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MIG Welding Wire



Mig Welding Wire

StyleModelContainer SizeContainer TypeDiameterMaterialTensile StrengthPrice (inc. GST)
ASILBRZ-045-022 lb.Spool0.045"Silicon Bronze50,000 psi SGD 108.78
BER70S6-023-022 lb.Spool0.023"Carbon Steel77,000 PSI SGD 22.88
CNI55-G-045-022 lb.Spool0.045"Cast Iron58,000-84,000 PSI SGD 335.83
BER70S6-030-022 lb.Spool0.03"Carbon Steel77,000 PSI SGD 28.17
BER70S6-035-022 lb.Spool0.035"Carbon Steel77,000 PSI SGD 19.18
BER70S2-023-022 lb.Spool0.023"Carbon Steel79,000 PSI SGD 41.27
CNI55-G-035-022 lb.Spool0.035"Cast Iron58,000-84,000 PSI SGD 361.87
BER70S2-045-022 lb.Spool0.045"Carbon Steel79,000 PSI SGD 37.00
DER70S2-023-1111 lb.Spool0.023"Carbon Steel79,000 PSI SGD 136.97
DER70S2-045-1111 lb.Spool0.045"Carbon Steel79,000 PSI SGD 114.70
DER70S6-045-1111 lb.Spool0.045"Carbon Steel77,000 PSI SGD 83.24
ESILBRZ-045-1111 lb.Spool0.045"Silicon Bronze50,000 psi SGD 485.16
FNI55-G-035-2525 lb.Spool0.035"Nickel58,000 psi SGD 4645.16
FNI55-G-045-2525 lb.Spool0.045"Cast Iron58,000-84,000 PSI SGD 3727.98
GER70S7-023-3333 lb.Spool0.023"Carbon Steel82,000 PSI AS WELDED WITH ARGON + 2% OXYGEN SHIELDING GAS SGD 365.66
GER70S6-045-3333 lb.Spool0.045"Carbon Steel77,000 PSI SGD 173.04
HSILBRZ-045-3333 lb.Spool0.045"Silicon Bronze50,000 psi SGD 1398.26
GER70S2-045-3333 lb.Spool0.045"Carbon Steel79,000 PSI SGD 286.92
GER70S2-030-3333 lb.Spool0.03"Carbon Steel79,000 PSI SGD 267.30
GER70S2-023-3333 lb.Spool0.023"Carbon Steel79,000 PSI SGD 353.91
GER70S6-030-3333 lb.Spool0.03"Carbon Steel77,000 PSI SGD 214.30
GER70S6-023-3333 lb.Spool0.023"Carbon Steel77,000 PSI SGD 265.37
GER70S2-035-3333 lb.Spool0.035"Carbon Steel79,000 PSI SGD 286.92
GER70S3-035-4444 lb.Spool0.035"Carbon Steel75,000 PSI WITH 100% C02 SHIELDING GAS SGD 272.50
GER70S7-045-4444 lb.Spool0.045"Carbon Steel82,000 PSI AS WELDED WITH ARGON + 2% OXYGEN SHIELDING GAS SGD 322.76

Welding Wire

StyleModelContainer SizeDiameterMaterialTensile StrengthPrice (inc. GST)
A316FCO-045-011 lb.0.045"Flux-CoredN/A SGD 89.87
A309LFCO-035-011 lb.0.035"Flux-CoredN/A SGD 110.41
BER1100-030-011 lb.0.03"Aluminum13,000 PSI SGD 28.79
BER1100-047-011 lb.0.047"Aluminum13,000 PSI SGD 26.04
A312FCO-045-011 lb.0.045"Flux-CoredN/A SGD 88.46
A316FCO-035-011 lb.0.035"Flux-CoredN/A SGD 110.71
A309LFCO-045-011 lb.0.045"Flux-CoredN/A SGD 89.59
BER1100-035-011 lb.0.035"Aluminum13,000 PSI SGD 25.22
A312FCO-035-011 lb.0.035"Flux-CoredN/A SGD 109.30
AE71T11-035-022 lb.0.035"Carbon Steel70,000-95,000 PSI SGD 31.06
A58FC-G-035-022 lb.0.035"HardfacingN/A SGD 123.91
AE71T11-030-022 lb.0.03"Carbon Steel70,000-95,000 PSI SGD 32.28
C58FC-G-035-1010 lb.0.035"HardfacingN/A SGD 561.23
C312FCO-035-1010 lb.0.035"Flux-CoredN/A SGD 958.55
CE71T11-030-1010 lb.0.03"Carbon Steel70,000-95,000 PSI SGD 142.17
CE71T11-045-1010 lb.0.045"Carbon Steel70,000-95,000 PSI SGD 135.86
C316FCO-035-1010 lb.0.035"Flux-CoredN/A SGD 972.34
C58FC-G-045-1010 lb.0.045"HardfacingN/A SGD 365.12
DE71T11-035-1010 lb.0.035"Carbon Steel70,000-95,000 PSI SGD 135.86
C316FCO-045-1010 lb.0.045"Flux-CoredN/A SGD 776.23
C312FCO-045-1010 lb.0.045"Flux-CoredN/A SGD 762.98
C309LFCO-045-1010 lb.0.045"Flux-CoredN/A SGD 773.68
C309LFCO-035-1010 lb.0.035"Flux-CoredN/A SGD 969.78
C316LT1-045-1111 lb.0.045"Flux-CoredN/A SGD 522.41
C316LT1-035-1111 lb.0.035"Flux-CoredN/A SGD 561.23

