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Corrosive Cabinets


Corrosive Safety Cabinet

Eagle OSHA-compliant large safety cabinets are ideal for preventing spills of both flammable and non-flammable acids or other corrosive liquids. These cabinets feature blue epoxy powder-coated interior and exterior surfaces, including the shelves to improve the performance against splashes and high-density polyethylene trays for use with the shelves and bottom of the cabinet.

StyleModelCapacityColorDepthDoor TypeFinishFootnotesHeightMaterialPrice (inc. GST)
AM24CRA-------- SGD 1816.10
ACRA1924X-------- SGD 2487.37
ACRA71X-------- SGD 2836.47
ACRA70X-------- SGD 3326.26
ACRA62X-------- SGD 4498.90
ACRA6010X-------- SGD 4781.76
ACRA47X-------- SGD 3506.49
ACRA4510X-------- SGD 3927.93
ACRA45X-------- SGD 5406.22
ACRA32X-------- SGD 2967.88
ACRA3010X-------- SGD 3518.98
ACRA30X-------- SGD 4682.40
ACRA2310X-------- SGD 3819.40
ACRA1925X-------- SGD 2587.90
ACRA1923X-------- SGD 3578.16
ACRA1906X-------- SGD 2932.31
ACRA1905X-------- SGD 3431.40
ACRA1904X-------- SGD 1682.10
ACRA1903X-------- SGD 1931.60
AADDCRA14X-------- SGD 3322.96
AADDCRAX-------- SGD 2672.79
BCRA-19034 gal.Blue18"Self-ClosingHigh Gloss, Corrosion-Resistant PowderNot recommended for use with Sulfuric, Nitric or Hydrochloric Acid18"Steel SGD 2770.53
C4HPT74 gal.Blue18"Self-ClosingPowder Coated-22.5"Galvanized Steel SGD 2569.46
DCRA-192412 gal.Blue18"Self-ClosingHigh Gloss, Corrosion-Resistant PowderNot recommended for use with Sulfuric, Nitric or Hydrochloric Acid35"Steel SGD 3186.12
EADD-CRA1415 gal.Blue18"Self-ClosingHigh Gloss, Corrosion-Resistant PowderNot recommended for use with Sulfuric, Nitric or Hydrochloric Acid22.25"Steel SGD 4440.48

Corrosive Safety Cabinet

StyleModelCapacityColorDepthDoor TypeFinishHeightItemMaterialPrice (inc. GST)
A893091------Corrosive Safety Cabinet- SGD 4084.05
B893302------Corrosive Safety Cabinet- SGD 3368.87
C894590------Corrosive Safety Cabinet- SGD 4972.09
D8945822------Corrosive Safety Cabinet- SGD 8998.10
E894582------Corrosive Safety Cabinet- SGD 5554.38
F894523------Corrosive Safety Cabinet- SGD 3524.20
G8945222------Corrosive Safety Cabinet- SGD 6616.25
G8945022------Corrosive Safety Cabinet- SGD 5753.25
H8904221------Corrosive Safety Cabinet- SGD 1981.07
I895402------Corrosive Safety Cabinet- SGD 4848.82
D8930822------Corrosive Safety Cabinet- SGD 6907.54
J893082------Corrosive Safety Cabinet- SGD 4263.90
K893031------Corrosive Safety Cabinet- SGD 2079.79
L893030------Corrosive Safety Cabinet- SGD 2806.53
G8930222------Corrosive Safety Cabinet- SGD 5079.07
M893011------Corrosive Safety Cabinet- SGD 1917.85
N893010------Corrosive Safety Cabinet- SGD 2440.48
O894591------Corrosive Safety Cabinet- SGD 5320.11
P895410------Corrosive Safety Cabinet- SGD 4340.47
Q8923222------Corrosive Safety Cabinet- SGD 5003.05
R896031------Corrosive Safety Cabinet- SGD 4610.67
S8991022------Corrosive Safety Cabinet- SGD 12968.95
T899102------Corrosive Safety Cabinet- SGD 8005.54
U899082------Corrosive Safety Cabinet- SGD 8087.36
V899062------Corrosive Safety Cabinet- SGD 6749.61

ChemCor Lined Piggyback Safety Cabinets, Blue

StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
A8613282 SGD 2514.07
B8617282 SGD 5001.47

Classic Safety Cabinets, Blue

StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
A863028 SGD 2433.34
B864528 SGD 4215.84
C869028 SGD 6138.42

ChemCor Lined Safety Cabinets, Blue

StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
A8630282 SGD 5242.92
B8645282 SGD 6829.68
C8660282 SGD 8049.78

Slimline Safety Cabinets, Blue

StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
A865428 SGD 5756.03
B862228 SGD 2621.41

