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STRONG HOLD Storage Cabinets

Combination, countertop, janitorial and wardrobe storage cabinets with 14-gauge shelves (capable of holding loads up to 1900 lb) and 7-gauge welded legs (to provide mobility in lifting). Available in clearview, standard, roll-up and ventilated door options


StyleModelNumber of DoorsOverall WidthShelf CapacityPrice (inc. GST)
A56-RUD-244-60"1650 lb. SGD 9374.08
A46-RUD-244148"1200 lb. SGD 8606.01
A36-RUD-244436"1900 lb. SGD 7756.23

Countertop Storage Cabinet, Standard Door

StyleModelOverall DepthOverall HeightOverall WidthShelf CapacityPrice (inc. GST)
A23-20220"36"24"1000 lb. SGD 1891.56
B33-20220"36"36"1600 lb. SGD 3135.58
B33.5-20220"42"36"1600 lb. SGD 3333.73
B33-24224"36"36"1900 lb. SGD 3521.66
B33.5-24224"42"36"1900 lb. SGD 2757.68
B43.5-24224"42"48"1200 lb. SGD 3956.77

Storage Cabinet, Ventilated Door

StyleModelFinishMaterialOverall WidthShelf CapacityPrice (inc. GST)
A36-V-244EnamelSteel36"1900 lb. SGD 3104.95
A46-V-244EnamelSteel48"1200 lb. SGD 3707.96
A56-V-244EnamelSteel60"1650 lb. SGD 4217.01
B36-V-244SSStainless SteelStainless Steel36"1900 lb. SGD 11118.57
B56-V-244SSStainless SteelStainless Steel60"1650 lb. SGD 14869.01

Wardrobe Storage Cabinet, Standard Door

StyleModelNumber of ShelvesOverall WidthOverall HeightStyleAssemblyShelf CapacityCabinet ColorTotal Number of DrawersPrice (inc. GST)
A36-WR-241136"78"WardrobeAssembled1900 lb.Dark Gray0 SGD 2745.97
A46-WR-241148"78"WardrobeAssembled1200 lb.Dark Gray0 SGD 3065.73
A56-WR-241160"78"WardrobeAssembled1650 lb.Dark Gray0 SGD 3518.94
B36-W-243-7DB336"78"CombinationWelded1025 lb.Gray7 SGD 6238.48
B46-W-243-7DB348"78"CombinationWelded1425 lb.Gray7 SGD 7615.30
B56-W-243-7DB360"78"CombinationWelded1825 lb.Gray7 SGD 7833.86
C36-W-245536"72"CombinationWelded1100 lb.Dark Gray0 SGD 3191.39
C46-W-245548"72"CombinationWelded1500 lb.Dark Gray0 SGD 3816.36
C56-W-245560"72"CombinationWelded1900 lb.Dark Gray0 SGD 4339.84
D66-DSW-24101072"78"CombinationAssembled825 lb.Dark Gray0 SGD 5668.56

Storage Cabinet, Clearview Door

StyleModelCabinet ColorFinishMaterialNumber of ShelvesOverall HeightOverall WidthShelf CapacityPrice (inc. GST)
A45-LD-243Dark GrayEnamelSteel366"48"1200 lb. SGD 4109.96
B46-LD-244Dark GrayEnamelSteel478"48"1200 lb. SGD 4326.22
B56-LD-244Dark GrayEnamelSteel478"60"1650 lb. SGD 4963.55
C46-LD-244SSDark GrayStainless SteelStainless Steel478"48"1200 lb. SGD 16168.19
C56-LD-244SSDark GrayStainless SteelStainless Steel478"60"1650 lb. SGD 18449.91
D45-LD-243SSStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless Steel366"48"1200 lb. SGD 15359.26

Janitorial Storage Cabinet, Standard Door

StyleModelAssemblyCabinet ColorOverall HeightOverall WidthShelf CapacityPrice (inc. GST)
A46-BC-244-GREENAssembledFederal Green72"48"1375 lb. SGD 4510.33
B56-BC-244WeldedDark Gray78"60"1750 lb. SGD 4250.23
B36-BC-244WeldedDark Gray78"36"1025 lb. SGD 3107.12
B46-BC-244WeldedDark Gray78"48"1375 lb. SGD 3752.90
StyleModelNumber of DoorsOverall DepthOverall HeightOverall WidthShelf CapacityPrice (inc. GST)
A43.5-LD-242124"42"48"1200 lb. SGD 4097.72
A33-LD-202120"36"36"1600 lb. SGD 3313.31
A23-LD-202220"36"24"1000 lb. SGD 2326.67

Stainless Steel Industrial Cabinet

StyleModelCabinet ColorFinishNumber of ShelvesOverall DepthOverall HeightOverall WidthShelf CapacityPrice (inc. GST)
A35-243SSDark GrayEnamel324"66"36"1900 lb. SGD 9463.96
A45-243SSDark GrayEnamel324"66"48"1200 lb. SGD 11259.50
B36-204SSDark GrayStainless Steel420"78"36"1600 lb. SGD 10064.52
B36-244SSDark GrayEnamel424"78"36"1900 lb. SGD 10507.79
B56-244SSDark GrayEnamel424"78"60"1650 lb. SGD 14701.51
B46-244SSGrayStainless Steel424"78"48"1200 lb. SGD 12454.51
StyleModelOverall WidthShelf CapacityPrice (inc. GST)
A46-4D-24848"1275 lb. SGD 5539.87
A56-4D-24860"1600 lb. SGD 6444.81
A66-4D-24872"1950 lb. SGD 7059.67
StyleModelOverall WidthShelf CapacityPrice (inc. GST)
A36-WP-24436"1900 lb. SGD 5952.50
A46-WP-24448"1200 lb. SGD 7323.17
A56-WP-24460"1650 lb. SGD 8961.45

