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Airline Hose 50 Feet 3/8 Inch Diameter
Item: AC8HYK
Model: W943550
SGD 528.37/unit (inc. GST)
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Ambient Air Pump A-750, 220 V
Item: AG8GBZ
Model: 9821E
SGD 1,822.82/unit (inc. GST)
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Cartridge Receptacle
Item: AD2HZC
Model: 460184
SGD 29.37/unit (inc. GST)
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Contant Flow Breathing Tube
Item: AD2YWA
Model: NV2021
SGD 121.52/unit (inc. GST)
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EBA Deluxe Bracket
Item: AG8EYX
Model: 411004
SGD 75.66/unit (inc. GST)
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Fit Testing Kit
Item: CF2DWL
Model: FT20
SGD 2,058.41/unit (inc. GST)
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Flow Check Meter
Item: AD2EBY
Model: 487995
SGD 160.97/unit (inc. GST)
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Mesh Head Harness

Mesh Head Harness

Item: AE8XZR
Model: R011203
SGD 126.31/unit (inc. GST)
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PAPR Blower, Universal, Belt-Mounted, Cartridges Included No
Item: CE9TYZ
Model: TR602N
SGD 1,511.91/unit (inc. GST)
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Portable Carbon Monoxide Monitor w/ Visual & Audible Alarms
Item: AD7GAV
Model: CO9114LAC
SGD 2,078.48/unit (inc. GST)
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Pureweld Papr Blue Welding Adf He Filter
Item: AG2VCC
Model: 2000W
SGD 6,706.70/unit (inc. GST)
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Spectacle Kit
Item: AD2NTG
Model: 816137
SGD 253.32/unit (inc. GST)
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Maintaining and monitoring air quality is very important in work places as some workers can face problems with bad air quality. Dust, gases, fumes, vapours and other particles that pollute the air in industrial workplaces can be a big hassle and compromise on safety. To cater to this Raptor Supplies has equipment available for maintaining and monitoring air quality. Apart from that, personal solutions are also provided that workers can adopt.

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