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Pump Controls


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24 Hour Timer Assembly
Item: AD9BUP
Model: 2651
SGD 220.21/unit (inc. GST)
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Basic Flow Monitor Display Remote Mount
Item: AF2BXH
Model: B30BRCS
SGD 1,296.62/unit (inc. GST)
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Electronic Flowmeter, Oval Gear, 2.6 To 40 GPM, 1 Inch FNPT
Item: CG6ECP
Model: OM025S003822R5G
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Flow Rate Indicator Rotor 60 Gpm Max
Item: AA8WVG
Model: RFI181681
SGD 294.51/unit (inc. GST)
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Flowmeter 25 Gpm 150 Psi 7-1/2 In.
Item: AF8PYN
SGD 204.15/unit (inc. GST)
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Flowmeter Scfm / L/sec 3.0 - 25 / 2-12
Item: AD8YXF
Model: H671A025
SGD 516.33/unit (inc. GST)
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High Water Alarm, 115V

High Water Alarm, 115V

Item: BR7KCE
Model: 513273
SGD 424.80/unit (inc. GST)
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Meter Cap Assembly, Nitrile Body Seal, Aluminium
Item: CD8QJV
Model: 15024044
SGD 1,011.63/unit (inc. GST)
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Port Kit, BSPP Female Threaded, Viton Seal, 4 Bolts, Aluminium
Item: CD8QVK
Model: 15222511
SGD 54.73/unit (inc. GST)
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Rotor Kit, Kieshi Cut Aluminum And Teflon Encapsulated Seal
Item: CD8RDA
Model: 15241143
SGD 4,825.11/unit (inc. GST)
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Rotor Kit, PPS and Nitrile Seal
Item: CD8RFN
Model: 15242504
SGD 248.94/unit (inc. GST)
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Seal Kit, Nitrile
Item: CD8QNR
Model: 15038114
SGD 28.25/unit (inc. GST)
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Pump Controls

Pump controls are designed to regulate and maintain adequate flow rates and water pressures in water distribution systems. They also manage the fluid circulation, liquid levels and flow rates in systems where heavy-duty pumps run. Raptor Supplies offers a huge variety of these pump controls from brands like Apollo, Bradley, Dayton, Dwyer Instruments, Flowline, Franklin and General Electric. These controllers reduce the power loss by adjusting the relationship between pressure and flow at different power levels. We also offer pump control boxes integrated with microprocessors for monitoring the power-line voltage and pump motor power draw. To keep pumps operating at a specified flow rate and redirect fluids to a backup pump, when the flow rate drops, we also bring to you flow sensors and flow switches, respectively.

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