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Cordset 8 Pin Plug Male
Item: AB9QED
Model: 208002A01F060
A$187.68/unit(inc. GST)
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Heavy Duty Foot Switch Momentary Action
Item: AE4JCZ
Model: 531SWHOX
A$449.05/unit(inc. GST)
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Heavy Duty Limit Switch Top Actuator Dpdt
Item: AB9EQX
Model: D4A2510N
A$526.80/unit(inc. GST)
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Photoelectric Sensor Diffuse 1.18 Inch Npn
Item: AC3MVZ
Model: E3TFD11
A$408.32/unit(inc. GST)
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Pressure Switch Spst-no 15 Psi
Item: AB7RJM
Model: 76052B0000015001
A$145.78/unit(inc. GST)
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Proximity Sensor Inductive 12mm NO

Proximity Sensor Inductive 12mm NO

Item: AG9FXE
Model: XS612B1MAL2
A$241.31/unit(inc. GST)
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Pushbutton, Mushroom, Black, 2No-2Nc
Item: BJ8UKW
A$1,974.57/unit(inc. GST)
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Selector Switch 2 Position Extended 30mm
Item: AC4NQL
Model: 30G308
A$192.56/unit(inc. GST)
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Selector Switch 3 Position Keyed 22mm
Item: AC4NPF
Model: 30G279
A$123.09/unit(inc. GST)
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Selector Switch Knob, With Two Circuit, 2 Position
Item: BK3ABE
Model: UCSS2
A$302.33/unit(inc. GST)
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Sensor Switch, Occupancy/VACancy, Ultrasonic, 1 Relay, With Photocell, Gray
Item: AH6PQX
Model: AU2000GY1
A$423.13/unit(inc. GST)
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Tumbler Switch

Tumbler Switch

Item: BJ9JDC
Model: EDSC110R2A
A$1,112.30/unit(inc. GST)
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Switches are needed not only to turn on and off your equipment, but also for emergency situations when a sudden shut-down is needed. Switches make your work easier and safer. Raptor Supplies offers excellent switches for your appliances and distribution boards. Whether it's a switch needed for a power supply or a household appliance, we have you covered. Switches offered by us come in all types and sizes.

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