Welding Wire 0.052 Inch E70c-6m

StyleModelContainer SizePrice (inc. GST)
AE70C-6M-052-1111 lb. SGD 148.82
BE70C-6M-052-3333 lb. SGD 369.22

Welding Wire 0.063 Inch

StyleModelContainer SizeMaterialTensile StrengthPrice (inc. GST)
AE70C-6M-063-1111 lb.Carbon Steel70,000 psi SGD 148.82
BE70C-6M-063-3333 lb.Carbon Steel70,000 psi SGD 369.22
BE71T-1-063-3333 lb.Carbon Steel70,000-95,000 PSI SGD 205.09
BHC400-063-3333 lb.HardcoverN/A SGD 949.86
BHC410-063-3333 lb.HardcoverN/A SGD 936.09
BHC420-063-3333 lb.HardcoverN/A SGD 1312.47
BHC430-063-3333 lb.HardcoverN/A SGD 965.21
BHC440-063-3333 lb.HardcoverN/A SGD 879.41

MIG Filler Metal

StyleModelContainer SizeDiameterTensile StrengthPrice (inc. GST)
AER80SD2-030-022 lb.0.031"80,000 psi SGD 46.03
AER80SD2-045-022 lb.0.045"80,000 psi SGD 44.34
AER80SD2-035-022 lb.0.035"80,000 psi SGD 45.21
BER80SD2-035-1111 lb.0.035"80,000 psi SGD 164.74
BER80SB2-045-1111 lb.0.045"80,000 psi SGD 174.75
BER90SB3-035-1111 lb.0.035"90,000 PSI SGD 217.65
BER90SB3-045-1111 lb.0.045"90,000 PSI SGD 213.08
BER80SD2-045-1111 lb.0.045"80,000 psi SGD 160.15
BER80SB2-035-1111 lb.0.035"80,000 psi SGD 179.35
BER80SD2-030-1111 lb.0.031"80,000 psi SGD 169.43
CER90SB3-035-3333 lb.0.035"90,000 PSI SGD 586.26
CER80SD2-035-3333 lb.0.035"80,000 psi SGD 428.46
CER80SB2-045-3333 lb.0.045"80,000 psi SGD 458.09
CER80SD2-030-3333 lb.0.031"80,000 psi SGD 444.30
CER80SB2-035-3333 lb.0.035"80,000 psi SGD 471.87
CER90SB3-045-3333 lb.0.045"90,000 PSI SGD 572.48
CER80SD2-045-3333 lb.0.045"80,000 psi SGD 414.16

MIG Welding Wire

StyleModelContainer SizeDiameterMaterialMin. Tensile StrengthTensile StrengthTypePrice (inc. GST)
A24D9601 lb.0.035"Aluminum53000 PSI53,000 psiER5356 SGD 36.23
A24D9611 lb.0.047"Aluminum53000 PSI53,000 psiER5356 SGD 53.66
A24D9591 lb.0.03"Aluminum53000 PSI53,000 psiER5356 SGD 54.67
A24D9581 lb.0.047"Aluminum53000 PSI53,000 psiER4043 SGD 57.34
A24D9571 lb.0.03"Aluminum53000 PSI53,000 psiER4043 SGD 63.63
B24D9782 lb.0.03"Mild Steel86000 PSI86,000 PSIE71T-GS SGD 46.73
C24D9662 lb.0.035"Carbon Steel70000 psi70,000 psiER70S-2 SGD 56.26
D24D9622 lb.0.025"Carbon Steel-70,000 psiER70S-2 SGD 60.57
E24D97910 lb.0.03"Mild Steel86000 PSI86,000 PSIE71T-GS SGD 200.89
F24D97411 lb.0.035"Carbon Steel84000 PSI84,000 psiER70S-6 SGD 90.81
F24D97311 lb.0.03"Carbon Steel84000 PSI84,000 psiER70S-6 SGD 102.95
F24D97211 lb.0.023"Carbon Steel84000 PSI84,000 psiER70S-6 SGD 112.98
G23XM9633 lb.0.045"Stainless Steel85,000 psi85,000 psiER 307Si SGD 1138.84
H24D97533 lb.0.035"Carbon Steel84000 PSI84,000 psiER70S-6 SGD 158.32
G23XM7333 lb.0.03"Stainless Steel80,000 psi80,000 psiER310 SGD 2118.31
G23XM7533 lb.0.04"Stainless Steel80,000 psi80,000 psiER310 SGD 2073.37
G23XM9233 lb.0.045"Stainless Steel75,000 PSI75,000 psiER410 SGD 681.27
G23XM9133 lb.0.04"Stainless Steel75,000 PSI75,000 psiER410 SGD 699.64
G23XM8833 lb.0.045"Stainless Steel65,000 PSI65,000 psiER430 SGD 705.78
G23XM8733 lb.0.04"Stainless Steel65,000 PSI65,000 psiER430 SGD 724.16
G23XM8533 lb.0.03"Stainless Steel65,000 PSI65,000 psiER430 SGD 743.04
G23XM8433 lb.0.045"Stainless Steel75,000 PSI75,000 psiER347Si SGD 1734.27
G23XM8333 lb.0.04"Stainless Steel75,000 PSI75,000 psiER347Si SGD 1751.66
G23XM8233 lb.0.035"Stainless Steel75,000 PSI75,000 psiER347Si SGD 1757.78
G23XM8133 lb.0.03"Stainless Steel75,000 PSI75,000 psiER347Si SGD 1770.04

