Air Drills


Air Drills

StyleModelHousing MaterialAverage CFM @ 15 Second Run TimeBearingsHPMin. Hose SizeOverall LengthReversingTool WeightPrice (inc. GST)
A7802RAKCAluminum4.0Ball and Roller1/23/8"6.5"Yes2.50 lb. SGD 386.93
B7803RAKCAluminum4.0Ball and Roller1/23/8"8 9/16"Yes3.30 lb. SGD 483.67
C7802AKCAluminum4.0Ball and Roller1/23/8"6.875"No2.50 lb. SGD 344.71
D7804XPAComposite1.9Double Bearing-3/8"7.25"Yes1.71 lb. SGD 328.42
E7803AMetal4.0-1/23/8"7 3/32"No3.59 lb. SGD 556.57
F7LM3A43Skinsulate6.50Ball0.751/4"11 7/64"No3.9 lb. SGD 3207.89

Industrial Duty Pistol Style Air Drill

The pistol-style air drills manufactured by Chicago Pneumatic are ideal for industrial maintenance and production operations. These air drills feature a Jacobs keyed-chuck for adjusting the drill chucks and a durable gearbox that reduces maintenance cost and downtime. For high-torque drilling, reaming and hole sawing jobs, these CE-certified air drills are offered in 1/2 and 1 hp rated motors and free speeds up to 6000 rpm. The pistol-style air drills come equipped with ball bearings and an aluminium handle with the option of rubber coating on selected models. Choose from a wide range of these Chicago Pneumatic air drills, available in different overall lengths and tool weights, on Raptor Supplies.

StyleModelOverall LengthAverage CFM @ 15 Second Run TimeBearingsReversingTool WeightCFM @ Full LoadChuck SizeFree SpeedPrice (inc. GST)
ACP1014P245"5Ball BearingNo1.2 lb.191/4"2400 rpm SGD 786.51
BCP1014P335"5Ball BearingNo1.2 lb.191/4"3300 rpm SGD 840.46
BCP1014P455"5.2Ball BearingNo1.2 lb.211/4"4500 rpm SGD 823.84
CCP1014P056"5Ball BearingNo1.4 lb.193/8"500 rpm SGD 989.39
DCP789R-427"7.5BallYes2.50 lb.303/8"4200 rpm SGD 712.57
ECP1117P267.125"6Ball BearingNo2.2 lb.29.83/8"2600 rpm SGD 832.50
FCP1117P327.125"6Ball BearingNo2.2 lb.29.83/8"3200 rpm SGD 833.01
GCP1117P607.125"6Ball BearingNo2.2 lb.29.83/8"6000 rpm SGD 776.72
HCP789HR8"7.5BallYes3.0 lb.301/2"500 rpm SGD 947.12
ICP1117P058.375"6Ball BearingNo3.4 lb.29.81/2"500 rpm SGD 941.95
JCP1117P098.375"6Ball BearingNo3.4 lb.29.81/2"900 rpm SGD 999.74

Air Powered Pistol Grip Drills

Speedaire air-powered pistol-grip drills are used for automotive and assembly tasks. The pistol-grip design positions the user's hand behind the bit-holding chuck to provide ergonomic handling for applying pressure and maintaining control during drilling & fastening. These lightweight drills come with a trigger to activate the drill. They operate on compressed air supply to rotate bits in hole-making and fastening applications. They are available in 3/8 & 1/4 inch chuck sizes.

StyleModelOverall LengthAverage CFM @ 15 Second Run TimeBearingsReversingTool WeightVariable SpeedCFM @ Full LoadChuck SizePrice (inc. GST)
A45YY14-------- SGD 636.49
B45YY16-------- SGD 678.05
C48MA04-------- SGD 145.63
D45YY30-------- SGD 843.76
D45YY29-------- SGD 536.95
E45YY17-------- SGD 547.48
F48MA03-------- SGD 248.77
G45YY15-------- SGD 536.53
H10D2345 4/5"3.37NeedleYes1.43 lb.No19.551/4" SGD 372.09
H10D2408.25"3.5BallNo2.0 lb.Yes18.273/8" SGD 313.56
I12V7448.25"3.5BallNo1.97 lb.Yes20.01/4" SGD 266.20