Sure-Grip EX Safety Cabinets, Light Blue

StyleModelCapacityDepthDoor TypeHeightMaterialMounting TypeNumber of DoorsNumber of ShelvesPrice (inc. GST)
A89040215.14l43cmManual55.88cmGalvanized SteelStandard11 SGD 1112.75
B893002113.55l46cmManual111.76cmGalvanized SteelStackable21 SGD 1991.42
C893022113.55l46cmSelf-Closing111.76cmGalvanized SteelStackable21 SGD 2348.82
D894502170.325l46cmManual165.10cmGalvanized SteelStackable22 SGD 2268.89
C894522170.325l46cmSelf-Closing165.10cmGalvanized SteelStandard22 SGD 4084.11
E896002227.1l86cmManual165.10cmGalvanized SteelStandard22 SGD 4185.84
C896022227.1l86cmSelf-Closing165.10cmGalvanized SteelStandard22 SGD 4813.72
F899022340.65l86cmSelf-Closing165.10cmSteelStandard22 SGD 5946.58

Sure-Grip EX Compac Safety Cabinets, Light Blue

StyleModelDoor TypeMaterialPrice (inc. GST)
A891202ManualSteel SGD 1731.54
B891222Self-ClosingGalvanized Steel SGD 1670.90

Sure-Grip EX Slimline Safety Cabinets, Light Blue

StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
A892202 SGD 2378.39
B892222 SGD 2538.98

Sure-Grip EX Undercounter Safety Cabinets, Light Blue

StyleModelDoor TypeMounting TypePrice (inc. GST)
A892302ManualStandard SGD 1831.24
B892322Self-ClosingUnder Counter SGD 2223.73

Corrosive Safety Cabinet Quick-Assembly

StyleModelCapacityColorDepthHeightNumber of ShelvesWeightWidthPrice (inc. GST)
AM04CRA4 gal.Blue18"22"230 lb.18" SGD 825.50
BM04Y4 gal.Yellow18"22"230 lb.18" SGD 440.18
CM04BLK4 gal.Black18"22"230 lb.18" SGD 440.18
DM04BEI4 gal.Beige18"22"230 lb.18" SGD 440.18
EM04GRY4 gal.Gray18"22"230 lb.18" SGD 1050.55
FM12CRA12 gal.Blue22"36"245 lb.18" SGD 908.08
GM12Y12 gal.Yellow22"36"245 lb.18" SGD 489.09
HM12BLK12 gal.Black22"36"245 lb.18" SGD 489.09
IM12BEI12 gal.Beige22"36"245 lb.18" SGD 489.09
JM12GRY12 gal.Gray22"36"245 lb.18" SGD 1167.28
KM24CRA - Vertical24 gal.Blue22"72"490 lb.18" SGD 2567.99
LM24CRA - Horizontal24 gal.Blue22"36"490 lb.36" SGD 2567.99
MM48CRA48 gal.Blue22"72"4180 lb.36" SGD 3302.04

Corrosive Safety Cabinet

StyleModelCapacityDepthDoor Opening HeightDoor Opening WidthDoor TypeHeightHeight RangeNumber of DoorsPrice (inc. GST)
ACL1212 gal.18"29"14"Manual35"Desk or Table Height1 SGD 1736.71
BCL2424 gal.18"59"14"Manual65"Full Height1 SGD 2078.13
CCK3030 gal.18"38"39"Self-Closing44"-2 SGD 2637.30
CCL3030 gal.18"38"14"Manual44"Counter Height2 SGD 2140.49
DCK4545 gal.18"59"39"Self-Closing65"-2 SGD 3241.38
ECK6060 gal.34"59"31"Self-Closing65"-2 SGD 3578.43

Corrosive Cabinets

Corrosive storage cabinets are widely used for storing chemical substances in cases when the safety containers present in the workplace are not hazardous enough to store in a separate storage building. Raptor Supplies offers a wide range of these corrosive cabinets from brands like Eagle, Justrite and Jamco. The safety cabinets from Eagle come with durable blue epoxy powder-coated interior and exterior surfaces, including shelves, for excellent protection against chemical attacks caused by spills or splashes. Each cabinet is supplied with high-density polyethylene trays and is designed in accordance with NFPA Code 30 and OSHA standards. Justrite wood-laminate acid cabinets come equipped with stainless-steel handles & hinges for preventing oxidation reactions, adjustable leg levellers for added stability, patented Haz-Alert reflective labels to provide better visibility in low-lit conditions and a double key set for secured storage. Choose from a wide variety of these nitric acid storage cabinets, available in different material and storage capacities, on Raptor Supplies.

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