Welding Wire

StyleModelMaterialPrice (inc. GST)
A20YD84Carbon Steel SGD 31.06
A20YC75Hardfacing SGD 82.23

MIG Welding Wire

StyleModelContainer SizeContainer TypeDiameterMaterialTensile StrengthTypePrice (inc. GST)
AER4043-035-011 lb.Spool0.035"Aluminum29,000 psiER4043 SGD 30.01
B308LFCO-035-011 lb.Spool0.035"Stainless Steel-308LFC-O X SGD 130.63
B55FC-O-035-011 lb.Spool0.035"Hardfacing-55FC-O X SGD 92.32
BNI55-G-045-011 lb.Spool0.045"Nickel 5558,000-84,000 PSIENiFe-Cl X SGD 203.57
B308LFCO-045-011 lb.Spool0.045"Stainless Steel-308LFC-O X SGD 105.71
B55FC-O-045-011 lb.Spool0.045"Hardfacing-55FC-O X SGD 53.28
BNI55-G-035-011 lb.Spool0.035"Nickel 5558,000-84,000 PSIENiFe-Cl X SGD 196.33
CER309L-035-022 lb.Spool0.035"Stainless Steel85,000 psiER309L SGD 76.50
DSILBRZ-030-022 lb.Spool0.03"Copper50,000 psiERCuSi-A X SGD 120.22
CER308L-030-022 lb.Spool0.03"Stainless Steel88,000 PSIER308L SGD 67.71
CER308LSI-035-022 lb.Spool0.035"Stainless Steel85,000 psi- SGD 73.35
E30XN982 lb.Spool0.045"Carbon Steel77,000 PSI- SGD 22.16
CER316LSI-023-022 lb.Spool0.023"Stainless Steel90,000 PSI- SGD 98.27
CER309LSI-035-022 lb.Spool0.035"Stainless Steel87,000 PSI- SGD 92.13
CER316LSI-030-022 lb.Spool0.031"Stainless Steel90,000 PSI- SGD 92.13
CER308LSI-023-022 lb.Spool0.023"Stainless Steel85,000 psi- SGD 84.28
CER309L-030-022 lb.Spool0.03"Stainless Steel85,000 psiER309L SGD 79.78
CER309LSI-045-022 lb.Spool0.045"Stainless Steel87,000 PSI- SGD 84.28
CER309L-023-022 lb.Spool0.023"Stainless Steel85,000 psiER309L SGD 73.94
CER316LSI-035-022 lb.Spool0.035"Stainless Steel90,000 PSI- SGD 91.22
CER308L-035-022 lb.Spool0.035"Stainless Steel88,000 PSIER308L SGD 64.96
CER308L-023-022 lb.Spool0.023"Stainless Steel88,000 PSIER308L SGD 57.50
DSILBRZ-023-022 lb.Spool0.023"Copper-ERCuSi-A X SGD 105.21
DSILBRZ-035-022 lb.Spool0.035"Copper50,000 psiERCuSi-A X SGD 116.02
CER316L-023-022 lb.Spool0.023"Stainless Steel86,000 PSIER316L SGD 81.01

Flux Cored Welding Wire E71t-1 0.035

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
24D981AB7WMU SGD 196.93

11 Lbs. Carbon Steel Spool MIG Welding Wire, 0.030 Inch Diameter

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
S308006-G23CD2KLZ SGD 230.15

11 Lbs. Carbon Steel Spool MIG Welding Wire, 0.035 Inch Diameter

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
S308008-G23CD2KMA SGD 228.79

33 Lbs. Carbon Steel Spool MIG Welding Wire, 0.030 Inch Diameter

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
49EG45CD2LEQ SGD 358.16

33 Lbs. Carbon Steel Spool MIG Welding Wire, 0.035 Inch Diameter

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
49EG46CD2LER SGD 405.82

33 Lbs. Carbon Steel Spool MIG Welding Wire, 0.045 Inch Diameter

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
49EG47CD2LET SGD 405.82

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