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Blanket Wound Cartridge 5 Gpm 50 Mic
Item: AC3KGK
Model: DCCSL1
SGD 59.00/unit (inc. GST)
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Combination Cartridge/Filter
Item: CF2LXQ
Model: TR6530N
SGD 1,666.11/unit (inc. GST)
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Filter Bag, 1 Inch Size
Item: AD8ZWX
Model: G1PE5Q
SGD 144.89/unit (inc. GST)
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FRL Compact Airline Filter, Automatic Drain, Transparent Bowl, 69 SCFM FLow
Item: BX7EUR
Model: F73G4A
SGD 289.72/unit (inc. GST)
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Line Strainer 4 Mesh Screen, 3 Inch Size
Item: BW9PRX
Model: LS304
SGD 187.37/unit (inc. GST)
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Line Strainer Cap, 3 Inch Size, Stainless Steel
Item: BW9UHX
Model: LSS300C
SGD 298.11/unit (inc. GST)
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Line Strainer Screen 100 Mesh Screen With Perated Support, 2 Inch, SS
Item: BW9MWB
Model: MLS2100SS
SGD 149.03/unit (inc. GST)
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Mesh 12 Line Strainer Screen
Item: BW9DLF
Model: LS212
SGD 62.98/unit (inc. GST)
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Reduction Cartridge, 1 Gpm
Item: CE9QNV
Model: 5633104
SGD 348.51/unit (inc. GST)
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T-Line Strainer, 100 Mesh Screen, 3/4 x 3/4 Inch, Stainless Steel
Item: AC8TYT
Model: LST07550
SGD 90.90/unit (inc. GST)
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Tank Overfill Alarm, Audible & Flashing Light, Direct Mount
Item: CD9VLK
Model: FF97102
SGD 892.10/unit (inc. GST)
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Y-strainer 1/2 Inch Socket
Item: AC8MCA
Model: YS10050S
SGD 156.16/unit (inc. GST)
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Advanced water purification and filtration systems are a sure way to boost hygiene, and provide clean drinking water. Acknowledging the critical importance of clean drinking water, Raptor Supplies offers a range of filter systems and components in order to empower you with good hygiene and sanitation. Ranging from filter cartridges and strainers to filter systems for beverage machines, Raptor Supplies brings a healthy, sustainable way of providing clean water.

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