circular gasket cutters can cut out gaskets with diameters (cutting diameters) ranging from 6 mm to 1550 mm.
  • The imperial (SAE) type circular gasket cutters have 1/4 to 61 inch cutting diameters.
  • They can cut thin metal or non-metallic materials having depth / thickness in the range of 0.25 to 1.6 inches.
  • These circular gasket cutters feature cast iron / brass / aluminium / plastic construction. Cast iron body provides structural strength whereas brass, aluminium or plastic body provides corrosion resistance.
  • Scale bars are used by rotary style gasket cutters to determine the cutting diameters. Like circular gasket cutters, scale bars are also available in imperial and metric variants.
  • Raptor Supplies also offers steel cutting blades for replacing worn out cutting blades in extension-style circular gasket cutters (Allpax 6000 Series) and rotary-style circular gasket cutters (Allpax AX1402).

Working Mechanism

Users can operate rotary-style circular gasket cutters by following these steps:

  • Set outer diameter (OD) on the scale bar and pierce the gasket material at the centre using scale bar spindle & knurled nut.
  • Lower the cutting disc and apply pressure by either turning a hand crank or by using an electric motor.
  • Remove the excess material once outer diameter of the gasket is cut.
  • Adjust the scale bar again to the desired inner diameter (ID) and cut out the internal gasket material.
  • Remove the finished flange gasket.

Extension-style circular gasket cutters or gasket cutter kits can be operated by following these steps:

  • Lay out the gasket material flat on a cutting board and fix it at the centre using a centre pin & ferrule.
  • Set the required depth on the cutting block blade according to the thickness of the gasket material.
  • Adjust the cutting block to the desired outside diameter and fix the tail of the cutting block onto the centre pin. Use extension bars if required to increase the cutting diameter.
  • Apply downward pressure on the gasket material using a cutter block and sweep out a circular pattern. Remove excess material outside the circumference of the outer diameter.
  • Adjust the cutter block to the desired inner diameter (ID) and cut another circular material. Remove the finished flange gasket.

Standards and Approvals

  • Allpax circular gasket cutters meet OSHA standards to ensure a safe and hazard-free work environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are metal cutting snips?

Handheld metal cutting snips are used to cut sheet metal & non-metal materials to form irregular shape flange gaskets in metalworking, automotive and maintenance & repair applications. Their handles simultaneously squeeze their angled blade for precise cutting through the gasket material.

What is the difference between a rotary gasket cutter and an extension style gasket cutter?

A rotary style gasket cutter is widely used in applications having a permanent installation constraint, whereas the extension-style gasket cutter can be moved easily from one location to another for cutting large diameter gaskets. The latter, unlike the former, also requires the gasket material to be laid flat on a workbench or a dedicated gasket fabrication table.

How do I choose the right gasket cutter?

The first deciding factor that a user must consider is whether the assembly needs to be stationary or portable. In general, the extension-style circular gasket cutters are portable and lightweight. These electric gasket cutter kits are widely used to fabricate non-metallic or non-rigid gasket materials. The rotary gasket cutters on the other hand are heavier and require mounting or bolting on a vise or a workbench for fixed-location gasket cutting. These circular gasket cutters are suitable for metallic or rigid gasket materials, as well as cutting out irregular shape gaskets.

What are handheld gasket cutters?

Handheld circular gasket cutters are designed for cutting out gaskets with handheld tools to fit seals and offer a leak-proof surface. These circular gasket cutting kits require manual adjustments of knives, centre points and centre bars.

What other variants of cutting tools are available on Raptor Supplies?

Raptor Supplies offers various cutting tools like cable & wire cutters, metal cutting snips and planes & shaving tools for cutting plastic wires & cables and smoothening out surfaces.

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