Double Shift Industrial Cabinet

StyleModelFinishNumber of ShelvesOverall HeightOverall WidthShelf CapacityPrice (inc. GST)
A56-DS-248Electrostatically Painted Enamel878"60"1600 lb. SGD 4295.53
A46-DS-248Electrostatically Painted Enamel878"48"1275 lb. SGD 3921.22
A66-DS-248Electrostatically Painted Enamel878"72"1950 lb. SGD 4766.58
B35-DS-246Enamel666"36"950 lb. SGD 3239.77
A36-DS-248Enamel878"36"950 lb. SGD 3352.52
B45-DS-246Enamel666"48"1275 lb. SGD 3862.79
B55-DS-246Enamel666"60"1600 lb. SGD 4169.21
B65-DS-246Enamel666"72"1950 lb. SGD 4577.75

Industrial Cabinet

StyleModelOverall WidthShelf CapacityWidthFinishGaugeNumber of ShelvesOverall DepthOverall HeightPrice (inc. GST)
A46-243-L--48"----- SGD 2779.42
B36-243-L--36"-14--- SGD 2293.41
C56-243-L--60"Baked Enamel143-- SGD 3134.77
D35-24336"1900 lb.-Enamel12324"66" SGD 2548.51
E36-24436"1900 lb.-Enamel12424"78" SGD 2907.18
E36-20436"1600 lb.-Electrostatically Painted Enamel12420"78" SGD 2782.63
D45-24348"1200 lb.-Enamel12324"66" SGD 3217.43
F46-24448"1200 lb.-Enamel12424"78" SGD 3519.97
D55-24360"1650 lb.-Enamel12324"66" SGD 3691.21
G56-24460"1650 lb.-Enamel12424"78" SGD 3970.27
D65-24372"1525 lb.-Enamel12324"66" SGD 4277.47
E66-24472"1525 lb.-Electrostatically Painted Enamel12424"78" SGD 4675.69

Stainless Steel Double Shift Cabinet

StyleModelCabinet ColorNumber of ShelvesOverall HeightOverall WidthShelf CapacityPrice (inc. GST)
A35-DS-246SSDark Gray666"36"950 lb. SGD 10620.14
A45-DS-246SSDark Gray666"48"1275 lb. SGD 12646.52
B66-DS-248SSGray878"72"1950 lb. SGD 17998.48

Industrial Cabinets With Drawers

StyleModelNumber of DrawersNumber of ShelvesTotal Number of DrawersPrice (inc. GST)
A36-243-3DB333 SGD 4526.69
B36-244-3DB343 SGD 4784.08
C36-242-7DB727 SGD 6401.91
D36-241-8DB818 SGD 6524.47
StyleModelOverall WidthShelf CapacityPrice (inc. GST)
A46-244-6/5DB48"1125 lb. SGD 7159.76
A56-244-6/5DB60"1575 lb. SGD 7588.74
A66-244-6/5DB72"1450 lb. SGD 7989.11
StyleModelNumber of ShelvesOverall HeightOverall WidthShelf CapacityPrice (inc. GST)
A35-363366"36"1900 lb. SGD 4688.06
A45-363366"48"1200 lb. SGD 5468.37
A55-363366"60"1650 lb. SGD 5948.42
A65-363366"72"1525 lb. SGD 6467.27
A36-364478"36"1900 lb. SGD 5423.44
A46-364478"48"1200 lb. SGD 6134.31
A56-364478"60"1650 lb. SGD 6585.76
A66-364478"72"1525 lb. SGD 7504.98
StyleModelNumber of ShelvesOverall HeightOverall WidthShelf CapacityPrice (inc. GST)
A35-303366"36"1900 lb. SGD 4226.41
A45-303366"48"1200 lb. SGD 5010.80
A55-303366"60"1650 lb. SGD 5607.28
A65-303366"72"1525 lb. SGD 5928.00
A36-304478"36"1900 lb. SGD 4779.98
A46-304478"48"1200 lb. SGD 5505.15
A56-304478"60"1650 lb. SGD 5932.08
A66-304478"72"1525 lb. SGD 7014.73

Heavy Duty Flammable Safety Cabinent, 43 x 18 x 66 Inch Size, 3 Shleves

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)

Combination Storage Cabinet Assembled

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
46-4DLD-248AA7JRB SGD 6696.05

Storage Cabinets

Storage cabinets have customisable compartments & shelves for storing tools & supplies. Raptor Supplies offers a broad range of storage cabinets from brands like Advance Tabco, Durham Manufacturing, Edsal, Enpac, Grainger, Hallowell, Jamco, Justrite, Little Giant & Tennsco. These storage cabinets have up to 4 doors and shelf capacity ranging from 25 to 3000 lb. Selected models feature caster wheels for portability. We also offer janitorial cabinets that feature multiple side shelves to store cleaning supplies.

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