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Pneumatic Tools


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Air Gun Nozzle 10.5 Scfm 1/8 Inch (f)npt
Item: AF6QUB
Model: 1126SS
SGD 217.70/unit (inc. GST)
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Air Gun, Chrome, 52-1/4 Inch Length, 120 Psi
Item: AE3UMT
Model: 75XT048AA
SGD 59.41/unit (inc. GST)
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Air Gun, Metallic, 120 Psi, 27 Inch Length
Item: AA8LDX
Model: 900LJ024NN
SGD 45.65/unit (inc. GST)
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Air Gun, Ultra Venturi, 96 Inch Aluminum Extension, Alloy Nozzle, Long Trigger
Item: CE8NZQ
Model: U75LJ096AA3
SGD 83.28/unit (inc. GST)
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Air Hammer 2 Avg Cfm 2-5/8 Inch Stroke
Item: AB6EFT
Model: 21AC12
SGD 128.39/unit (inc. GST)
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Air Impact Wrench 1/2 Inch Drive 6400 rpm
Item: AA2VFX
Model: CP6500RS
SGD 793.19/unit (inc. GST)
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Air Impact Wrench, 1 Inch Square Drive Size 300 to 1600 Feet-Lbs.
Item: CD3VNQ
Model: 2850MAX6
SGD 2,269.31/unit (inc. GST)
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Air Pencil Grinder Industrial 60000 Rpm
Item: AE7KXU
Model: GH011A6001
SGD 1,004.46/unit (inc. GST)
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Nozzle 2-1/2 Inch Length 91scfm 3/4 Inch (F)NPT Stainless Steel
Item: AH6XFV
Model: 1112SS
SGD 818.29/unit (inc. GST)
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Right Angle Air Disc Sander Industrial 0.4 Hp
Item: AB8FMH
Model: 48522
SGD 1,057.59/unit (inc. GST)
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Safety Nozzle, 2-3/8 Inch Length
Item: AA8LEK
Model: 75LJNN
SGD 18.76/unit (inc. GST)
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Scaler Needle Set, 7 x 0.078 Inch Size
Item: CD9MTH
Model: NP12390529
SGD 20.95/unit (inc. GST)
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Pneumatic Tools

Raptor Supplies offers a wide variety of air-powered tools from Air Systems International, Ampco, ASG, Aurand, Bostitch, Breco, Chicago Pneumatic, Cleco and Cox; usually driven by compressed air supply. These pneumatic tools have fewer moving parts than electric tools which, therefore, decrease the maintenance needs. We also offer air caulk guns which facilitate controlled caulk dispensing for a consistent application. While the air guns offer a powerful stream of air for cleaning and drying tasks, the air nailers employ air power to drive in fasteners for framing, roofing, siding and finishing workpieces.

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