Solar Panel Mounting Hardware


Solar Panel Mount

StyleModelDepthHeightWeightWidthPrice (inc. GST)
AZ-BRACKET2"3"1.00 lb.3" SGD 35.02
BRAC-M-5304"19"3.00 lb.5" SGD 193.40
CRAC-M120-SD4"6"38.00 lb.7" SGD 659.13
DRAC-PMS8654"3"21.00 lb.7" SGD 381.07
ERAC-M120-S4"2"2.00 lb.5" SGD 446.91
FL-BRACKET4"2"2.00 lb.5" SGD 35.02
GRAC-M865-B7"7"6.00 lb.8" SGD 394.69
HRAC-M880-D7"6"33.00 lb.7" SGD 528.88

Solar Fastening System

StyleModelHeightPrice (inc. GST)
AJA3-SB-8.0x150/50FZD5.906"/1.969" SGD 280.54
BJA3-SB-8.0x200/50FZD7.874"/1.969" SGD 338.58

Solar Panel Mounting Hardware

Raptor Supplies provides a wide variety of solar panel mounting hardware such as solar panel mounts & fasteners, drill bits, roof hooks, self-drilling screws, solar adapter plates, adjustable brackets and hole saws from brands like EJOT and Solartech Power. The aluminium side-of-pole mounts from Solartech Power feature a unique clamp-and-slot combination that eliminates the need for bolt holes to secure solar panel modules. These mounts are compatible with up to 140 W solar panel modules and have a fully adjustable tilt angle mechanism to fix the modules at any angle to optimise the panel's energy production.To provide a rigid structure to your solar fastening system or PV mounting / racking systems, you can choose from our wide range of EJOT solar adapter plates. These durable plates feature high-strength stainless steel construction and high force-absorbing characteristics, thereby eliminating the probability of tilting or displacement. We also offer EJOT solar fasteners featuring stainless steel threads for easy and rapid anchoring into trapezoidal and corrugated metal roofs with metal / wood substructures. These fasteners consist of an internal SW5 hex drive, adjustable plates or L-feet secured by M10 lock nuts and washers, and a washer below the precision-defined depth control stop.

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