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Industrial Wire Shelving Chrome

StyleModelDepthHeightShelf CapacityWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A1PGG218"74"800 lb.48" SGD 754.29
A1PGF118"63"600 lb.72" SGD 898.80
A1PGG318"74"600 lb.60" SGD 836.99
A1PGG418"74"600 lb.72" SGD 945.27
A1APA124"74"600 lb.60" SGD 796.15
A1APA224"74"600 lb.72" SGD 902.37
B1PGF524"63"800 lb.48" SGD 816.08
B1PGF624"63"600 lb.60" SGD 841.09
B1PGF724"63"600 lb.72" SGD 1074.47

Shelving Starter

StyleModelDepthHeightShelf CapacityWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A2KPD818"85"800 lb.48" SGD 1089.80
A2KPD918"85"600 lb.60" SGD 1341.06
A2KPE118"85"600 lb.72" SGD 1552.48
A2KPE424"85"800 lb.48" SGD 1391.09
A2KPE524"85"600 lb.60" SGD 1613.76
A2KPE624"85"600 lb.72" SGD 1873.18
A2KNZ236"63"800 lb.48" SGD 1469.76
A2KNZ336"63"600 lb.60" SGD 2120.35
A2KNZ436"63"600 lb.72" SGD 2535.02
A2KNZ636"74"800 lb.48" SGD 1495.28
A2KNZ736"74"600 lb.60" SGD 2142.82
A2KNZ836"74"600 lb.72" SGD 2557.50
A2KPE836"85"800 lb.48" SGD 1793.51
A2KPE936"85"600 lb.60" SGD 2163.24

Wire Shelving Shelf, Chrome

StyleModelHeightNumber of ShelvesWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A32V39463"536" SGD 409.07
B32V39763"636" SGD 467.79
C32V40163"460" SGD 487.20
A32V40463"560" SGD 585.25
B32V40763"660" SGD 666.45
B5GPK363"648" SGD 548.49
C5GPK563"448" SGD 694.54
A5GPK463"548" SGD 523.98
A32V41374"536" SGD 427.45
B32V41674"636" SGD 478.52
C32V41974"460" SGD 498.94
A32V42274"560" SGD 591.39
B32V42574"660" SGD 675.13
A5GPK174"548" SGD 527.03
B5GPK074"648" SGD 561.74
C5GPK274"448" SGD 584.22

Powder Coat Wire Shelving Unit

StyleModelDepthHeightNumber of ShelvesShelf CapacityShelving TypeWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A2KPK818"63"4800 lb.Starter24" SGD 440.22
B32V39518"63"5300 lb.Freestanding36" SGD 365.66
C5GPL218"74"6300 lb.Freestanding48" SGD 499.95
C32V42618"74"6300 lb.Freestanding60" SGD 574.52
B32V42318"74"5300 lb.Freestanding60" SGD 505.60
D32V42018"74"4300 lb.Freestanding60" SGD 427.45
C32V41718"74"6300 lb.Freestanding36" SGD 409.58
B32V41418"74"5300 lb.Freestanding36" SGD 370.77
E2KPP318"63"4800 lb.Add-On48" SGD 609.26
D5GPL718"63"4300 lb.Freestanding48" SGD 398.85
B5GPL618"63"5300 lb.Freestanding48" SGD 469.32
D5GPL418"74"4300 lb.Freestanding48" SGD 400.89
D32V41118"74"4300 lb.Freestanding36" SGD 308.97
C32V40818"63"6300 lb.Freestanding60" SGD 566.87
B32V40518"63"5300 lb.Freestanding60" SGD 490.25
A2KPK918"63"4800 lb.Starter36" SGD 536.71
D32V40218"63"4300 lb.Freestanding60" SGD 431.53
D32V39218"63"4300 lb.Freestanding36" SGD 308.97
A2KPL918"74"4800 lb.Starter24" SGD 487.20
F2KPL118"63"4800 lb.Starter48" SGD 572.48
F2KPL218"63"4600 lb.Starter60" SGD 768.07
F2KPL318"63"4600 lb.Starter72" SGD 872.76
B5GPL318"74"5300 lb.Freestanding48" SGD 471.36
A2KPN118"74"4800 lb.Starter36" SGD 525.50
F2KPN218"74"4800 lb.Starter48" SGD 586.26
StyleModelHeightWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A2KPY163"36" SGD 2490.08
A2KPZ574"24" SGD 1918.12

