DESTACO 305, 307, 309 Series Hold Down Clamps

Type: Compact Hold Down
StyleModelClamp Arm LengthToggle Lock PlusHolding CapacityMaterialMounting BaseClamp Arm StyleHandleHeight Under Clamp ArmPrice (inc. GST)
1.2"No200 Lbs.Stainless SteelFlangeU-BarHorizonal0.48" SGD 59.62
1.19"No150 Lbs.SteelFlangeU-BarHorizonal0.48" SGD 42.63
1.19"Yes150 Lbs.SteelFlangeU-BarHorizonal0.48" SGD 72.85
1.88"No350 Lbs.Stainless SteelFlangeU-BarHorizonal0.87" SGD 163.19
1.89"No350 Lbs.SteelFlangeU-BarHorizonal0.89" SGD 65.81
1.89"Yes350 Lbs.SteelFlangeU-BarHorizonal0.89" SGD 113.18
2.66"No750 Lbs.Stainless SteelFlangeU-BarHorizonal1.3" SGD 258.27
2.68"No750 Lbs.SteelFlangeU-BarHorizonal1.31" SGD 87.74
2.68"Yes750 Lbs.SteelFlangeU-BarHorizonal1.31" SGD 146.19

305, 307, 309 Series Hold Down Clamps

These Destaco 305, 307 & 309 Series horizontal hold down clamps are ideal for applications where hold-down action can effectively substitute fasteners. They are compact in size and low in height for confined spaces. The horizontal clamps are equipped with a handle that can be operated either from the front or the sides. They have a flanged base with a U shaped hold down bar, a clamp bar opening angle up to 92 degrees and a holding capacity of 750 lb. Destaco 305, 307 & 309 Series horizontal hold down clamps offer a stationary alternative to removable clamps when performing repetitive tasks. These hold down toggle clamps are made of steel / stainless steel and have a horizontal handle parallel to the clamping bar. They come with a handle, a lever system, and a securing bar. The securing bar ensures that the objects won’t move and the lever system applies enough pressure on the object to keep the workpiece steady for work. These clamps feature a fixed design to secure and loosen workpieces without moving the clamp itself. Destaco horizontal hold down clamps incorporate a linkage system that applies powerful clamping force with little effort to lock or even unlock. They are equipped with a spring in the jaw to hold it in place after a few adjustments. These toggle clamps are used to hold workpieces in place using a horizontal lever handle that lays flat when the clamp is engaged. Destaco toggle clamps feature an automatic pressure adjustment system that automatically adjusts the clamp's pressure. This allows the clamping of workpieces of various sizes to adjust the pressure themselves. Selected models are equipped with the Toggle Lock Plus release lever that prevents accidental opening due to vibration.


  • These Destaco 305, 307 & 309 Series horizontal hold down clamps offer a wide combination of features, making them adaptable for applications such as assembling & testing, light machining and woodworking applications in the aerospace, automotive and food & packaging industries.


  • These Destaco 305, 307 & 309 Series horizontal hold down clamps have a compact design suitable for confined spaces.
  • These clamps are equipped with a low profile, short T handle for minimum vertical height applications.
  • They come with neoprene, hex head or stainless steel spindles that have a flanged base for easy & secure installation.
  • These units have steel construction for structural rigidity, corrosion resistance and a maximum holding capacity of 750 lb.
  • Stainless steel models are also available (models ending with "-SS").
  • Selected models come with the Toggle Lock feature to offer added safety by ensuring that the over-centre locking condition is maintained and the clamp remains protected against unintentional opening (look for models ending with -R).

Compatible Accessories

  • Destaco 305208-M, 201943-M, 307208-M, 207943-M, 309208 & 237943-M: These spindle assemblies include threaded rods with rubber stoppers that help mounting 305, 307 & 309 Series horizontal hold down clamps to secure material to work surfaces. They can be adjusted to accommodate materials of varying thicknesses.
    These spindle assemblies can also be used to replace worn-out / damaged spindles to extend the service life of your clamps and reduce the risk of marring when rubber stoppers begin to wear away.
  • Destaco 102111, 102911, 507107, 507907, 235106 & 235906: These flanged washers are used with 305, 307 & 309 Series horizontal hold down toggle clamps for maintaining sufficient load to tighten gaskets and bolts of a flange during clamping. These flanged washers are made of steel to provide structural rigidity and for resisting corrosion on exposed surfaces.

Standards and Approvals

  • Destaco 305, 307 & 309 Series horizontal hold down clamps are manufactured in accordance with industry standards like ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015 for utmost user safety, environmental health and superior performance of the clamps.


  • These horizontal hold down clamps have a straight or flanged base with threaded mounting holes that help the unit to be easily installed to the surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are horizontal toggle clamps used?

Horizontal toggle clamps use an over-center locking action to hold a workpiece or fixture in the locked position.

How are toggle clamps measured?

Toggle clamps are available in multiple variants having different holding capacities. The capacity of a particular toggle clamp can be measured by calculating the distance between the clamping plate (at its highest position) & the workbench.

How does a hold down toggle clamp work?

The toggle clamp actuates against the workpiece and compresses or stretches the equipped linkages to keep the workpiece in a stationary position.

Which grease is recommended for use with Destaco clamps when rebuilding?

While dealing with the brand's mechanical clamps, we would recommend using a coupling grease like Mobil XTC. Pneumatic cylinder seals require the Magnalube G grease. They only require a few drops of lubricating oil to keep them in excellent condition.

How do you adjust a horizontal toggle clamp?

After clamping, the force can be adjusted by loosening / tightening the spindle nut (supplied with selected units for protection from abrasion, twisting or flexing).

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