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DAYTON Upblast Ventilators, 24-1/2 Inch Wheel Diameter

Assembled: No | Assembled/Unassembled: Unassembled | Base Height: 1.75" | Base Length: 34" | Base Width: 34"
StyleModelCFM @ 0.000-In. SPCFM @ 0.125-In. SPCFM @ 0.250-In. SPCFM @ 0.375-In. SPCFM @ 0.500-In. SPCFM @ 0.625-In. SPCFM @ 0.750-In. SPCFM @ 0.875-In. SPPrice (inc. GST)
66636370613357645409503746184073 SGD 5133.83
76607400718469476615630460025656 SGD 5230.29
84318194798577987536723369536683 SGD 5423.25

Upblast Ventilators, 24-1/2 Inch Wheel Diameter

Dayton upblast ventilators are roof-mounted for exhausting heat and grease-laden effluents from commercial and industrial kitchens. These units feature a fully rolled aluminium windband that creates a positive leakproof seal between the ventilator and the mounting surface. In addition, these windbands along with internal steel support braces offer great rigidity and stability during transportation and installation needs. They have independent neoprene studs to keep mounting bases isolated from the motor, drive frame and wheel components. These upblast ventilators feature belt-drive mechanism for flexibility in speeds and motor selections ranging from 735 to 1050 rpm and 3/2 to 3 hp, respectively. Selected models come unassembled for optimising the ventilators as per the application requirement.

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