Air Drills

StyleModelHPAverage CFM @ 15 Second Run TimeBody StyleOverall LengthReversingTool WeightTorqueVariable SpeedPrice (inc. GST)
ACP7850.54.10-7"No2.30 lb.-No SGD 453.99
BCP785QC0.54.10-7"No2.30 lb.-No SGD 372.50
CCP789R-260.57.50-7"Yes2.30 lb.-Yes SGD 959.60
DCP879C0.305.30Right Angle5.593Yes2.60 lb.3.20 ft.-lb.No SGD 315.73
ECP7300C0.305.30Pistol6 45/64"No1.40 lb.1.90 ft.-lb.Yes SGD 342.92
FCP7300RQCC0.305.30Pistol7.5"Yes1.50 lb.1.90 ft.-lb.Yes SGD 413.49
GCP7300RC0.305.30Pistol7 5/16"Yes1.50 lb.1.90 ft.-lb.Yes SGD 430.54
HCP9789C0.506.90Pistol10 13/32"Yes3.10 lb.10.30 ft.-lb.Yes SGD 531.79
ICP9790C0.506.90Pistol9 5/16"Yes2.40 lb.4.10 ft.-lb.Yes SGD 381.36
JCP9287C0.606.90Pistol8 13/64"No2.40 lb.4.10 ft.-lb.Yes SGD 330.51
KCP9285C0.606.90Pistol8 13/64"No2.40 lb.4.10 ft.-lb.Yes SGD 308.88
LCP785H1/24.1-7 11/16"No1.35 lb.-Yes SGD 728.96

Industrial Duty In-Line Style Air Drill

StyleModelAverage CFM @ 15 Second Run TimeFree SpeedHPMin. Hose SizeOverall LengthTool WeightPrice (inc. GST)
A530783.13200 rpm0.41/4"10.5"1.80 lb. SGD 1378.16
B530373.820,000 rpm0.53/8"7"1.50 lb. SGD 1005.90

Industrial Duty Pistol Style Air Drill

StyleModelBearingsFree SpeedOverall LengthReversingTool WeightPrice (inc. GST)
AMP1463-51-GBall1800 rpm6 13/16"Yes2.50 lb. SGD 837.67
BMP1457-51-GDouble Row Ball2600 rpm7.5"No1.90 lb. SGD 744.76

Air-Powered Drills, General Duty

Speedaire inline air-powered drills are manufactured to position the bit-holding chuck with the tool body to permit drilling in recesses and restricted spaces. These air-powered drills keep the user's forearm in line with the drill bit to perserve grip and control in low-torque applications. Choose from a range of these air-powered drills, available in 1/4 and 3/8 inch chuck sizes.

StyleModelChuck SizeFree SpeedOverall LengthTool WeightPrice (inc. GST)
A21AA771/4"2600 rpm8.25"2.0 lb. SGD 275.78
B21AA783/8"22,000 rpm7 13/16"1.7 lb. SGD 191.79

General Duty Keyless Air Drills, Pistol Style

Speedaire pistol style air drills operate on a compressed air supply to rotate bits in holemaking and fastening applications. These pistol-grip air-powered drills offer user-friendly handling for applying pressure and persevering control during fastening and drilling. They are typically lighter in comparison to corded or cordless tools that decrease user fatigue when employing for extended durations. Choose from a broad range of these air drills, available in 3/8 and 1/2 inch chuck sizes.

StyleModelChuck SizeFree SpeedHandle MaterialHousing MaterialOverall LengthReversingTool WeightPrice (inc. GST)
A21AA741/2"400 rpmAluminum with Rubber GripAluminum8.75"Yes3.6 lb. SGD 447.31
B21AA751/2"800 rpmAluminumAluminum8.25"Yes3.1 lb. SGD 317.94
C21AA761/2"800 rpmCompositeComposite8.625"Yes2.9 lb. SGD 238.09
D21AA723/8"1800 rpmAluminum with Rubber GripAluminum7 5/16"Yes2.5 lb. SGD 157.72
E21AA683/8"2600 rpmCompositeComposite7.375"No2.4 lb. SGD 148.94
F21AA693/8"2600 rpmCompositeComposite7.375"No2.4 lb. SGD 160.51
G21AA703/8"1800 rpmCompositeComposite7.625"Yes2.2 lb. SGD 149.50
H21AA713/8"1800 rpmCompositeComposite7.625"Yes2.2 lb. SGD 156.73
I21AA733/8"1800 rpmAluminum with Rubber GripAluminum7 5/16"Yes2.5 lb. SGD 149.01

