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Indoor Air Quality


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Co2 Humidity Temperature Datalogger 4000ppm Co2
Item: AE7CXP
Model: SD800
SGD 857.67/unit (inc. GST)
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Combust Gas Detector 0 - 9999 Ppm
Item: AG7ENU
Model: 721
SGD 754.08/unit (inc. GST)
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Combustible Gas Detector
Item: AC6YNJ
Model: 9060000008
SGD 1,275.13/unit (inc. GST)
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Combustible Gas Leak Detector

Combustible Gas Leak Detector

Item: AF3XYD
Model: CD100A
SGD 472.90/unit (inc. GST)
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Detector Gas Leak
Item: AD7TGU
Model: FG100
SGD 188.81/unit (inc. GST)
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Diaphragm Sampling Pump Without Stand
Item: AG8GBJ
Model: 980588
SGD 453.16/unit (inc. GST)
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Four-Worker Manifold Assembly For 9820-HP
Item: AG8GBW
Model: 982028HP
SGD 165.09/unit (inc. GST)
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Hose Barb For 9804
Item: AG8GAR
Model: 980424
SGD 3.05/unit (inc. GST)
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Inlet Supply Hose Assembly For 9820-HP
Item: AG8GBU
Model: 982025HP
SGD 181.14/unit (inc. GST)
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Relief Valve, 0-20 PSI (LP) For 9820-LP
Item: AG8GBP
Model: 982009
SGD 66.49/unit (inc. GST)
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Replacement Sensor Cap G502-7200/g310
Item: AF4UMQ
Model: RS1010
SGD 24.06/unit (inc. GST)
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Three-Worker Manifold Assembly For 9820-LP
Item: AG8GBV
Model: 982028
SGD 158.21/unit (inc. GST)
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Indoor Air Quality

Air safety is highly essential in all industrial and commercial locations. Safety is always a major concernand our offerings of indoor air quality tools are proven to be precise in maintaining and measurethe quality of air in the environment. With equipments to measure the levels of carbon dioxide andmonoxide or basically any kind of gas, choose only the best to ensure safe and breathable air in yourenvironment.

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