Zinc Plated Wire Shelving Unit

StyleModelDepthHeightNumber of ShelvesShelf CapacityShelving TypeWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A5GPL018"63"5300 lb.Freestanding48" SGD 488.72
B1ZTH218"74"4800 lb.Starter48" SGD 695.05
C32V41818"74"4300 lb.Freestanding60" SGD 454.52
D2KPF618"85"4600 lb.Starter72" SGD 1372.71
D2KPF518"85"4600 lb.Starter60" SGD 1255.27
D2KPF418"85"4800 lb.Starter48" SGD 1002.46
E2KPF318"85"4800 lb.Starter36" SGD 839.57
E2KPF218"85"4800 lb.Starter24" SGD 717.51
F2KNY418"74"4600 lb.Add-On72" SGD 854.38
F2KNX218"63"4600 lb.Add-On60" SGD 599.04
F2KNX118"63"4800 lb.Add-On48" SGD 526.51
F2KNW918"63"4800 lb.Add-On36" SGD 459.10
F2HGL518"63"4800 lb.Add-On24" SGD 432.04
B1ZTH418"74"4600 lb.Starter72" SGD 899.83
D1ZTH318"74"4600 lb.Starter60" SGD 799.22
F2KNX318"63"4600 lb.Add-On72" SGD 698.10
B1ZTH118"74"4800 lb.Starter36" SGD 661.84
F2KNX918"74"4800 lb.Add-On24" SGD 587.79
D1ZTF818"63"4800 lb.Starter24" SGD 450.44
F2KNY118"74"4800 lb.Add-On36" SGD 626.61
F2KNY318"74"4600 lb.Add-On60" SGD 762.45
F2KNY624"74"4800 lb.Add-On36" SGD 706.26
D2KPG124"85"4800 lb.Starter48" SGD 1541.25
E2KPF824"85"4800 lb.Starter36" SGD 1069.38
E2KPF724"85"4800 lb.Starter24" SGD 848.24

Chrome Plated Wire Shelving Unit

StyleModelDepthHeightShelf CapacityShelving TypeWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A32V41018"74"300 lb.Freestanding36" SGD 352.39
B2KPD618"85"800 lb.Starter24" SGD 754.29
C2HGJ318"63"800 lb.Add-On24" SGD 466.78
C2HGJ418"63"800 lb.Add-On36" SGD 521.42
C2HGJ518"63"800 lb.Add-On48" SGD 470.34
C2HGJ718"63"600 lb.Add-On72" SGD 803.30
C2HGK818"74"600 lb.Add-On72" SGD 986.64
C2HGK718"74"600 lb.Add-On60" SGD 873.77
C2HGK618"74"800 lb.Add-On48" SGD 775.22
C2HGK418"74"800 lb.Add-On24" SGD 649.58
C2HGK518"74"800 lb.Add-On36" SGD 695.56
B2KPD718"85"800 lb.Starter36" SGD 923.84
C2HGJ618"63"600 lb.Add-On60" SGD 659.80
D1ZTJ418"63"800 lb.Starter36" SGD 593.43
E1ZTJ318"63"800 lb.Starter24" SGD 590.34
D1PGF918"74"800 lb.Starter36" SGD 689.92
D1PGF818"74"800 lb.Starter24" SGD 692.48
A32V39118"63"300 lb.Freestanding36" SGD 488.21
C2HGL324"74"600 lb.Add-On60" SGD 974.38
C2HGK324"63"600 lb.Add-On72" SGD 958.55
C2HGJ924"63"800 lb.Add-On36" SGD 609.77
B2KPE324"85"800 lb.Starter36" SGD 1148.01
B2KPE224"85"800 lb.Starter24" SGD 867.15
D1ANZ824"74"800 lb.Starter36" SGD 811.48
C2HGJ824"63"800 lb.Add-On24" SGD 591.87

Utility Wire Storage Unit 9 Shelves

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
1UFL4AB3MRW SGD 1088.77

Industrial Wire Shelving H63 W60 Chrome

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
1PGE9AB2WYG SGD 761.93

Industrial Wire Shelving H74 W48 Chrome

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
1ANZ9AA8XLQ SGD 686.36

Shelving Starter H 85 W 72 D 36 Chrome

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
2KPF1AC2JNC SGD 2586.10
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Industrial Wire Shelving H63 W48 Chrome

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
1ZTJ5AB4QCC SGD 484.13
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Wire Shelving

Wire shelving units fit plastic storage bins or directly provide storage space to items for organising supplies in offices and commercial spaces. Raptor Supplies offers wired shelving units from brands like Advance Tabco, Metro, Grainger, Vulcan Hart and Wesco. They have stainless steel or steel construction with a chrome / epoxy / zinc polish for corrosion resistance and durability. These shelving units feature open wide design for preventing dust accumulation and improving visibility. Choose from a wide range of these wired shelving units, available in shelf capacities ranging from 100 to 800 lb.

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