80/20 40-4080-4M Extrusion, 6 Open T-Slot, 4m Length, 80mm Height, Aluminum, Clear | AE4FBT 5JRZ1

80/20 40-4080-4M Extrusion, 6 Open T-Slot, 4m Length, 80mm Height, Aluminum, Clear

Item: AE4FBT Model: 40-4080-4MCross Ref: 5JRZ1
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Product Specifications:

ItemFraming Extrusion
Bore Dia.6.8mm
Drop Lock2 Deg.
Modulus of Elasticity70326.5 N/sq. mm
Moment of Inertia - IX97.6617 cm4
Moment of Inertia - IY25.2917 cm4
Slot Width8.12mm
Surface Area15.332 sq. cm
Weight/Ft.2.743 Lb.
Yield Strength241.1 N/ sq. mm

Shipping Info:

Ship weight (kg) 16.33
Ship height (cm)4.06
Ship length (cm)398.78
Ship width (cm)8.13
HS code7604210000
Country of OriginUS

Product Details:

80/20 40-4080-4M framing extrusion is ideal for machine guarding, factory automation, workstations, enclosures, carts, shelving, displays and machine frames.

Working Mechanism:

  • The extrusion die is prepared and moved to the extrusion press.
  • An aluminium billet is preheated before extrusion and the billet is transferred to the extrusion press.
  • The extruded material exits the die after being pushed into the container by the ram.
  • Extrusions are positioned & quenched along the runout and then sheared to table length.
  • Now, these extrusions are cooled to room temperature and moved to the stretcher while being stretched into alignment.
  • Finally, extrusions are moved to the finish saw and cut to length.


  • It has a drop-lock & 6 open slots for holding bars together tightly.
  • This framing extrusion features 6105-T5 aluminium construction with clear anodised finish for resisting corrosion on exposed surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How do you install a framing extrusion?


  • Plan the location and orientation of the extrusion pieces for creating window / door systems.
  • Measure and cut the pieces to the appropriate length by using a carbide-tipped saw.
  • Assemble the pieces by using appropriate hardware like brackets, gussets and fasteners.
  • Secure the assembly to the desired location and install them using fasteners, such as screws or bolts.
  • Install any additional components needed for specific applications, including panels or other accessories.

Q. How do you cut a framing extrusion?

A. There are several ways to cut aluminium framing extrusion. However, the user must ensure that the right blade is used for the job. Some common methods include:

  • Mitter saw: This tool is also known as a chop saw and uses a circular blade to cut longer pieces of aluminium extrusion.
  • Hack saw: This manual saw has a fine-toothed blade that allows cutting smaller pieces of extrusion.
  • Circular saw: This saw uses a blade specifically designed for cutting aluminium, as well as extrusion in longer pieces for specific applications.

Q. How do you finish a framing extrusion?

A. Finishing of aluminium framing extrusion involves cleaning and protecting the surface to improve its appearance, as well as prevent corrosion. Several surface finishes used for the process are:

  • Cleaning: Use a mild detergent or degreaser to remove any dirt, dust or oil from the surface of the extrusion.
  • Sanding: Use fine-grit sandpaper to smooth out the rough edges or surfaces, providing a smooth, uniform finish.
  • Anodising: Anodising is a process of creating a protective oxide layer on the surface to provide excellent corrosion resistance.
  • Painting: This will give the extrusion a clean look. Use the paint specifically designed for aluminium, as the other paint may not adhere properly.
  • Powder coating: This process involves applying dry powder coating to the surface and then curing with heat, creating a durable and long-lasting finish.
  • Polishing: Polishing creates shiny, mirror-like finish on the surface extrusion. This can be done by using a buffing wheel and polishing compounds.

Product Variants

ProductModelLengthWidthHeightMoment of Inertia - IXMoment of Inertia - IYPrice
80/20 40-4080-6M Extrusion, 6 Open T-Slot, 6m Length, 80mm Height, Aluminum, Clear | AE4FFA 5JTA0
40-4080-6M6m40mm80mm97.6617 cm425.2917 cm4 SGD 1,060.38

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80/20 40-4080-4M Extrusion, 6 Open T-Slot, 4m Length, 80mm Height, Aluminum, Clear
SGD 631.45 /unit (inc. GST)