General Duty Pistol Style Air Drill

StyleModelReversingAverage CFM @ 15 Second Run TimeCFM @ Full LoadTool WeightVariable SpeedChuck SizeFree SpeedHandle MaterialPrice (inc. GST)
A728NA3No5.0-3.10 lb.Yes1/2"950 rpmAluminum SGD 980.30
B7802ANo4.026.02.40 lb.Yes3/8"2000 rpmAluminum SGD 356.83
C7803AKCNo4.027.03.63 lb.No1/2"500 rpmMetal SGD 547.92
D7802RAYes4.026.02.50 lb.Yes3/8"2000 rpmAluminum SGD 418.16
E7803RAYes4.027.03.30 lb.Yes1/2"500 rpmAluminum SGD 593.47

Industrial Duty Pistol Style Air Drill

StyleModelMin. Hose SizeAverage CFM @ 15 Second Run TimeBearingsOverall LengthReversingTool WeightCFM @ Full LoadChuck SizePrice (inc. GST)
AQP151D1/4"4.0Ball and Roller7.25"No1.54 lb.16.01/4" SGD 1765.92
B5RANST81/4"4.0Double Row Ball8.25"Yes3.0 lb.17.01/2" SGD 1534.68
C5ANST61/4"2.8Double Row Ball8.125"No2.80 lb.17.03/8" SGD 1483.90
AQP301LD1/4"4.0Ball and Roller6.75"No1.44 lb.16.01/4" SGD 1396.41
D728JA11/4"3.2-7"No2.40 lb.-3/8" SGD 793.85
E5RALST61/4"2.8Double Row Ball6.25"Yes2.20 lb.17.03/8" SGD 1450.35
F1AL11/4"3.0Double Row Ball6.25"No1.40 lb.11.01/4" SGD 1120.18
G7ANST83/8"4.2Double Row Ball8.75"No3.20 lb.22.01/2" SGD 1913.45
H7AKST65/16"4.2Double Row Ball7.625"No2.40 lb.22.03/8" SGD 1892.69
I7AQST85/16"4.2Double Row Ball7.375"No3.20 lb.22.01/2" SGD 2565.21
I7AMST65/16"4.2Double Row Ball8.5"No2.90 lb.22.03/8" SGD 2006.20

Industrial Duty Right Angle Style Right Angle Air Drill

StyleModelOverall LengthAverage CFM @ 15 Second Run TimeBearingsTool WeightCFM @ Full LoadChuck SizeFree SpeedHandle MaterialPrice (inc. GST)
AQA2759D8.625"4.0Ball and Roller1.37 lb.16.01/4"-282700 rpmComposite SGD 2090.32
BQA2754D10.5"4.0Ball and Roller1.47 lb.16.01/4"-282700 rpmComposite SGD 2828.72
C7LN3A4411.125"4.2Double Row Ball4.20 lb.26.01/2"600 rpmAluminum SGD 3195.38

Air Drill, 3/8 Inch Chuck Size, Reversible, 0.33 HP

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
7807RAC9QZR SGD 297.04

Air Drill Keyed 3/8 Inch 1500 Rpm

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
21AA79AB6EEH SGD 314.01

Flux Chipper Pistol Chisel Retainer

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
VT6008AD6MVL SGD 484.04

Air Drill Industrial Pistol 3/8 Inch

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
53060AB8FQZ SGD 1890.35

Air Drill Kit General Pistol 1/4"

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
7804KAAB4EEE SGD 335.12

Reversible Air Drill, 10mm Chuck Dia., 1800 RPM

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
0574CJ4KVP SGD 150.74
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Reversible Air Drill, 10 mm Chuck Size, 1800 rpm Speed

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
0418CF3RJJ SGD 99.74
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