SPEEDAIRE Electric Air Compressors, Horizontal

Speedaire stationary electric air compressors are electric-powered pneumatic devices that produce & store compressed air in a storage tank. The compressed air generated in these Speedaire air ...Read More

Control: Pressure Switch , Enclosure: NEMA 1 , Finish: Powder Coated , HP: 2 , Hz: 60 , Number of Stages: 1 , Phase: 1
StyleModelVoltageAmpsMax. PressureMotor TypeOverall HeightOverall LengthOverall WidthTank SizePrice (inc. GST)
115/23015.0/7.5135 psiOpen Dripproof38"40.625"21.625"30 gal. SGD 2,345.31
23014150 psiInduction43 45/64"31.25"29 3/32"0.5 gal. SGD 4,490.42

Electric Air Compressors, Horizontal

Speedaire air compressors units are manufactured to offer compressed air to power pneumatic tools and control spray guns. These ASME approved air compressors come with oil lubricated pumps and should be mounted on a hard floor or ground. Choose from a range of these air compressors available in 135 and 150 PSI pressure options.

Working Mechanism

  • Choose a clean, well-ventilated location having enough clearance between the compressor flywheel & walls to install the unit.
  • Mount the tank over the concrete floor or isolation pads to reduce vibrations.
  • Connect the motor to a grounded electrical connection.
  • After the power is switched On & the motor starts up, the connected flywheel starts rotating to start up the compressor.
  • The compressor's cylinder crankshafts & pistons start moving up & down to intake air.
  • The pressurised gas is sent to the air cylinder / tank for further applications. An appropriate filter should be installed to receive air free from water or oil.
  • The unit is controlled using an automatic start & stop pressure switch that stops the compressor once a preset receiver tank pressure is reached. When the receiver tank pressure goes below a preset minimum level, the pressure switch restarts the compressor again.


  • Speedaire electric air compressors are powered using a 2 hp motor.
  • They are equipped with a 0.5 / 30-gallon ASME tank and a manual drain valve for storing compressed gas and draining excess fluid, respectively.
  • This 2 hp compressor unit delivers 4.9 / 6.2 cfm air at a maximum air pressure of 135 / 150 psi.
  • Speedaire 4B234 compressor can be filled with 11.5 fluid ounces of oil using the oil fill port and oil level sight glass. Its pressure switch switches Off at 135 psi & switches On at 100 psi.
  • These Speedaire compressors' internal components are splash lubricated by splashing the lubricant from the oil sump upwards to the piston & components for creating an oil mist or droplets on them. These oil droplets pass through the bearings and lubricate the moving parts.
  • They have a 0.25-inch NPT inlet for delivering pressurised air.
  • These Speedaire compressor units are fitted with a pressure gauge & pressure safety valve for monitoring the pressure.
  • Speedaire 2MLW6 compressor's pressure switch switches Off at 150 psi & switches On at 115 psi. It has a quiet enclosure & vibration isolators for maintaining a low sound level of 64 dBA.

Compatible Accessories

  • Speedaire Compressor Oils: Speedaire compressor oils are used by these electric air compressors to maintain peak performance & high thermal conductivity, reducing regular maintenance & downtime.
  • Speedaire Stationary Air Tanks: These air tanks replace the old or damaged tanks of these Speedaire electric air compressors.

Standards and Approvals

  • CSA

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the current ratings of these Speedaire electric air compressors?

Speedaire 4B234 compressor has a voltage rating of 120 / 240VAC with current ratings of 15 / 7.5

What are the factors used to choose the right electric air compressor?

  • Total CFM or the airflow rate required.
  • Duty cycle or compressor working hours.
  • Required air pressure.
  • Electrical specifications like the voltage, phase & current.
  • Compressor tank size.

How to do maintenance on these Speedaire electric air compressors?

  • Check & refill the oil level in the compressor along with draining the tank of any moisture collected.
  • Check & clean the air filter, safety valve and the unit weekly.
  • Check the belt rotating the flywheel of the compressor for tightness at least once a month.

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