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ALLPAX GASKET CUTTER SYSTEMS AX4010 Gasket Cutter Kit, Medium Duty, No Cutting Board, 1 to 13 Inch Cutting Dia. | AG8XTH

ALLPAX AX4010 Gasket Cutter Kit, Medium Duty, No Cutting Board, 1 to 13 Inch Cutting Dia.

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Item: AG8XTH Model: AX4010
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Product Specifications:

ItemGasket Cutter Kit
Block MaterialAluminum
Board Size18" x 18"
Body MaterialAluminium
Case MaterialPlastic
Cutting BoardYes
Max. Work Thickness0.75"
Maximum Cutting Diameter13"
Minimum Cutting Diameter1"
System of MeasurementImperial , Metric
TypeMedium Duty

Shipping Info:

Ship weight (kg) 4.77
Country of OriginUS

Product Details:

Looking for sturdy yet economical gasket cutters to create seals, make accurate cuts and leave clean edges so that gaskets will seat properly and form a tight seal. At Raptor Supplies, we offer a wide range of motorised and hand-operated gasket cutters and accessories, such as scale bars, cutting blades, hardware kits, handles, shafts, cutting discs, thrust bearings, extension arms and other replacement parts.
Why Allpax AX4010 gasket cutter kit?
Allpax 4000 Series medium duty extension-style gasket cutters, such as AX4010, move their bladed block around a central pivot point to create small to large diameter ring gaskets. The scale on the block can be set to form gaskets of a specific outside and inside diameter. They are ideal for fabricating gaskets in the field. They are available in compact, light-duty, medium-duty and heavy-duty options.

Allpax AX4010 gasket cutter kit offers a complete range of gasket cutting tools to accurately and precisely cut circular joints or gaskets in leather, rubber, plastic and similar materials. Allpax AX4010 gasket cutter kit comprises aluminium cutter block, standard & heavy duty cutting blades and plated steel extension bars. The aluminium cutter block of AX4010 gasket cutter comes with a dual (inch / metric) cutting indicator. The sliding, knurled nut can be used to adjust the cutting radius and plated, steel extension bars are provided for cuts up to 13 inches (330 mm) in diameter.


Where can we use the Allpax AX4010 gasket cutter kit?

This easy to operate Allpax AX4010 gasket cutter kit is fast & simple to set up. It can be used to effectively cut a variety of gasket and sealing materials including:

  • Cork gasket sheet.
  • Rubber sheet (both straight rubber and reinforced grades).
  • Engineering and industrial felt.
  • Compressed non-asbestos fibre (CNAF) gasket materials.
  • Graphite gasket sheet (except those with steel reinforcement).
  • Soft PTFE and plastic sealing sheet.

Allpax AX4010 comes with both standard duty and heavy duty cutting blades. The standard duty blades are great for rubber, sponge and corks. The heavy duty blades can be used to cut compressed, non asbestos fibre materials.

Working Mechanism:

How to use the Allpax AX4010 gasket cutter kit?

  • In order to cut the gasket material using AX4010 gasket cutter, first, pierce a small hole in the centre.
  • Mark out the outer diameter (OD), inner diameter (ID) and pitch circle diameter (PCD) directly on the gasket material.
  • You can determine bolt hole locations using a paper template of OD, ID and PCD.
  • Transfer the bolt hole location centre pins with a piercing tool or pencil tip.
  • Create a pilot hole in the gasket material with a piercing tool.
  • Choose a centre pin that is approximately 1/2 inch (12 mm) longer than the thickness of the gasket material. Insert the pin through the gasket material. The protruding centre pin should be inserted into the recessed ferrule in the centre of the cutting board. Spread the gasket material evenly over the board.
  • On the cutter block, loosen the thumb screw that holds the cutting blade. Cut the gasket material so that the blade protrudes beyond its thickness. Tighten the thumb screw.
  • Loosen the top thumb screw. Adjust the OD on the cutter block scale by sliding the pivot post indicator. Tighten top thumb screw.
  • The pivot post hole should be positioned over the centre pin. Ensure that the cutter block is lying flat on the gasket material.
  • With slight downward pressure, rotate the cutter block clockwise to make the cut. Simultaneously press down on gasket material to prevent rotation.
  • For thick or hard to cut gasket materials, make several shallow passes to complete through cut. Alternatively, cut halfway through gasket material, flip material over, and complete cut.
  • Punch out bolt holes using a hole punch.
  • Loosen top thumb screw. Slide pivot post indicator to the desired ID. Tighten top thumb screw.
  • Make ID finished gasket.


