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APPROVED VENDOR Pneumatic And Solid Rubber Wheels



Never Flat Wheel

StyleModelFits AxleLoad RatingFrame FinishWheel DiameterBore Dia.TreadCapacityWheel WidthPrice (inc. GST)
A22NY371/2"300 lb.Powder Coated8.5"1/2"Jag300 lb.3" SGD 82.82
B22NY385/8"350 lb.Zinc10.25"5/8"Sawtooth350 lb.3.25" SGD 79.56
C22NY395/8"350 lb.Powder Coated10.5"5/8"Sawtooth350 lb.3.5" SGD 99.27

Tubed Pneumatic Wheel

StyleModelWheel WidthItemCaster Load Rating RangeFits AxleTreadBore Dia.Load RatingPlyPrice (inc. GST)
A2RZJ31.875"Tubed Pneumatic Wheel0 to 299 lb.1/2"Knobby1/2"200 lb.4 SGD 98.27
B1NWU22 39/64"Pneumatic Wheel-1/2"Sawtooth1/2"220 lb.4 SGD 64.96
B1NWU32 39/64"Pneumatic Wheel-1/2"Sawtooth1/2"295 lb.4 SGD 68.04
C1NWU42 39/64"Pneumatic Wheel-3/4"Sawtooth3/4"300 lb.4 SGD 65.26
D2RZJ42.5"Tubed Pneumatic Wheel300 to 999 lb.1/2"Sawtooth1/2"300 lb.4 SGD 97.54
B1NWU73 15/16"Pneumatic Wheel-1/2"Sawtooth1/2"350 lb.4 SGD 93.97
E1NWU83 23/32"Pneumatic Wheel-5/8"Sawtooth5/8"290 lb.2 SGD 112.05
E1NWU93 23/32"Pneumatic Wheel-3/4"Sawtooth3/4"290 lb.2 SGD 102.65
F1NWV73 29/32"Pneumatic Wheel-3/4, 5/8"Ribbed3/4"435 lb.2 SGD 109.70
F1NWV83 29/32"Pneumatic Wheel-3/4, 5/8"Ribbed3/4"670 lb.4 SGD 118.59
G1NWU63 53/64"Pneumatic Wheel-5/8"Sawtooth5/8"230 lb.2 SGD 76.81
H2RZJ53"Tubed Pneumatic Wheel300 to 999 lb.1/2"Sawtooth1/2"350 lb.4 SGD 130.62
I1NWV33.875"Pneumatic Wheel-5/8"Ribbed5/8"350 lb.2 SGD 92.96
J1NWV95 5/16"Pneumatic Wheel-3/4"Sawtooth3/4"565 lb.4 SGD 131.15

Solid Rubber Wheel

StyleModelWheel BearingsFinishCaster Load Rating RangeLoad RatingWheel DiameterWheel WidthBore Dia.Fits AxlePrice (inc. GST)
A1NWY5BallPowder Coated300 to 999 lb.350 lb.10"2.75"1/2"1/2" SGD 77.22
B1NXB6BallPowder Coated0 to 299 lb.250 lb.6"2"3/4"3/4" SGD 48.13
A1NWY6BallPowder Coated300 to 999 lb.540 lb.12"3"1/2"1/2" SGD 99.79
B1NWY4BallPowder Coated300 to 999 lb.350 lb.8"2.5"1/2"1/2" SGD 100.21
B1NWY3BallPowder Coated0 to 299 lb.200 lb.6"2"1/2"1/2" SGD 32.96
B1NXB9BallPowder Coated0 to 299 lb.250 lb.8"2.5"3/4"3/4" SGD 62.10
B1NXB7BallPowder Coated0 to 299 lb.250 lb.6"2"3/4"3/4" SGD 48.32
B1NXB5BallPowder Coated0 to 299 lb.200 lb.6"2"5/8"5/8" SGD 45.65
B1NXB4BallPowder Coated0 to 299 lb.200 lb.6"2"5/8"5/8" SGD 51.87
C1NWZ7BallPowder Coated300 to 999 lb.450 lb.10"2.75"5/8"5/8" SGD 59.05
D1NWZ6BallPlastic300 to 999 lb.450 lb.10"2.75"5/8"5/8" SGD 45.38
E1NWZ5BallPowder Coated300 to 999 lb.400 lb.8"2.5"5/8"5/8" SGD 51.17
F1NWZ4BallPowder Coated300 to 999 lb.400 lb.8"2.5"5/8"5/8" SGD 53.63
B1NXB8BallPowder Coated0 to 299 lb.250 lb.8"2.5"5/8"5/8" SGD 55.79
G1NWY7RollerPowder Coated300 to 999 lb.300 lb.6"2"5/8"5/8" SGD 47.03
A1NWZ3RollerPowder Coated300 to 999 lb.300 lb.12"3"3/4"3/4" SGD 106.84
A1NWZ2RollerPowder Coated300 to 999 lb.300 lb.10"2.75"3/4"3/4" SGD 60.99
G1NWY8RollerPowder Coated300 to 999 lb.350 lb.8"2.5"5/8"5/8" SGD 57.90
G1NWY9RollerPowder Coated300 to 999 lb.350 lb.8"2.5"3/4"3/4" SGD 68.64
StyleModelCapacityLoad RatingWheel BearingsWheel DiameterWheel WidthPrice (inc. GST)
A1NXA250 lb.50 lb.Ball6"1.5" SGD 18.80
A1NXA455 lb.55 lb.Bronze Plain Bore8"1.75" SGD 32.99
A1NXA155 lb.55 lb.Bronze Plain Bore6"1.5" SGD 39.51
A1NXA355 lb.55 lb.Bronze Plain Bore7"1.5" SGD 26.74
A1NXA560 lb.60 lb.Ball8"1.75" SGD 26.62

