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Jobsite Boxes



Jobsite Cabinets

StyleModelFinishHeightLengthLoad CapacityMaterialWidthPrice (inc. GST)
AJSC-602460-95Powder Coated---Welded Steel- SGD 1790.38
BJSCM-274440-94T-D719Textured Powder Paint39.875"55.75"1200 Lbs.Steel26.875" SGD 1771.64
CJSC-246061-94T-D719Textured Powder Paint60.75"60"47.5 Cubic FeetSteel27.25" SGD 1839.33

Jobsite Cabinet

Jobox jobsite cabinets are designed to provide large and organised storage space for tools and equipment in factories, manufacturing plants, wood working facilities and production / assembly lines. They are made of reinforced 16-gauge steel for enhanced durability and have a locking system for protecting the padlocks from vandalism and theft. These cabinets feature door shelves for extra storage space and a Rain Drain system for removing moisture to prevent rusting. They are further equipped with hand- and foot-operated door latches for easy access and are available in 47.5, 58.7 and 68.3 cubic feet storage capacities on Raptor Supplies.

StyleModelConfigurationDepthLocking SystemNumber of DoorsNumber of DrawersNumber of ShelvesStorage CapacityPrice (inc. GST)
A1-679990-30.25(1) Padlock Enclosure28558.7 cu. ft. SGD 7674.53
B1-694990(3) Full Length Fixed Height, (4) 3 W Built-In Shelves On Each Door24.25(1) Padlock Enclosure and Hand or Foot Operated Latch Release201147.5 cu. ft. SGD 4395.94
C1-698990(3) Full Length Fixed Height, (4) 3 W Built-In Shelves On Each Door30.25(1) Padlock Enclosure and Hand or Foot Operated Latch Release201158.7 cu. ft. SGD 4620.65
C1-697990(3) Shelves On One Side, (4) 3W Built-In Shelves On Each Door24.25(1) Padlock Enclosure and Hand or Foot Operated Latch Release201147.5 cu. ft. SGD 4285.65
D1-695990Reinforced Shelf Frame32.25(1) Padlock Enclosure40863.7 cu. ft. SGD 5907.56

Jobsite Storage Boxes

StyleModelHeightLengthLoad CapacityWidthPrice (inc. GST)
AJSC-193218-94T-D71917.875"32"5 Cubic Feet19" SGD 610.69
BJSC-246023-94T-D72022.875"60"20 Cubic Feet24" SGD 887.25
CJSC-244828-94T-D72027.875"48"16 Cubic Feet24" SGD 830.95

Jobsite Piano Box

StyleModelDepthHandle TypeNumber of ShelvesOutside WidthPadlock Shackle Max. Dia.Storage CapacityWidthConfigurationPrice (inc. GST)
A100030(2) Recessed Folding Lid2-3/8"48 cu. ft.6660-3/4L x 10-1/8D x 2-5/8T SGD 5936.16
B9130(1) Recessed Folding Lid, (2) Recessed Folding Side2-3/8"57.5 cu. ft.7271-13/16L x 12-7/16D x 2-19/32T SGD 4698.28
C9030(1) Recessed Folding Lid, (2) Recessed Folding Side2-3/8"57.5 cu. ft.7271-13/16L x 12-7/16D x 2-19/32T SGD 3919.99
D8930(1) Recessed Folding Lid, (2) Recessed Folding Side2-3/8"47.8 cu. ft.6060L x 12-7/16D x 2-19/32T SGD 3292.87
E7930(1) Recessed Folding Lid, (2) Recessed Folding Side2-3/8"38.2 cu. ft.4847-13/16L x 12-7/16D x 2-19/32T SGD 3301.05
F6930(1) Recessed Folding Lid, (2) Recessed Folding Side1-3/8"35.3 cu. ft.6060L x 12-7/16D x 2-19/32T SGD 3066.13
G79-D30"Recessed Side348"1/2"36.2 cu. ft.48"Recessed Lock Housing SGD 4528.73
H89-D30"Recessed Side460"1/2"43.8 cu. ft.60"Recessed Lock Housing SGD 4972.00

Jobsite Storage Cabinet

StyleModelPadlock Shackle Max. Dia.HeightHandle TypeNumber of ShelvesStorage CapacityWidthConfigurationLocking SystemPrice (inc. GST)
A10203/8"54.5(2) Recessed On Doors352 cu. ft.6659-15/16L x 25-1/8D x 1-1/2TRecessed Lock Housing, Keyed SGD 7010.63
B1393/8"60(2) Recessed Lid, (2) Recessed Side659.4 cu. ft.60(2) Top: 59-3/4L x 26-9/16D x 11/16T, (1) Bottom: 59-3/4L x 26-9/19D x 3/4T3-Point Latching and Recessed Lock Housing SGD 5564.39
C1113/8"60(2) Recessed Lid, (2) Recessed Side347.5 cu. ft.60Left Bank: 32L x 20-11/16D x 13/16T3-Point Latching and Recessed Lock Housing SGD 4814.71
D1093/8"60(2) Recessed Lid, (2) Recessed Side647.5 cu. ft.60(2) Welded: 59-3/4L x 20-11/16D x 3/4T, (1) Adjustable Bottom: 59-11/16L x 20-5/8D x 13/16T3-Point Latching and Recessed Lock Housing SGD 4587.97
E1129/32"60(2) Recessed Lid, (2) Recessed Side454.9 cu. ft.60Right Bank: (3) 2-1/2H, 50 lb. Capacity, (4) 6H, 75 lb. Capacity3-Point Latching and Recessed Lock Housing SGD 8027.91
F999/32"60(2) Recessed Lid, (2) Recessed Side359.4 cu. ft.60(2) 59-3/4L x 23-1/8D x 11/16T, (1) 59-3/4L x 22-23/32W x 3/4T3-Point Latching and Recessed Lock Housing SGD 6277.30