  • AX4010 gasket cutter kit is designed for cutting non-rigid or non-metallic gasket materials.
  • Allpax AX4010 gasket cutter can be used with a variety of materials including cork, rubber, fibre, sponge and more.
  • This AX4010 gasket cutter kit includes an aluminium cutting block, steel-extension bars, standard and heavy-duty blades and a dual metric / imperial cutting indicator.
  • The dual metric / imperial cutting indicator features a secure, comfortable grip with easy-to-read, engraved scales that assure precision cuts.
  • AX4010 gasket cutter kit comes in a plastic case, making it easy for the user to carry in the field.

Standards and Approvals:

  • Allpax AX4010 gasket cutter kit meets OSHA standards to ensure a safe and hazard-free work environment. The brand also passes a Factory Acceptance Test for food retorting processes.


Allpax AX4010 gasket cutter kit contains factory assembled tools that require no installation and are ready for use. An operator needs a piece of paper or cardboard and a pencil for marking on the paper or gasket material.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is the use of the Allpax AX4010 gasket cutter?

A. Allpax AX4010 gasket cutters are used for cutting gaskets and circular joints accurately in various materials, such as leather, rubber, plastic, PTFE and vulcanised fibre having thicknesses up to 8 mm.

Q. Does Raptor Supplies offer similar gasket cutter kits of different gasket cutting capacities?

A. Yes, Raptor Supplies also offers Allpax AX4020 gasket cutter kits and Allpax AX4030 gasket cutter kits available in a cutting diameter of 1 and 37 inches, respectively.

Q. How do Allpax rotary-style gasket cutters work?

A. Rotary-style gasket cutters come with a stationary frame and a crank-powered set of rotating cutting discs. To operate, first set the scale bar to the required outer diameter (OD) and create a small hole in the centre of the gasket material to be cut. Then open the cutter, insert the material onto a scale bar spindle and fasten using the knurled nut. Using one hand, lower the cutting disc & apply pressure, while turning the crank with the other hand. Now remove excess material, adjust the scale bar to the desired inner diameter (ID) and make another circular cut around that circumference. Finally, remove the finished flange gasket.

Q. How to use Allpax extension-style gasket cutters?

A. Allpax extension-style gasket cutters have a cutter block with modular extension bars and an adaptable cutting blade. First, create a small hole in the centre of the gasket material to be cut. Now lay out the gasket material flat on the cutting board, put the central pin through the hole and insert it into a ferrule in the board. Set the blade to the desired depth of cut. Now loosen the knurled nut so that the blade can be adjusted to the desired outside diameter (OD). Add / remove extensions if required. Position the extension tail onto the pin. While holding the pin with one hand, grip the block with the other hand and apply downward pressure by sweeping a circular pattern around the circumference of the gasket material. Now, remove excess material and adjust the cutter to the desired inner diameter (ID) and make another circular cut around that circumference. Finally, remove the finished flange gasket.

Product Variants

ProductModelMaximum Cutting DiameterMinimum Cutting DiameterCutting BoardSystem of MeasurementMax. Work ThicknessPrice
ALLPAX GASKET CUTTER SYSTEMS AX4000 Gasket Cutter Kit, Medium Duty, No Cutting Board, 1 to 13 Inch Cutting Dia. | AG8XTG
AX400013"1"NoImperial , Metric0.75" SGD 400.72
ALLPAX GASKET CUTTER SYSTEMS AX4020 Gasket Cutter Kit, Medium Duty, No Cutting Board, 1 to 25 Inch Cutting Dia. | AG8XTJ
AX402025"1"YesImperial , Metric0.75" SGD 466.37
ALLPAX GASKET CUTTER SYSTEMS AX4030 Gasket Cutter Kit, Medium Duty, No Cutting Board, 1 to 37 Inch Cutting Dia. | AG8XTK
AX403037"1"YesImperial , Metric0.75" SGD 502.50
ALLPAX GASKET CUTTER SYSTEMS AX4040 Gasket Cutter Kit, Medium Duty, No Cutting Board, 1 to 49 Inch Cutting Dia. | AG8XTL
AX404049"1"YesImperial , Metric0.75" SGD 521.98

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ALLPAX AX4010 Gasket Cutter Kit, Medium Duty, No Cutting Board, 1 to 13 Inch Cutting Dia.
SGD 440.79 /unit (inc. GST)