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Pipe and Tubing


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12 In Pipe Covering Protection Saddle, 1200 lb Max Load
Item: AD8QTM
Model: 0500071022
A$30.82/unit(inc. GST)
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Fitting Insulation 45 Elbow 5 Inch Inner Diameter
Item: AF6HPC
Model: 25830
A$35.34/unit(inc. GST)
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Fitting Insulation Elbow 8-5/8 Inch Inner Diameter
Item: AF6HZN
Model: 592114
A$182.48/unit(inc. GST)
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Nipple 1/2 Inch 12 Inch Galvanised Welded Steel
Item: AE9YZZ
Model: 6P803
A$37.96/unit(inc. GST)
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Pipe Clamp, 1 Inch Size, Stainless Steel
Item: CF6APE
Model: CPC100SS6
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Pipe Hanger, 2 Inch Size, Hot Dip Galvanized
Item: CF6AET
Model: C7112HDG
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Pipe Insulation 1-3/8 Inch x 3 Feet Length Green
Item: AF6HYA
Model: 41495
A$48.04/unit(inc. GST)
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Pipe Nipple Schedule 160 1/2 x 2 In
Item: AB3DCB
Model: 1RJW9
A$42.43/unit(inc. GST)
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Pipe Roll Cast Iron 2 1/2 In
Item: AD8DDG
Model: 0560501074
A$56.56/unit(inc. GST)
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Screw Clamp

Screw Clamp

Item: CE8HBG
Model: AD0030
A$476.03/unit(inc. GST)
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Tubing Welded 3/16 Inch 6 Feet 304 Stainless Steel
Item: AC8HJF
Model: 3ADD7
A$43.99/unit(inc. GST)
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Valve Insulated Cover, 12 Volt, Size 48 x 18 Inch
Item: CE2ELV
Model: FPV481812
A$546.10/unit(inc. GST)
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Pipe and Tubing

Looking for tube and pipe supplies for residential and commercial plumbing? Raptor Supplies is just the place for you. We also offer pipes and tubings for industrial applications. You can choose from accessories labeled for low-pressure, cold water applications and higher pressure, hot water applications. From copper to stainless steel pipes, we offer a range of hardware to ensure we meet all your needs.

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