Semi-Pneumatic Wheel

StyleModelWheel BearingsWheel DiameterWheel WidthBore Dia.CapacityCaster Load Rating RangeFits AxleLoad RatingPrice (inc. GST)
A1NXA6Ball6"1.5"1/2"55 lb.0 to 299 lb.1/2"55 lb. SGD 26.13
A1NXA7Ball8"1.75"1/2"60 lb.0 to 299 lb.1/2"60 lb. SGD 30.34
A1NXA8Ball8"1.75"1/2"150 lb.0 to 299 lb.1/2"150 lb. SGD 30.64
B1NXA9Ball10"1.75"1/2"80 lb.0 to 299 lb.1/2"80 lb. SGD 28.98
B1NXB1Ball12"1.75"1/2"90 lb.0 to 299 lb.1/2"90 lb. SGD 42.97
B1NXB2Ball14"1.75"1/2"100 lb.0 to 299 lb.1/2"100 lb. SGD 80.59
B1NXB3Ball14"1.75"5/8"175 lb.0 to 299 lb.5/8"175 lb. SGD 68.94
B1NXC1Ball10"2.75"5/8"200 lb.0 to 299 lb.5/8"200 lb. SGD 50.47
B1NXC2Ball10"2.75"3/4"200 lb.0 to 299 lb.3/4"200 lb. SGD 52.60
B1NXC3Ball12"3"5/8"140 lb.0 to 299 lb.5/8"140 lb. SGD 90.69
B1NXC4Ball12"3"3/4"185 lb.0 to 299 lb.3/4"185 lb. SGD 79.88
B1NWZ1Roller10"2.75"5/8"300 lb.300 to 999 lb.5/8"300 lb. SGD 77.84
StyleModelBore Dia.Fits AxlePrice (inc. GST)
A1NWZ81"1" SGD 207.43
A1NWZ93/4"3/4, 5/8" SGD 215.31

Tubeless Pneumatic Wheel

StyleModelCapacityLoad RatingPlyTreadWheel DiameterWheel WidthPrice (inc. GST)
A1NWU5230 lb.230 lb.2Sawtooth10"3 53/64" SGD 85.20
B1NWV2350 lb.350 lb.2Ribbed13"3.875" SGD 82.34
C1NWV4435 lb.435 lb.2Ribbed16"3 29/32" SGD 97.12
C1NWV5435 lb.435 lb.2Ribbed16"3 29/32" SGD 100.61
C1NWV6670 lb.670 lb.4Knobby16"3 29/32" SGD 146.88

Pneumatic Wheel 12 Inch Diameter 445 Lb

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)

Pneumatic And Solid Rubber Wheels

Pneumatic & flat-free wheels have air filled tires for slow movement of heavy loads and to provide cushioned & shock-resistant and noiseless rides. Raptor Supplies offers these wheels from brands like Marathon Tires, Grainger, Faultless and Wesco. They are ideal for rolling over uneven or rough terrains containing sharp debris such as rocks or nails and are used on carts, dollies or trucks, allowing them to roll by reducing manual repositioning efforts. These pneumatic or solid rubber wheels come equipped with ball, bronze plain bore, bushing, plain or roller wheel bearings for friction-free movement and rotation of the hub assembly, thereby ensuring smooth tire rotation. Further, the wheels have diamond, jag, knobby, ribbed, sawtooth, smooth or turf threads, present inside the rubber that can bear heavy leaps and bounds during transportation, as well as reduce erosion of rubber, caused due to friction while applying the brakes. Raptor supplies offers variety of these flat-free wheels, available with a maximum loading capacity of 999 lb.

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