Jobsite Chest

StyleModelHeightNumber of DoorsLocking SystemStorage CapacityConfigurationNumber of DrawersDepthWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A30120(1) Padlock Hasp3.3 cu. ft.3/8 Shackle, Padlock, (2) Recessed Side01630 SGD 532.14
B28120(1) Padlock Hasp2.3 cu. ft.(2) Recessed Side01228 SGD 593.43
C321303-Point Latching and Recessed Lock Housing5 cu. ft.-01932 SGD 1218.49
D36160(1) Padlock Enclosure7 cu. ft.-01936 SGD 1310.43
E421803-Point Latching and Recessed Lock Housing9 cu. ft.-01942 SGD 1421.73
F24722303-Point Latching and Recessed Lock Housing24.5 cu. ft.-02472 SGD 2340.97
G602303-Point Latching and Recessed Lock Housing20.25 cu. ft.-02460 SGD 2179.58
H2060230(2) Padlock Enclosures20 cu. ft.Double Lock, (2) Recessed Side02460 SGD 1921.21
I48242303-Point Latching and Recessed Lock Housing16 cu. ft.-02448 SGD 1812.93
J2048230(2) Padlock Enclosures16 cu. ft.Double Padlock, Keyed, (2) Recessed Side, (2) Keys02448 SGD 1490.18
K48302903-Point Latching and Recessed Lock Housing25.25 cu. ft.-03048 SGD 2097.89
L4830-D352(2) Watchman IV Lock Housing20.5 cu. ft.Dual Watchman IV Lock, 4-Way Skids122"48" SGD 2755.64
M1010360Watchman 4 Recessed Lock Housing31 cu. ft.3/8 Shackle, IV Recessed Lock Housing, (1) Recessed Lid03066 SGD 4275.43

Jobsite Chest

StyleModelHandle TypeNumber of DoorsHeightStorage CapacityColorNumber of ShelvesConfigurationWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A1-655990D(2) Folding Recessed027.7519.3 cu. ft.Brown0-60 SGD 1907.90
B1-657990(2) Folding Recessed04541.5 cu. ft.Brown0Built-In Storage Bins60 SGD 3879.13
C677990Push240.62530.6 cu. ft.Red5(3) Inside Shelves, (6) Door Shelves26.875 SGD 3909.77

Job Site Security Box

StyleModelNumber of ShelvesWidthPrice (inc. GST)
ASC-2448-10SR027" SGD 2584.06
ASC-2460-10SR027" SGD 3013.03
ASC-3048-10SR033" SGD 2641.25
BSCN-2448-10SR027" SGD 2567.72
BSCN-2460-10SR027" SGD 2714.79
BSCN-3048-10SR033" SGD 2776.06
CSC-A-2448-10SR127" SGD 2900.68
CSC-A-2460-10SR127" SGD 3493.06
CSC-A-3048-10SR133" SGD 3117.20
DSC2-2448-10SR227" SGD 2831.22
DSC2-2460-10SR227" SGD 3172.36
DSC2-3048-10SR233" SGD 3205.04

Jobsite Wall Cabinet 32 Inw x 16 Ind x 36inh Tan

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
33AA6TLB SGD 1565.77

Jobsite Slope Lid Box, Capacity 31 Cubic Feet

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
JSCSL-306040-94T-D720CF6KXL SGD 1293.18

Jobsite Piano Box, Capacity 47.8 Cubic Feet, Gray

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
JSCPB-316050-94T-D720CF6KXK SGD 2035.32

Jobsite Mesh Cabinet 48w x 28d x 52h Green

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
5060 MESHAF2YWR SGD 5907.56

Jobsite Bin Cabinet 72 x 24 x 60-3/4 Brown

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
1-693990AF2WBQ SGD 4626.79

Jobsite Rolling Clam Shell Cab Brown

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
692990AF2WBP SGD 5245.73

Jobsite Welders Box 30w x 16d x 12h Inch Brown

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
650990DAF2WBK SGD 1445.58

Jobsite Field Offce 63-1/2 x 42-1/2 x 80 Brwn

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
1-674990AB2JMP SGD 8017.71

Jobsite Slope Lid Box 60 x 30 x 39-1/2 Brown

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
1-680990AB2JMJ SGD 2559.54

Jobsite Field Office 60w x 44d x 82-1/2h Tan

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
119-01AA6TKZ SGD 9345.49

Jobsite Slope Lid Box 60w x 30d x 37h Tan

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
3068AA6BXQ SGD 2712.75

Jobsite Bin Cabinet 72inw x 24ind x 51inh Tan

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
129AA6BXD SGD 5262.07

Jobsite Rolling Clam Shell Cabinet Tan

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
100AA6BXA SGD 6205.81

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